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Trigger Warning: This game contains minor swearing, heavy innuendo, LGBT themes, implied sex, (fade to black) and some optional horror elements. You have been warned.


In the world of Zutara, there was once a great city known as Arcadia, where dragons and humans lived in peace. However, this all changed when a great blood-red meteor fell from the sky, the Crimson Meteor. The meteor wiped out Arcadia along with most of life on the planet, not only leaving few survivors, but also spreading feral beasts known as terrors across the land. This cataclysmic event was known as the Crimson Calamity, and would be remembered for all of time.

Nearly 1000 years later, the world had mostly recovered from the Meteor's impact, though Terrors still walk the earth, destroying anything in their path. To handle the threat of the terrors, many groups of brave adventurers have banded together to fight the growing Terror menace and protect the many towns and cities that dot the landscape. The most prestigious of these groups are the Ferngulf Holy Knights, a group that a young man named Koros is working to join.

Koros lives in Ari Village, a small town located on the outer edge of Ferngulf, and lives a peaceful life working at his father's blacksmith shop and doing missions for the Knights in order to join their group. However, during Koros' final mission, Koros stumbles across a mysterious spirit being who calls himself "Kairos," the "first dragon of time."

Kairos forcibly fuses with Koros, causing him to become a Dragonkin, beings who were once dragons but decided to take a human-like form in order to avoid a deadly plague, but can transform into their original dragon state for a limited time. Losing control of his newfound powers, Koros accidentally kills his spiteful uncle in self-defense, and for doing so is banished from his village.

With nowhere else to go, Koros follows Kairos' advice to seek out Archsage Amadeus, leader of the Church of Nargi, in order to learn of his grand destiny. Upon meeting with the Archsage, Koros learns that a noble from east Ferngulf named Baron Ozma seeks to re-create the legendary blade Ars Solaris in order to summon the Crimson Meteor once again. For what reason, that is unknown. To do this, he sent out his 4 elven generals to collect the 4 shards of the Ars Solaris. Once gathered, the four shards will combine, re-creating the Ars Solaris, the legendary blade that was sealed long ago.

On his journey, Koros meets many new allies, like Tayo the enigmatic bandit-turned-priest, Zenith, the duchess of a town of monsters, and Stacy, a ditzy summoner's apprentice who is a Wingli, a race of winged humanoids who live high in the sky in floating cities. With these 3 new allies and the various powers they find along the way, will Koros able to stop Baron Ozma's diabolical plot and save the world? Or is there another foe working behind the scenes? Find out in Meteo Chronicles, the first game in the Chronicles of Chronicles series!

Playable Characters

Koros Satori
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human/Dragon Vessel
Element: Fire
Recommended Class: Mercenary, Thief, Wizard
Description: Koros has lived in Ari all of his life, longing to explore the world. He does odd jobs for the prestigious Ferngulf Pyro Knights in hope of joining their ranks, such as fetching supplies or clearing out bandits. Due to his training, he is skilled in swordplay and has won many local tournaments. However, one day while on a mission to recover a bandit's stolen treasure, Koros comes across a mysterious being who calls himself "Kairos," the "One who rules over time." A god of sorts. Kairos unwillingly makes Koros his vessel in order to grant him enough power to stop a approaching calamity that could end the world. After an encounter with Koros' hateful uncle, Koros is banished from Ari and forced to wander the world. On his travels, he learns of his destiny as the "Branded," one of the many incarnations of the dragon god Valfa and the one destined to save the world from darkness. So, Koros sets out with an unlikely team of heroes to find a way to stop this "crimson calamity" and save the world.

Tayo Mooncrusher
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Light / Earth
Recommended Classes: Warrior, Brawler, Priest
Description: An enigmatic member of the Eternian Monks who meets Koros while on an expedition to purify Banna Woods from the terrors infesting it. After seeing a vision of the world's end, he sets out to find the branded so he can help him save the world. Is very wise beyond his years, but he is often very mysterious, and seems to be carrying some very dark secrets...

Zenith Von Zerithia
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Race: Cait Sithe
Element: Water / Ice
Recommended Classes: Basara, Warrior, Wizard
Description: A young Cait Sithe woman and the Duchess of Zerithia, a city of reformed monsters, also called terrors. Zenith's mother was abandoned by her parents, but grew a close bond with a group of monsters and helped them reform using her purification powers to cure them of their madness. With these new friends she formed Zerithia, a city of monsters. Just like her late mother, Zenith wishes for a world where monsters and humans can live in peace. Is kind but a bit rowdy and ill-tempered for a ruler. Hates being called a princess.

Stacy Ninato
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: Wingli
Element: Wind
Recommended Classes: Basara, Wizard, Priest, Sorcerer
Description: A wingli girl who lives in a city high in the sky. Long ago, a group of humans discovered "The Angel's Tear," which mutated them into winged humanoids with strong magickal powers. Discriminated against, they used their magick to lift landmasses into the sky to live on, never to be seen again. Stacy always wanted to explore the surface, and is shocked when the first surface dwellers to visit her home of Aetheria in 1000 years come to rescue her from some terrors. After the heroes stop a conspiracy threatening to destroy the order in Aetheria, the King of Aetheria Azul allows Stacy to travel with the surface dwellers on their quest to stop the crimson calamity. She was once the apprentice of the legendary summoner Sensayu, but she accidentally lost all of Sensayu's summons while he was on a trip. After searching a bit for them a returning, Stacy found Sensayu dead, but after motivation from Koros, she now seeks to re-gather the 12 summons she lost in honor of her late master.

Jeht Von Gunglaive
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Element: Thunder / Dark
Recommended Classes: Mercenary, Thief, Sorcerer
Description: A mechanic and former noble of Morda Vael who's father along with himself were put on house arrest for discovering the truth about Morda Vael's mysterious prophet Trello. After our heroes help Jeht and his father Gerald escape, he joins our heroes on their quest to stop the crimson calamity. Has a massive crush on Tayo and is gay.

Important People

Name: Baron Ozma II
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Race: Human
Element: Dark / Earth
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Description: A power-hungry warlord from Morda Vael who in the last decade or so bought a large sum of land from both Morda Vael and Ferngulf and plans to conquer both kingdoms using an ancient weapon known as the Ars Solaris. To do this, he awakens the 4 elemental oracles, powerful female mages that are tasked with gathering the 4 shards of the Ars Solaris, sealed away long ago by the hero Rose during the second war. He seeks to bring order to a world he deems as "weak," as he believes that only a world where only the strong survive can last forever.

Name: Lord Trello, Prophet of Morda Vael
Gender: Unknown, probably male based on voice.
Age: Unknown
Race: Unknown
Element: Dark
Alignment: Neutral Evil
Description: A mysterious person who is known as the "prophet" of Morda Vael, praised for their ability to seemingly be able to know the future. No one knows where this prophet came from, and adding to their mystique they always hide both their body and face inside their massive suit of armor, leaving it unclear of their age, race, or even gender. They were the one who started the Babel Project, and was the person both Tayo and Sage Amadeus saw in their vision of the end of the world, who summoned forth a great blood-red meteor, the crimson calamity.

Name: Kairos
Gender: Male
Age: Over 1000 years old
Race: First Dragon
Element: Light / Dark
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Description: A mysterious being who calls himself the "god of time." He is one of the 12 first dragons, ancient god-like dragons that are said to have created the world many eons ago. He serves as the First Dragon of time, but for some reason he has willingly taken on a symbiotic existence where he must bond with a humanoid to grant them his power. He did this seemingly to prevent the end of the world via the Crimson Calamity, but he seems to have other motives involving something he calls "the true history"...

Names: Garnet, Nadia, Aria, and Azari
Gender: All Female
Age: All unknown
Race: Gnome/Earth Elf, (Garnet) Undine/Water Elf, (Nadia) Sylph/Wind Elf, (Aria) and Salamander/Fire Elf. (Azari)
Element: Earth, (Garnet) Water, (Nadia) Wind, (Aria) Fire. (Azari)
Alignment: Unknown
Description: Four great elfin mages once known as the "Oracles of Gortoto" who served the fell dragon Mordrake during the Second War. As punishment, they were turned into Aeons, or summons, by the remaining first dragons, forced to serve whoever summoned them without objection. Ozma discovered their Animus (condensed magickal energy that gifts magick to it's users. Can also grant summons.) during his teenage years, and the oracles have served him faithfully throughout the years as his personal servants, advisers, and girlfriends. Garnet is the brash, energetic one, Nadia is the vain, pouty one, Aria is the calm, smart one, and Azari is the angry, tsudere-like one. Ozma must be one lucky guy!

Name: ThiefMaster24
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Race: Human? Celestial?
Element: Dark
Alignment: "Chaotic Neutral" (really chaotic evil, but let him have his fun)
Description: An annoying thief who keeps coming back to life and annoying our heroes with his edgy one-liners. He claims that he is a "higher being" and speaks of strange things such as "Stats," "Saving," "EXP," and many other strange, otherworldly terms. Is he actually a divine celestial who has blessed us lower beings with his presence, or is he just simply insane? Who knows!

Names: Ellis Satori, (Koros' Mom) Gustav Satori, (Koros' Dad) Krom Satori, (Uncle Krom)
Ages: 42, (Mom) 44, (Dad) 41. (Krom)
Genders: Male, (Dad, Krom) Female (Mom)
Race: All human.
Element: All Non-Elemental
Alignments: True Neutral, (Mom, Dad) Chaotic Neutral. (Krom)
Description: Koros' family, who are very supportive of Koros' dream to become a knight. Koros' mom stays at home while Koros' dad works at the blacksmith shop with his brother Krom, who he has a close bond with. Krom heavily dislikes Koros and believes him to be possessed by a demon due to an incident 6 months ago. After the events in Ari Caverns, Koros accidentally mortally wounds his uncle Krom, leaving the people of Ari to believe he really is possessed by a demon, banishing him. After Koros proves his worth by saving the world, they realize their mistakes and welcome Koros and his new allies with open arms.

Name: Anna
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Race: Human?
Element: Fire
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Description: A mysterious saleswomen who loves money and seems to be everywhere at once, having many identical clones running shops all around Zutara and even in other worlds! Some believe the existence of Anna and her "cousins" is one big conspiracy, or that there is some sort of higher being dictating all of this, but whatever the cause, an Anna is always a welcome sight when you need to stock up on items before a tough battle!

Name: Gary, aka A.H.P.M. #34342 (Automated Helpful Party Member)
Gender: Programmed male
Age: programmed 16
Race: AI NPC Program
Element: Thunder
Alignment: Chaotic Evil (By accident)
Description: An incredibly incompetent NPC who runs around in dungeons, activating traps and causing people to die. He only has one line of dialogue being "I will save my family!" and is the bane of black-haired anime protagonists everywhere.

-Explore a vast world with some non-linear elements!
-A class change system that allows any character to fit any role!
-Nearly 15 main story quests!
-Over 35 sidequests, including over 10 EX quests that expand upon the world and it's characters!
-Special skills unique to each character!
-Four entire bonus dungeons to explore, each including multiple optional superbosses!
-A gripping story full of twists and turns!
-10 different towns to journey to, each with their own story to tell!
-Over 10 dungeons to explore, not including the 4 massive bonus dungeons!
-55 epic songs to listen to, including both MV/VX Ace DLC songs, RTP, and high-quality rips!
-Featuring high-quality community made content from Yanfly, HimeWorks, Galv, FallenAngelOlivia, and AKsprites!
-5 unique party members!
-10 different classes to mix, match, and switch between on the fly!
-Subclasses and Summons!
-Over 360 unique skills to learn and master!
-Over 70 items to find and collect!
-Over 190 weapons to use to battle all sorts of enemies!
-Over 180 armors to use to defend against enemy attacks and various statuses!
-Over 130 unique enemies to fight!
-Nearly 60 bosses to do battle with, each with their own strategies!
-Over 70 status effects, both positive and negative, to keep you on your toes!
-Additional DLC adding additional story and side content!
-And more!

The complete game was released on March 10th, 2021. Four DLC expansions are planned, titled the "Evil Expansion""Maniax Expansion," "Golden Expansion," and "Outrealm Expansion"respectively. Each DLC will be $1 and will be avalible on Itch.io.

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I have played through this game a few times but every time after the battle with Amadeus the game goes back to Koros then nothing else, chapter 6 will not activate.
@LadyXena The bug is now fixed in the latest version, 1.1.4. You should now be able to play past the point where you became stuck. Apparently it was an issue where the cutscene event was accidently labeled as a "action button" trigger instead of a "autoplay" one. Sorry about that! I should be fixed now though. Just transfer your save and you should be fine.
Finally the Ozma cutscene plays properly without any crashes. But what am I supposed to do after that? No indication is given about what to do. I went to Amadeus and he said to look for the dragongems. Also, how am I supposed to get them when the fire/ice drakes do not drop any? Is there somewhere else where I can find them?
It's it obvious? You're supposed to head to Ozma Keep east of Aetheria to confront the big bad! Even though you don't have the Ars Solaris, you might still be able to defeat Ozma and save the world with enough determination! You can do it!

As for your other question, the dragongems only drop from fire, ice, and wind drakes respectively. Fire drakes can be found in Mt. Gaea, Ice Drakes can be found in the Crystal Caves, (you can only revisit the first floor, but they spawn there too) and Wind Drakes can be found on the beanstalk on the way to Aetheria. There is no other way to obtain the dragongems. Once you obtain one as a drop (It's a very high drop rate) once you win the battle a event will automatically play which will teach you one of the three tier 2 dragon arts, fire dragon, ice dragon, and thunder dragon respectively.

The dragongems do nothing other than serve as an activation requirement for the tier 2 dragon arts. However, there is an alternative way to unlock the new dragon arts and the associated quest rewards from Amadeus. (IE, the Chronoblade, Koros' strongest weapon once the appropriate seal is obtained)

You must complete chapter 8, in which you will automatically learn the dragon arts you have previously not yet learned. (sans Kaiser Dragon, the ultimate dragon art which you get from beating a superboss in endgame) Return to Amadeus after that and he will give you to Chronoblade. I'll look into the dragongem drops. Thanks for telling me!

(P.S. If you haven't already, you should probably download v1.1.4, which fixed a glitch where an important cutscene will not play after the previous cutscene that caused quite a bit of problems. If that cutscene doesn't trigger, you will become unable to enter Ozma Keep, the final (?) dungeon.)
When i try to enter ozma keep i get stuck and unable to move in a purple background
The problem has been fixed in the latest update, 1.1.5. Tell me if you find anything else?
Quick notice: MadeWithMv.png and AGameByKrimsonKatt.png seem to be missing in the www > img > system folder in version 1.1.5. As a stopgap measure, I pasted two random pictures with the exact same names in said folder, which let me reach the title screen at least.
I've added back the missing files in the latest update, 1.1.6. Sorry about that and thanks for pointing out more glitches. Your feedback is heavily appreciated so I can make Meteo Chronicles the best it can possibly be. Keep up the good work guys!
Thanks, I'm glad you're regularly updating your game, and so far it looks very promising. I noticed, though, that sequence-breaking seems to be possible as soon as the player finds the Raft (Banna can be entered without meeting Kairos first, for example). It's nothing serious, since the player must be intent on doing something like this, but it's something to keep in mind for future updates.
Next missing image (in the latest version 1.1.6): Garnet Battler.png in folder www > img > sv_actors.
@Spearmidine Actually, you aren't able to sequence break. The guards will only let you pass if you have already triggered all the story flags up to that point. To my knowledge there is no ability to sequence break in the game. Though I'll add the other missing files in the next update.
I mentioned that issue exactly because the guards let me enter Banna without beating the boss in Ari Cavern and triggering the cutscenes related to Kairos (the most I had accomplished at that point was to get the Boss Key in Ari Cavern). Since I could also enter Banna Woods using the Raft at that point, I don't see why the player couldn't skip Banna completely (unless Tayo and Garnet don't show up in Banna Woods when the player hasn't talked to Ammadeus in Banna).
Guardian of the Description Thread
I think to proceed past Banna Woods, you need Lethe's Tear (or whatever it's called), and you get that as part of the Archsage's blat in Banna. If memory recalls correctly, that is.
Yeah, that's what the plot says. I didn't test, though, how far I could have ventured into Banna Woods without the MacGuffin, since the game gave the impression that the way back out of Banna Woods was cut off (in reality it wasn't, which I learned later). While I'm curious to try out a few things, it's neither my job nor my passion to see how much of the game I can skip. :D
I just realized after all this time that I didn't event in the guards stopping you if you didn't complete Ari Caverns. I swear I evented that in ages ago. The mandala effect is at it again! I'm currently exporting the new version that fixes this error. Also, you cannot skip to Banna. A barrier will block you from progressing to Tayo's room if you don't have the Leathe's Tear item you get from Amadeus in Banna.

Edit: Fixed the game. I highly recommend you finish Ari Caverns, as it gives you the majority of the jobs that are very useful and basically required to beat the game. It is possible to win with freelancer only, but it's very hard and mostly luck-reliant due to Mimic. It's like all white mages in Final Fantasy I. It's very hard and frustrating, but never the less still possible. Also, not having the classes can cause later things to break and being in Banna before beating Ari Caverns and then transferring your save to the new version can permanently soft-lock the game. You have been warned.
Thanks, and don't worry. While I explored some possibilities, in the end, I still did everything in the proper order.
In Ozma Keep i got 5 small keys, going for the last key in the Ozma Keep garden this happens

then the screen goes black.
I found a similar issue. When entering the Skull Cavern, the party spawns inside the wall being unable to move (at least at the beginning of chapter 4, but I can't imagine a different outcome later). Edit: The issue has been fixed in version 1.1.9, thanks.
I fixed both issues you cited in the newest update, 1.1.9. Apparently they were due to a transfer issue.
After the funny fake ending the screen goes black,then the game freezes after speaking to trello.