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Trigger Warning: This game contains minor swearing, heavy innuendo, LGBT themes, implied sex, (fade to black) and some optional horror elements. You have been warned.


In the world of Zutara, there was once a great city known as Arcadia, where dragons and humans lived in peace. However, this all changed when a great blood-red meteor fell from the sky, the Crimson Meteor. The meteor wiped out Arcadia along with most of life on the planet, not only leaving few survivors, but also spreading feral beasts known as terrors across the land. This cataclysmic event was known as the Crimson Calamity, and would be remembered for all of time.

Nearly 1000 years later, the world had mostly recovered from the Meteor's impact, though Terrors still walk the earth, destroying anything in their path. To handle the threat of the terrors, many groups of brave adventurers have banded together to fight the growing Terror menace and protect the many towns and cities that dot the landscape. The most prestigious of these groups are the Ferngulf Holy Knights, a group that a young man named Koros is working to join.

Koros lives in Ari Village, a small town located on the outer edge of Ferngulf, and lives a peaceful life working at his father's blacksmith shop and doing missions for the Knights in order to join their group. However, during Koros' final mission, Koros stumbles across a mysterious spirit being who calls himself "Kairos," the "first dragon of time."

Kairos forcibly fuses with Koros, causing him to become a Dragonkin, beings who were once dragons but decided to take a human-like form in order to avoid a deadly plague, but can transform into their original dragon state for a limited time. Losing control of his newfound powers, Koros accidentally kills his spiteful uncle in self-defense, and for doing so is banished from his village.

With nowhere else to go, Koros follows Kairos' advice to seek out Archsage Amadeus, leader of the Church of Nargi, in order to learn of his grand destiny. Upon meeting with the Archsage, Koros learns that a noble from east Ferngulf named Baron Ozma seeks to re-create the legendary blade Ars Solaris in order to summon the Crimson Meteor once again. For what reason, that is unknown. To do this, he sent out his 4 elven generals to collect the 4 shards of the Ars Solaris. Once gathered, the four shards will combine, re-creating the Ars Solaris, the legendary blade that was sealed long ago.

On his journey, Koros meets many new allies, like Tayo the enigmatic bandit-turned-priest, Zenith, the duchess of a town of monsters, and Stacy, a ditzy summoner's apprentice who is a Wingli, a race of winged humanoids who live high in the sky in floating cities. With these 3 new allies and the various powers they find along the way, will Koros able to stop Baron Ozma's diabolical plot and save the world? Or is there another foe working behind the scenes? Find out in Meteo Chronicles, the first game in the Chronicles of Chronicles series!

Playable Characters

Koros Satori
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Dragon Vessel
Element: Fire
Recommended Class: Mercenary, Thief, Wizard
Description: Koros has lived in Ari all of his life, longing to explore the world. He does odd jobs for the prestigious Ferngulf Pyro Knights in hope of joining their ranks, such as fetching supplies or clearing out bandits. Due to his training, he is skilled in swordplay and has won many local tournaments. However, one day while on a mission to recover a bandit's stolen treasure, Koros comes across a mysterious being who calls himself "Kairos," the "One who rules over time." A god of sorts. Kairos unwillingly makes Koros his vessel in order to grant him enough power to stop a approaching calamity that could end the world. After an encounter with Koros' hateful uncle, Koros is banished from Ari and forced to wander the world. On his travels, he learns of his destiny as the "Branded," one of the many incarnations of the dragon god Valfa and the one destined to save the world from darkness. So, Koros sets out with an unlikely team of heroes to find a way to stop this "crimson calamity" and save the world.

Tayo Mooncrusher
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Light / Earth
Recommended Classes: Warrior, Brawler, Priest
Description: An enigmatic member of the Eternian Monks who meets Koros while on an expedition to purify Banna Woods from the terrors infesting it. After seeing a vision of the world's end, he sets out to find the branded so he can help him save the world. Is very wise beyond his years, but he is often very mysterious, and seems to be carrying some very dark secrets...

Zenith Von Zerithia
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Cait Sithe
Element: Water / Ice
Recommended Classes: Basara, Warrior, Wizard
Description: A young Cait Sithe woman and the Duchess of Zerithia, a city of reformed monsters, also called terrors. Zenith's mother was abandoned by her parents, but grew a close bond with a group of monsters and helped them reform using her purification powers to cure them of their madness. With these new friends she formed Zerithia, a city of monsters. Just like her late mother, Zenith wishes for a world where monsters and humans can live in peace. Is kind but a bit rowdy and ill-tempered for a ruler. Hates being called a princess.

Stacy Ninato
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Wingli
Element: Wind
Recommended Classes: Basara, Wizard, Priest, Sorcerer
Description: A wingli girl who lives in a city high in the sky. Long ago, a group of humans discovered "The Angel's Tear," which mutated them into winged humanoids with strong magickal powers. Discriminated against, they used their magick to lift landmasses into the sky to live on, never to be seen again. Stacy always wanted to explore the surface, and is shocked when the first surface dwellers to visit her home of Aetheria in 1000 years come to rescue her from some terrors. After the heroes stop a conspiracy threatening to destroy the order in Aetheria, the King of Aetheria Azul allows Stacy to travel with the surface dwellers on their quest to stop the crimson calamity. She was once the apprentice of the legendary summoner Sensayu, but she accidentally lost all of Sensayu's summons while he was on a trip. After searching a bit for them a returning, Stacy found Sensayu dead, but after motivation from Koros, she now seeks to re-gather the 12 summons she lost in honor of her late master.

Jeht Von Gunglaive
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Thunder / Dark
Recommended Classes: Mercenary, Thief, Sorcerer
Description: A mechanic and former noble of Morda Vael who's father along with himself were put on house arrest for discovering the truth about Morda Vael's mysterious prophet Trello. After our heroes help Jeht and his father Gerald escape, he joins our heroes on their quest to stop the crimson calamity. Has a massive crush on Tayo and is gay.

Important People

Name: Baron Ozma II
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Race: Human
Element: Dark / Earth
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Description: A power-hungry warlord from Morda Vael who in the last decade or so bought a large sum of land from both Morda Vael and Ferngulf and plans to conquer both kingdoms using an ancient weapon known as the Ars Solaris. To do this, he awakens the 4 elemental oracles, powerful female mages that are tasked with gathering the 4 shards of the Ars Solaris, sealed away long ago by the hero Rose during the second war. He seeks to bring order to a world he deems as "weak," as he believes that only a world where only the strong survive can last forever.

Name: Lord Trello, Prophet of Morda Vael
Gender: Unknown, probably male based on voice.
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Element: Dark
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Description: A mysterious person who is known as the "prophet" of Morda Vael, praised for their ability to seemingly be able to know the future. No one knows where this prophet came from, and adding to their mystique they always hide both their body and face inside their massive suit of armor, leaving it unclear of their age, race, or even gender. They were the one who started the Babel Project, and was the person both Tayo and Sage Amadeus saw in their vision of the end of the world, who summoned forth a great blood-red meteor, the crimson calamity.

Name: Kairos
Gender: Male
Age: Over 1000 years old
Race: First Dragon
Element: Light / Dark
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: A mysterious being who calls himself the "god of time." He is one of the 12 first dragons, ancient god-like dragons that are said to have created the world many eons ago. He serves as the First Dragon of time, but for some reason he has willingly taken on a symbiotic existence where he must bond with a humanoid to grant them his power. He did this seemingly to prevent the end of the world via the Crimson Calamity, but he seems to have other motives involving something he calls "the true history"...

Names: Garnet, Nadia, Aria, and Azari
Gender: All Female
Age: All unknown
Race: Gnome/Earth Elf, (Garnet) Undine/Water Elf, (Nadia) Sylph/Wind Elf, (Aria) and Salamander/Fire Elf. (Azari)
Element: Earth, (Garnet) Water, (Nadia) Wind, (Aria) Fire. (Azari)
Alignment: Unknown
Description: Four great elfin mages once known as the "Oracles of Gortoto" who served the fell dragon Mordrake during the Second War. As punishment, they were turned into Aeons, or summons, by the remaining first dragons, forced to serve whoever summoned them without objection. Ozma discovered their Animus (condensed magickal energy that gifts magick to it's users. Can also grant summons.) during his teenage years, and the oracles have served him faithfully throughout the years as his personal servants, advisers, and girlfriends. Garnet is the brash, energetic one, Nadia is the vain, pouty one, Aria is the calm, smart one, and Azari is the angry, tsudere-like one. Ozma must be one lucky guy!

Name: ThiefMaster24
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Human? Celestial?
Element: Dark
Alignment: "Chaotic Neutral" (really chaotic evil, but let him have his fun)
Description: An annoying thief who keeps coming back to life and annoying our heroes with his edgy one-liners. He claims that he is a "higher being" and speaks of strange things such as "Stats," "Saving," "EXP," and many other strange, otherworldly terms. Is he actually a divine celestial who has blessed us lower beings with his presence, or is he just simply insane? Who knows!

Names: Ellis Satori, (Koros' Mom) Gustav Satori, (Koros' Dad) Krom Satori, (Uncle Krom)
Ages: 42, (Mom) 44, (Dad) 41. (Krom)
Genders: Male, (Dad, Krom) Female (Mom)
Race: All human.
Element: All Non-Elemental
Alignments: True Neutral, (Mom, Dad) Chaotic Neutral. (Krom)
Description: Koros' family, who are very supportive of Koros' dream to become a knight. Koros' mom stays at home while Koros' dad works at the blacksmith shop with his brother Krom, who he has a close bond with. Krom heavily dislikes Koros and believes him to be possessed by a demon due to an incident 6 months ago. After the events in Ari Caverns, Koros accidentally mortally wounds his uncle Krom, leaving the people of Ari to believe he really is possessed by a demon, banishing him. After Koros proves his worth by saving the world, they realize their mistakes and welcome Koros and his new allies with open arms.

Name: Anna
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Race: Human?
Element: Fire
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: A mysterious saleswomen who loves money and seems to be everywhere at once, having many identical clones running shops all around Zutara and even in other worlds! Some believe the existence of Anna and her "cousins" is one big conspiracy, or that there is some sort of higher being dictating all of this, but whatever the cause, an Anna is always a welcome sight when you need to stock up on items before a tough battle!

Name: Gary, aka A.H.P.M. #34342 (Automated Helpful Party Member)
Gender: Programmed male
Age: programmed 16
Race: AI NPC Program
Element: Thunder
Alignment: Chaotic Evil (By accident)
Description: An incredibly incompetent NPC who runs around in dungeons, activating traps and causing people to die. He only has one line of dialogue being "I will save my family!" and is the bane of black-haired anime protagonists everywhere.

-Explore a vast world with some non-linear elements!
-A class change system that allows any character to fit any role!
-Nearly 15 main story quests!
-Over 35 sidequests, including over 10 EX quests that expand upon the world and it's characters!
-Special skills unique to each character!
-Four entire bonus dungeons to explore, each including multiple optional superbosses!
-A gripping story full of twists and turns!
-10 different towns to journey to, each with their own story to tell!
-Over 10 dungeons to explore, not including the 4 massive bonus dungeons!
-55 epic songs to listen to, including both MV/VX Ace DLC songs, RTP, and high-quality rips!
-Featuring high-quality community made content from Yanfly, HimeWorks, Galv, FallenAngelOlivia, and AKsprites!
-5 unique party members!
-10 different classes to mix, match, and switch between on the fly!
-Subclasses and Summons!
-Over 360 unique skills to learn and master!
-Over 70 items to find and collect!
-Over 190 weapons to use to battle all sorts of enemies!
-Over 180 armors to use to defend against enemy attacks and various statuses!
-Over 130 unique enemies to fight!
-Nearly 60 bosses to do battle with, each with their own strategies!
-Over 70 status effects, both positive and negative, to keep you on your toes!
-Additional DLC adding additional story and side content!
-And more!

The complete game was released on March 10th, 2021. Four DLC expansions are planned, titled the "Evil Expansion""Maniax Expansion," "Golden Expansion," and "Outrealm Expansion"respectively. Each DLC will be $1 and will be avalible on Itch.io.

Latest Blog

New Update!

Hello everyone. A new update has been added for Meteo Chronicles, hopefully fixing the last few game-breaking bugs this game possesses in order to make it fully playable from start to finish. Here are all the new features, changes, and bugfixes added in the new version.

New Features
-Added in an optional dream world where you can refight all bosses including missable ones to grind for rare drops and complete the bestiary if you missed anything. (like the encounters in Zerithia pre-Zenith and the hidden fight with Arte.)
-Added an updated soundtrack so all songs are now all HD quality. (previously the game used some 16-bit/32-bit songs, which have been replaced with high quality remixes for the most part in order to create auditory consistency with the RTP songs.)

-Removed internal quest initiations for faster loading.
-Added in notifications whenever something changes in the world or a new quest opens up.

-Fixed spelling and grammar errors.
-Fixed bug where the screen would fade to black after the ending cutscene of Chapter 6 and would not ever fade back in.
-Fixed a game-bug involving self switches that cause you to become unable to interact with the blacksmith so you could activate the Ars Solaris cutscene.
-Fixed a bug in the final scion fight so that the countdown to their ultimate attack would actually appear.
-All songs now loop properly in engine, not just the RTP ones.
-Fixed bug where the battle music would not go back to normal after the fight with (spoilers) in Stacy's dream sequence.
-Fixed bug where the battle music would not go back to normal after fighting ThiefMaster27 in the final dungeon.
-Fixed bug where the NPC near Ari could still be interacted with after he disappears.
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  • 04/11/2020 02:21 AM
  • 09/02/2021 12:43 AM
  • 03/10/2021
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Get ready for a battle and a dance, I'm wearing tights instead of pants.
I found the glitch, It was an issue with the self states. The issue with the black screen after Koros' capture was fixed in the last update, which also introduced the bug you're facing right now. Already fixed both of them, about the release the new version once I implement the new feature I've planned. (boss refights in an optional dream world) Stay tuned.
@blackassassin7 Maybe you missed one of the shards? You can do any of the sub chapters in chapter 5 in any order, so maybe you missed one? Do you have Stacy yet? Because if you don't you need to go do her chapter before you can progress. I'll try looking at it today and try to see if there is any additional problems I need fixing.

Nope, I have all shards. I have both Zenith and Stacy in my party. I got the fire shard last. As I said, I imported my save to a previous version and the scene played out normally, but in the recent version, it doesn't. Also, there's the black screen thing after Koros' capture.
Get ready for a battle and a dance, I'm wearing tights instead of pants.
@blackassassin7 Maybe you missed one of the shards? You can do any of the sub chapters in chapter 5 in any order, so maybe you missed one? Do you have Stacy yet? Because if you don't you need to go do her chapter before you can progress. I'll try looking at it today and try to see if there is any additional problems I need fixing.

@d757darkman Sorry, I missed the stream, if that's what it was. I check this site maybe once a week, so I don't see things as soon as they're posted. If you want to inform me quickly, please DM my discord. My account name is KrimsonKatt#3075. Thanks!

going live with your game all details and thoughts inside come join us if u can
Hello. So I decided to give the game another go after giving it up due to it being basically unplayable after some point because of too many game-breaking bugs. Now I'm playing version 1.3.1. Now I don't know whether it's a bug or I am missing something. I cannot give the shards to Amon after getting the fire shard from the volcano. Interacting with Amon was supposed to trigger a switch, which would lead to an event where the player receives the Ars Solaris but nothing happens despite me having all 4 shards. But I must say, the majority of the game-breaking bugs seem to be fixed. The drakes drop dragongems as intended and the sub-classes work fine. But Zenith cannot equip the Princess Gown, her special armor from the Ultima chest.

Update: I passed the Ars Solaris part through an earlier version. I managed to defeat Ozma but after Koros' capture, the screen goes black and does not restore to normal while the game actually continues.
Get ready for a battle and a dance, I'm wearing tights instead of pants.
@Orcurlydon Yeah, that DLC NPC is a relic from a point in development where I was going to make DLC for the game. Instead, I merely plan on revisiting the game at a later date to add in all the planned side content that would have been DLC in a "definitive edition." And yes, the Itch.io version is up to date, though I wasn't for a quite a long time.

@BlackGoldSaw Okay, I'll look into the issues you described. The "being stuck in lava" thing is a relic from an old version of the game which has a unique dungeon gimick where you must collect a certain item dropped by enemies in order to not be instant-killed when entering a new floor. I realized the "puzzle" was far too obscure and random for most people, and the dungeon already have enough gimmicks, so I scrapped it. I must have forgot to change all the transfer events to thier newer versions. Sorry about that! Version 1.3.1 will release very shortly which will fix multiple issues with the game that people have been having. Stay tuned.
Mt.Gaea seems to be giving me some problems. First, if I descend down like two floors I'm dropped in a room out in the middle of the lava, so I'm not sure how to advance any further (if I'm even supposed to). The other problem is with obtaining the fire dragon gem. The event that runs when you get it plays on an infinite loop. I'm not sure how to progress the game beyond this point.

I just start playing it and gotto say i really liked it.
In the beginning of the game one of the npc says that you can buy dlc for 1$ on ITCH.IO but when i checked that site i couldnt find it. (Probably dlc not on sale right now.)

Also will appriciate if you can confirm if this site has the latest version .

Hope to see new features to be added soon.

P.S : I think it is a bug but on menu, i can my face a human but when i talk with npc 's it suddenly changes something elvish. Playing 1.3 version

Get ready for a battle and a dance, I'm wearing tights instead of pants.
The portals were randomized by me, so you'll just have to remember what portals lead to where and figure it out that way. Actually, you don't even need to complete the warp puzzle to progress. You just need at least 1 of the pieces of evidence where a minigame will play out. The more pieces of evidence you have, the more likely you will succeed. If you fail however, you get a game over. The minigame is randomized so that you can't cheese it, but if you save scum you'll get it eventually even with only one of the pieces of evidence. Also, if you collect the "secret evidence" you will automatically win the minigame so yeah. If you go for that, you can actually skip nearly the entire dungeon!
I'm a bit confused in portal room at Magitek Gardens 1BF. Can someone show me how to solve it?
Get ready for a battle and a dance, I'm wearing tights instead of pants.
Okay, after bugfixing another game and finishing my event project, I'm finally ready to bug-fix Meteo Chronicles. I've already fixed a decent chunk of the glitches, but some "glitches" you pointed out aren't actually glitches at all. Some examples include the "faith" and "shell" skills not having the proper symbols and the ribbon items not protecting against instant death. For the first one, I checked, and they do have the right symbols, which are the minor and major buff symbols. For the second one, Ribbons do protect against instant death, as it placed the state rate of death to 0% so if any skill that inflicting instant death that was used on them would fail their instant death effect. However, Ribbons DO NOT protect against X-Zone which is required for certain fights to work. I could also not make actors equipped with a ribbon immune to death because that would make them immortal. For good measure, I also made ribbons give immunity to petrify and doom so the actors don't die in another ways, but the intended purpose of protecting against istant death still already existed. You were probably experiencing X-Zone, which is a state similar to death but can not be healed by Fenix Downs and revival skills and won't go away until after you leave the battle screen. The bug fixes will most likely be out by the end of this week, but don't count on it. Thanks!
Yeah, the 4th wall breaks, too, but especially the mentions of other real life stuff. Off the top of my head, I remember the first NPC inside the Magitek Gardens talking about some game (?) I've never heard of. And I believe the "seer" in Aetheria also says some things that would only make sense in our universe. I also didn't like elements like ThiefMaster, since he really affects a player's grand protagonist illusion. Maybe all this isn't representative, but at least it means I didn't make it up. :D
Get ready for a battle and a dance, I'm wearing tights instead of pants.
I understand your sentiment. After a couple days of rest, I've decided to fix as many bugs as I can find, especially the game-breaking ones. I understand that you're not a 100% fan of my writing style. I understand that. My games writing style is meant to be based off the tales series or bravely default, with humorous and weird moments sprinkled throughout a somewhat dark plot. Balancing humor and serious moments is something I'm working on, and I'll definitely try to tone down the anime-style hornyness for my next game. Also, what real-world references are you talking about? The 4th wall breaks? What exactly are you referring to? I don't remember any pop-culture references in this game, especially compared my my pre-zutara games. (Zero Gear Fighters, Dragon Ascension, the OG Crypt Challenge, and Generic RPG Quest III.) Can you please give me some examples?
I didn't mean to offend you, and I appreciate that you created a huge game for free, but maybe you can understand that I don't mince my words when every single session of playing your game, at least a dozen times in a row, came to a halt because of some annoying (most times also game-breaking) bugs. Many of these bugs even follow a pattern (black screens etc.), though you didn't check if these issues could also plague other parts of the game. You clearly granted your game the "completed" status too early, and the fact that I encountered an unavoidable game-breaking bug before the final dungeon shows that other players gave up along the way. This whole process should have been a good learning experience, and with some time and rest, you might not want to abandon your game anymore. If the game can finally played from start to finish now, you will receive more feedback and probably also more positive feedback than from me.

Finally, let me clarify something: I don't think you or the depictions in your game are homophobic, I just think the latter ones are in bad taste. There's nothing wrong with horniness, unless it affects the willing suspension of disbelief and becomes the predominant or only element that keeps the party and story together. Your storytelling and writing just wasn't my cup of tea, that's all. Honestly, in comparison, the many real world references played a much greater role in breaking my immersion.
Get ready for a battle and a dance, I'm wearing tights instead of pants.
I did put so much effort in. I worked a freaking year on this game. I spent nearly every waking hour on this game for an entire year. It's just that it's impossible to keep track of every little tiny detail in such a complex project and fix every tiny problem that comes up. There are just so many moving pieces and mechanics that it's nearly impossible for just one guy to keep track of it all.

Heck, sometimes I have no idea how to even fix certain things, as I believed I did everything correctly but stuff ends up not working for some reason.

Also, I have three corrections for some of the points you made. 1: Paralysis works like it does in Pokemon, meaning that is gives you a 25% chance of not being able to use an action. It's not like the traditional paralysis default that most RPGs use.

2: The Tower of Babel isn't hundreds of floors. It's actually only 20 floors long, typical for a final dungeon of this caliber. It just shows you progressing up the floors at a higher rate (10 floors per 1 floor) to give it a sense of scale. It's not actually 200 floors, and about half of those floors are boss rooms or rest areas anyways, (which don't have any encounters) so it's really more like 14 floors really.

And finally 3: the final correction, the thing that offended me the most, was claiming that I was homophobic because Jeht is horny. For one, that isn't really a problem when EVERY PARTY MEMBER SANS STACY IS HORNY, not counting the whole slew of horny NPCs to boot. It's simply in my nature to make horny characters, as sex is such a major thing on everyone's minds all the time IRL but everyone hides it because it's "taboo."

The whole point of Jeht being gay and other things such as Koros' gender is that that particular aspect of Jeht isn't supposed to matter. Jeht being gay is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, which is how it should be in real life. The fact of who someone loves or how they dress shouldn't matter to anyone. They're people, just like everyone else, and who they identify as or who they love is irrelevant to their character. In canon, Jeht is calm, cool, collected, and extremely intelligent.

I may have not been able to get that across that well since the focus on him is only really for one dungeon before Koros takes over again as the MC, and I'm sorry if his character came across as homophobic. That was not my intent is the slightest. The main problem lies in that I couldn't develop Jeht too much because he joins so late, leading to him being underdeveloped and his main defining trait being his crush on Tayo.

One of the main messages of Meteo Chronicles is that we should judge people on their actions, not on who they are as a person. This is exemplified in Koros' sidequest, which you likely didn't complete guessing from your comment history.

In conclusion, I too am sick of Meteo Chronicles, it's endless bugfixes and changes, the various plugin-related issues, how many times I had to playtest the beginning of the game leading me to forgo any playtesting past Aetheria, ect. When they're over 1000+ items, weapons, armor, skills, enemies, ect each, it becomes nearly impossible for just one person to balance everything. Regardless, I still plan to fix those glitches you mentioned, but after that I'm done. I just want to move on.
I'm so sick and tired of it at this point. I finally decided to complete this stupid game - only to encounter another game-breaking bug after five minutes. During the cutscene that plays when approaching Babylon Tower (in Zenith's pocket dimension), the game can't load audio/bgm/Love%20in%20the%20Air.ogg and the cutscene ends with a black screen (Teleport doesn't help here). These are the exact same issues that already plagued the (nearly) same cutscene in Ozma Keep, so it's beyond me why you couldn't think of fixing the cutscene version that's actually needed to advance the plot.

Well, I'm not in the mood for another boring 100+ floors dungeon like Babylon Tower anyway, so I cut my losses at this point and abandon my playthrough.

By the way, I don't think this game contributes anything positive to LGBT themes, since the only openly homosexual party member (Jeht) isn't anything more than a travesty, reduced to his one trait: horniness. On the contrary, this portrayal cements the prejudice of homosexual men being sexually debaucherous.

Here are my bug notes and complaints to show you how unpolished the game still is in its current state. That's far from everything - only what I bothered to write down:

- There are many inconsistencies when it comes to terms/names/descriptions:
-- All location names in the menu (bottom left corner) are "unknown".
-- Skill-related target confusion: "Heal" is a single-target skill instead of a multi-target skill; "Valflame" is a single-target skill instead of a multi-target skill.
-- Cut off text in skill descriptions etc., e.g. "Restore II"
-- Wrongly used symbols in battle, e.g. "Faith" (raised magic attack) is displayed with the "Sleep" symbol, "Shell" (raised magic defense) with the "Paralyzed" symbol.
-- Information in the bestiary isn't always reliable, e.g. Death Wyrm is supposed to drop Kairos Tear at a 100% rate, which it doesn't (and yes, this happened without stealing Kairos Tear during battle).
-- The "Monk Asterisk" grants access not to the Monk class, but to the Brawler class.
-- When asking Flora about the monster locations (selection screen): "Mandicore" should be "Chimera", "Red Drake" should be "Fire Draken". Also, "Sky Raider" is called "Sky Diver" in the initial listing.
-- Evergreen Pass: In the dialogue panel during which ThiefMaster26 steals the Ars Solaris, he's mistakenly called ThiefMaster25.
-- In the Ferngulf Senate cutscene, has Mallory two completely different sprites and face graphics during the first and second part? Also, one dialogue panel of Senator Logi ("Humph. Suit yourself.") shows Mallory's face graphic.
-- Only the second party member's HP are displayed as xxxx/xxxx instead of xxxx.
-- The fourth party member's HP bar isn't red.

- Some status conditions might not work as intended:
-- "Blind" probably doesn't work (a blinded party member never missed an attack during my playthrough).
-- It seems paralyzed units are (sometimes) still able to act (might or might not be intentional).
-- Petite Ribbon (and I suppose the other Ribbons, too) doesn't seem to protect (completely) against Instant Death (at least not against the Death spell used by Mimics).

- Duplicated NPCs:
-- After completing Ari Cavern, during the cutscene in Koros' house: Koros' mum roams the house as usual, despite also staying in Koros' room during this cutscene (which means there are two of her).
-- After the beginning of chapter 2, when returning to Ari Village: There are two of officer Karl (the one saying "Don’t die on me, okay?" shouldn't be there anymore).

- Obstruction mapping: The player can walk through many objects in Ozma Keep and Castle Naughtmare.

- Spelling and grammar mistakes are too numerous to count.

- Certain items (Evidence #1, #2 and #3, Secret Evidence and Proof of the Duplicate) shouldn't be usable during battle (and yes, using them during battle means they're lost forever, which should be game-breaking before completing the first Aetheria visit).

- It seems "Warp" can't be used at all inside dungeons.

- It seems switched-in party members have the same HP bar (on the party member) shown (when selecting commands) as the switched-out party members. Also, when swapping party members, the general HP and MP bars disappear.

- There isn't any visual indication for floor tile damage (swamp/poison, lava).

- Some of the items sold by the rare items merchant in Banna are blank (haven't been implemented yet).

- Zerithia, wishing well: It probably shouldn't be possible to choose the options "Forbidden Magick" and "Great Prosperity" once again.

- Zerithia: No updated dialogue for Greeting Imp after Zenith has joined the party.

- After Zenith has joined the party (which makes three party members): The battle screen shows another bar below Zenith's (or the third party member's) HP and AP bars, colored like an AP bar and depicting the same value as Zenith's HP. This bar is still faulty after the fourth party member has joined.

- When defeating Bunnit, Stacy also automatically learns the Basan summon. Maybe she even knows the Basan summon from the start (I didn't pay enough attention to discern the exact trigger). Consequently, defeating Basan doesn't unlock a new summon to be learned.

- Magitec Gardens, mimic room: Two mimics are actually werewolves (bottom right corner; right edge, four tiles away from the northern edge).

- Magitec Gardens: The guards don't react to changes in their environments (disabling the laser barrier; opening the treasure chest containing evidence and/or killing all Mimics).

- Magitec Gardens: If the player triggers the golden trap chest by talking to Gary, after the following the events, the golden trap chest can be opened again (this time directly), which shouldn't be possible.

- Mt. Gaea: Is there any use for the Pumice Stones?

- West Graape: That one NPC outside talks about West Graape, but means East Graape instead.

- West Graape, after delivering the Fire Shard to Amon: During the cutscene outside, the camera isn't centered, but shows the left side instead, with the party members barely visible on the right edge.

- West Graape: The cutscene after delivering the Fire Shard to Amon can be repeated by talking to Amon again.

- West Graape: Defeating Gigazos didn't net me a Nightmare Bat, even though this issue should have been fixed already.

- After having obtained the Ars Solaris: If the player doesn't walk south from West Graape to trigger the cutscene, but instead uses Teleport to skip the cutscene and visit the Ferngulf Senate, Koros still states he doesn't possess the Ars Solaris when talking with the guards blocking the passage to the east. Generally speaking, there are lot of situations during which Teleport should be disabled.

- After the battle at the Ferngulf Senate, I had to readjust Koros completely (class, equipment, skills). He even lost a level (I was already at level 99, so down to level 98), and his "current EXP" was adjusted (i.e. significantly reduced in my case). Also, Koros alone can now use the Archsage class (but can't learn/use any skills).

- When playing the Diner's Roulette at Ozma Keep, the player can't interact with the cake (one of the wrong choices) at the bottom.

- Ozma Keep, Garden of Tranquility during Koros' scenario: There's a second sprite of Koros lying on the bed.

- Ozma Keep, Garden of Tranquility: After completing a scenario, the sprite of the one whose scenario was chosen can still be seen lying on the bed.

- Ozma Keep, Garden of Tranquility: In Stacy's scenario, Sensayu has a different face graphic during battle (I think the one of Senator Nagi).

- Ozma Keep, Garden of Azure and Vermillion: An incorrect "You've chosen neither side" dialogue panel appears even when choosing one of the switches if the player takes too much time to click through the dialogue.

- Ozma Keep, prison: The prisoner in cell 1 doesn't disappear upon defeat, and the stone tablet's text doesn't change.

- Ozma Keep, prison: Cell 4 is mistakenly labeled as cell 3. Also, the prisoner's sprite here turns invisible if the player defeats the other prisoners first.

- Ozma Keep: After giving the old man his cane and receiving the White Necklace, when talking to the old man again, he still thinks his cane is missing.

- Ozma Keep: While only 6 Small Keys are required to reach the boss, 7 Small Keys can actually be earned in this dungeon (might or might not be intentional).

- Ozma Keep: Before confronting the boss, the "This is our final battle" scene can be triggered three times in total (the triggers on the other two tiles don't disappear after triggering the scene once).

- Banna (and probably elsewhere, too): When Koros has temporarily left the party, NPC dialogue still contains lines for Koros.

- Paar: The accessory shop contains two Dubious Incenses.

- Paar: Teleport shouldn't be usable after entering Jeht's house, but before completing the task here.

- Castle Naughtmare, southeastern (file 2) and northwestern (file 4) rooms, second floor: Walking into the invisible barrier spawns the player not at the beginning, but at the end of the floor.

- Castle Naughtmare: The contents of file 5 are also included in file 4 (at the end).

- Uran: The accessory shop contains two Grand Ribbons.

- Aetheria: After completing the "transformation scenario", the castle's back room can't be entered anymore (door stuck in "scenario mode").

- Frozen Crypt: The Death skill (no. 521) from the Lich can't be acquired (doesn't appear in the skill list despite learning it).

- Frozen Crypt: Is it intended that Blind Dragons only use normal attacks?

- Frozen Crypt/Skull Cavern: Most of the stairs can only be taken by pressing Enter while standing on them (might be intentional to avoid an unintentional/premature descent, since the previous floor can't be revisited immediately and the floors are semi-randomly generated anyway upon each visit).

- Skull Cavern, hot spring: The player can get stuck in the upper water fountains by trying to circumvent the "trap pool" (which doesn't even seem to be a trap).

- Mapple, the closing appearance/dialogue of the (female) relic vendor is the same as the one of the (male) weapon/armor vendors.

- It's extremely annoying that the player gets tossed out of the menu every time he uses a consumable item or a restorative skill (especially when trying to max stats). Equally annoying is that status news during battle is obscured by the turn order.

- The Mystery Rooms in Banna Woods and Magitec Gardens aren't explained properly. I had no clue in Banna Woods that there was a (hidden) time limit and that - once time ran out - there was a powerful foe to fight.

That's it. It's a shame, really. This game could have been (and could still be) decent if more care had gone (and would go) into its creation.
It would have been a really good idea to let the player know something important like this beforehand. If there was any hint, I surely missed it. What's more, the game explicitly states that Rayakois has become vulnerable after summoning its spawn - which might or might not be true when fought with only one active party member.

As I previously mentioned, I can't swap Jeht out of the party, so it has to be him (on fourth position - I don't know if that makes a difference). I'm sure that a Thief/Priest build should be good enough for him to stand his ground, but unfortunately, I was hit with Whirlsand after a few turns nevertheless. Is there any way to guard against Whirlsand (I know that instant death protection - Ribbons - doesn't work, and didn't find an item or skill to cure it)? If not, that makes the fight unwinnable (at least for me); or at the minimum, winning the fight would require the most favorable RNG instance (i.e. Rayakois not using Whirlsand at all).

By now, my save file is probably too old and "corrupted" to adapt to many changes you've made, so I'll probably just complete the game and ignore the side quests.
Get ready for a battle and a dance, I'm wearing tights instead of pants.
@Spearmidine Rayakois is a clone of Ruby Weapon from Final Fantasy VII. To be able to hit him, you must have only one party member active. If not, he will be invisible and spam his insta-kill attack Whirlsand. You can look up a guide on how to beat Ruby Weapon on YouTube. Almost all of the same strategies apply, but of course some mechanics exclusive to FFVII like Materia and the "all lucky sevens" easter egg won't work. Here is a good one I found.
That treasure chest contains a Small Key. You'll need 6 Small Keys in order to reach the end of the dungeon, but there are altogether 7 Small Keys to find inside the dungeon. Meaning: If you find all other Small Keys inside the dungeon, you can ignore the one that you can't reach at the moment.
in ozma keep gardens in agrden of azure and vermillion after i get the chast the choosing scene enters in a loop and a cannot continue

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