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Progress Report

New Update!

Hello everyone. A new update has been added for Meteo Chronicles, hopefully fixing the last few game-breaking bugs this game possesses in order to make it fully playable from start to finish. Here are all the new features, changes, and bugfixes added in the new version.

New Features
-Added in an optional dream world where you can refight all bosses including missable ones to grind for rare drops and complete the bestiary if you missed anything. (like the encounters in Zerithia pre-Zenith and the hidden fight with Arte.)
-Added an updated soundtrack so all songs are now all HD quality. (previously the game used some 16-bit/32-bit songs, which have been replaced with high quality remixes for the most part in order to create auditory consistency with the RTP songs.)

-Removed internal quest initiations for faster loading.
-Added in notifications whenever something changes in the world or a new quest opens up.

-Fixed spelling and grammar errors.
-Fixed bug where the screen would fade to black after the ending cutscene of Chapter 6 and would not ever fade back in.
-Fixed a game-bug involving self switches that cause you to become unable to interact with the blacksmith so you could activate the Ars Solaris cutscene.
-Fixed a bug in the final scion fight so that the countdown to their ultimate attack would actually appear.
-All songs now loop properly in engine, not just the RTP ones.
-Fixed bug where the battle music would not go back to normal after the fight with (spoilers) in Stacy's dream sequence.
-Fixed bug where the battle music would not go back to normal after fighting ThiefMaster27 in the final dungeon.
-Fixed bug where the NPC near Ari could still be interacted with after he disappears.


Major Update + Announcement

Hello everyone! Just today, I have release a MASSIVE update for Meteo Chronicles. It fixes a large majority of the glitches that were plaguing the previous version, including game-breaking ones. Nearly all of them have been fixed, and I've also improved the UI tremendously from the older versions. Here is everything that has changed / been fixed.

-The battle with Amadeus VS Baron Ozma no longer occurs, as it caused many issues in eventing.
-You can now no longer switch out characters in battle.
-The guards in the Magitek Gardens now react to changes in the environment.
-The names of certain areas have been changed.
-The battle system has been slightly altered.
-You can now have all 5 party members on the field at once. (will be added soon)
-The battle UI has changed.
-Scan and Scan Strike now reveal enemy weaknesses actively rather than opening a text box telling you what the weaknesses are.

-The game no longer crashes during the scene right before the final dungeon.
-Fixed location names so that they no longer come up as "unknown."
-Fixed heal to be multi-target instead of single target.
-Fixed Valflame to be multi-target instead of single target.
-Changed the name of the "Monk Asterisk" to the "Brawler Asterisk" to better match the class in question.
-When asking Flora about the monster locations, the monsters listed are fixed to be the correct names. "Manticore" has been changed to "Chimera" and "Sky Diver" has been changed to "Sky Raider."
-In the cutscene where ThiefMaster26 steals the Ars Solaris, his name has been corrected to be "ThiefMaster26" instead of "ThiefMaster25."
-In the Ferngulf Senate cutscene, Mallory's graphics have been fixed, as they were completely different character and face sprites during the first and second parts.
-Senator Logi's dialogue where he says "Hmph. Suit yourself" has been fixed to feature his proper face instead of Senator Malory's.
-After completing Ari Caverns, during the cutscene in Koros' house Koros' mom used to roam the
house as usual, despite also being in Koros' room during this cutscene. This cause there were two of them, which has been fixed.
-After the events of Ari Caverns when attempting to return to Ari Village there were two Officer Karls. This has been fixed.
-The collision of certain objects in Ozma Keep and Castle Naughtmare have been fixed.
-Some spelling and grammar errors fixed.
-Evidence #1, #2 and #3, Secret Evidence and Proof of the Duplicate can no longer be used as normal items.
-Teleport can no longer be used anywhere. It is now limited in certain sections.
-The inventory of the shady merchant in Banna has been fixed.
-You can no longer wish for "Great Prosperity" or "Forbidden Magick" at the Zerithia wishing well multiple times.
-The greeting Imp at the entrance of Zerithia now changes dialogue after Zenith is recruited.
-Certain mimics in the Magitek Gardens no longer spawn as werewolves.
-The golden trap chest in the Magitek Gardens can no longer be triggered twice if you talk to Gary first.
-An NPC in West Graape no longer incorrectly mentions West Graape, instead correctly namely East Graape instead.
-The cutscene is once again centered during the cutscene where you obtain the Ars Solaris from Amon.
-The cutscene where you obtain the Ars Solaris can no longer be repeated infinetntially.
-Defeating all three Oni now grants the Nightmare Bat as intended.
-In Ozma Keep during the Dinner Roulette minigame you can now interact with the cake.
-During Koros' nightmare in Ozma Keep there is no longer an extra Koros sleeping on the bed.
-In Ozma Keep after completing the nightmare the character that was chosen's sleeping sprite now properly goes away even after completion.
-Fixed Sensayu's face sprite during the battle with him during Stacy's nightmare.
-"You've chosen neither side" dialogue in Ozma Keep (Garden of Azure and Vermillion) no longer appears after choosing one of the switches if the player takes too much time to click through all the dialogue.
-The prisoner in cell 1 in Ozma Keep (Prison) now properly disapears after their defeat and the stone tablet's text does now change.
-In Ozma Keep, (Prison) Cell 4 is mistakenly labeled as cell 3. This has been corrected.
-In Ozma Keep (Prison) the prisoner in Cell 4's sprite no longer turns invisible if the player defeats the prisoner 1 first.
-After giving the old man his cane and receiving the White Necklace when talking to the old man again he no longer thinks his cane is still missing.
-In Ozma Keep while only 6 Small Keys are required to reach the boss, 7 Small Keys could actually be earned in this dungeon. All 7 Small Keys are now required to reach the boss.
-In Ozma Keep the "This is our final battle" scene could be triggered three times in total, one for each of the three triggers. This has been corrected.
-The accessory shop in Paar no longer contains two Dubious Incenses.
-In the azure tower and in the ivory tower on Castle Naughtmare the barriers on floor 2 of both towers no longer teleport you to the end of the floor.
-The accessory shop in Uran no longer contains two Grand Ribbons.
-After completing the Shadow Koros sidequest, the castle's back room became inaccessible. This has been fixed.
-In Mapple the closing sprite and dialogue of the female relic vendor was the same as one of the male weapon/armor vendors. This has been fixed.

I also have a very special announcement. Just like Crypt Challenge DX before it, Meteo Chronicles is also being remastered for RPG Maker MZ! This will include all bonus content that was cut from Meteo Chronicles including a 3rd bonus dungeon, 2 additional ending routes, new game+ exclusive content, the outrealm isles being fully explorable, a new secret boss fight, a re-done battle system, a heavily improved class system, and more. It will be called Meteo Chronicles Definitive Edition and will likely launch by the end of Winter 2023. Stay tuned!


The Secret Code

Megaman X3 Genderbend with Megaman Zero in the middle (Megaman Null)

Can you solve it?


Meteo Chronicles has finally been released!

On November 1st, 2019, I began this long, long journey to complete the game you now know as Meteo Chronicles. After many setbacks and many, MANY delays, I am pleased to announce that the full, complete version of Meteo Chronicles is finally here! Thank you for all of your support. I couldn't have done it without any of you. more than a year and a half has passed since then, and I have worked extremely hard every day on my greatest project so far. I've certainly come a long way since Zero Gear Fighters, haven't I?

Now, you may be asking, what's next? Well, you might already know this, but Meteo Chronicles is but one part in a massive series I'm creating called "Chronicles of Chronicles." Two sequels are planned, Zero Gear Chronicles, a reboot of Zero Gear Fighters, and Ebony Chronicles, a reboot of Dragon Ascension. I also plan to create significant DLC for Meteo Chronicles, adding in new dungeons, bosses, and even entirely new ending routes. Each DLC will be $1 each and will only be available on Itch.io, so check me out there if you want to get some bonus content for Meteo Chronicles for an extremely cheap price. All DLC is planned to release before the end of 2021, though knowing me they might get delayed a decent amount so don't count of them releasing before the end of the year.

Before I start work on Zero Gear Chronicles, another massive project, I would like to go back a few years and make a remaster of the previous game before Meteo Chronicles, Crypt Challenge DX. I originally wanted to make a 2.0 overhaul update, but with a new engine coming out along with a whole slue of cool plugins exclusive to it, I have decided to make a from-the-ground-up remaster instead a simple update. Another major reason for this choice was the the remake Crypt Challenge DX was heavily rushed to get it out before Halloween, (I made it in less than 2 weeks) and the original Crypt Challenge was even more rushed. I literally made it in 3 hours, so both version seriously need to be brushed up, especially since Crypt Challenge DX is canon, but has some major lore inconsistencies that would need a whole new version to fix.

This new game will be called "Meteo Chronicles Epilogue: Crypt Challenge EX" and will be made in RPG Maker MZ using the Bravely Default battle system. (what I originally envisioned for DX) After that I will work on Zero Gear Chronicles, and then Ebony Chronicles after that.

After that's done, I have a couple choices on what to work on next. I currently have planned a visual novel/strategy/RPG hybrid game and it's sequel which is a full-on SRPG made in SRPG Engine, an action RPG platformer metroidvania which is planned to be my "magnum opis," a episodic comic-book style RPG, another SRPG loosely based on the webcomic Sonichu, two sci-fi metroidvanias, a shape-shifter metroidvania, a MegaMan fangame, a MegaMan X clone with a constant time limit, a Terraria RPG fangame, an RPG Adaptation of the Sonic series, (namely Adventure 1 to 06) a boss-rush RPG, and a 3D post-apocalyptic fantasy crossover action RPG.

Here is a changelog for 1.0 I hope you enjoy Meteo Chronicles to it's fullest!

Meteo Chronicles v1.0 Changelog

New Features
-3 new dungeons have been added: Skull Cavern, Frozen Crypt, and Shou's
-Two new towns have been added: Uran and East Graape.
-8 new bosses have been added: Rayakois, Nightseeker, Gomorrah, Shou,
Sensayu, Acnalodia, Humbaba, and Shadow Koros.
-Over 20 new enemies have been added.
-Over 15 new weapons have been added.
-You are now able to unseal sealed weapons in Uran using Heaven Seals with
the Dragon Sage.
-Nearly 10 new sidequests have been added.
-Subclasses have finally been added, along with unique names for
dual-classes. (main class and subclass combos)

-Changed the beds in the prison area of the Crystal Caves to be less
-Nerfed all dragon arts.
-Buffed Kaiser Dragon.
-Rebalanced all skills as they were far too OP.
-Changed the "Void" element to the "Chaos" element.
-Changed the stats "INT", "WIS", and "LUK" to "MAG", "RES", and "SKL"
-Changed certain arts damage amounts.
-Many skills have been changed from magickal attack to physical attack and
vice versa.
-All physical arts are also the element "normal attack" so that elemental
properties in weapons shine through on non-elemental attacks.
-Changed Ultima Chests to require a Lv.80 character, not a Lv.60 one.
-Added a new ultima chest holding a Heaven Seal in Gustav's Workshop.
-File size has been greatly reduced.

-The names of some scions have been fixed to be more accurate.
-A glitch in Ari Caverns where if you were positioned in a certain way while
the boss key chest was unlocked it would softlock the game has been fixed.
-Fixed grammar and spelling.
-Fixed the spell hypernova to be almighty instead of being poison elemental.
-Fixed glitch where the summon art Burning Star was only physical elemental
instead of being both physical and light elemental.
-Fixed the music in Trello's death scene.
-Gave the Zombull the undead status, which he did not have before but was
supposed to have.
-Fixed a glitch where when the scion Wukong used his desperation attack
"burning star" it would crash the game.
-Fixed glitch where the mecha jailer boss would not trigger it's death
cutscene if one of the guards was killed before the other.
-Fixed glitch where the Deinos Sauros' death cutscene would not play.
-Fixed glitch where ThiefMaster27's death cutscene would not play, which
would cause the game to crash if the Old Man was not defeated first.
-Fixed glitch where the "explosion" blue magick art would only target enemies
and was fire elemental instead of being almighty.
-The Archery skill "Dancing Arrow" is no longer certain hit.
-Fixed strange error with the enemy skill/blue magick "Goblin Punch" which
causes anyone who used it to take damage.
-Fixed glitch that caused you to obtain bush trimmers from the Ultima Chest
in Koros' house instead of a heaven seal.
-Fixed sequence-breaking glitch with Anna's shop in Ari selling "Ignite
Powder" which can be used to largely skip the majority of the first dungeon.
-Fixed a glitch that cause dialogue which was supposed to play after Chapter
5-3 is completed to instead play at the end of Chapter 5-2.

Progress Report

Version 0.10 is now here!

Hello everyone! Version 0.10 is finally here, and the ending and main plot of Meteo Chronicles has finally been completed! "But why is it version 0.10 and not version 1.0? Well, that's easy. Meteo Chronicles has a host of sidequests, but I have only completed a mere fraction of them. Even worse, they aren't even logged in any way and are nearly impossible to figure out on your own! That's why in version 1.0, the final version of the base game, I will add in both the quest log and achievements, two new towns, three new bonus dungeons, and 8 new sidequests! After that version 1.1 will add in the bonus dungeon Babel Underground which will include 8 new bosses including an alternate final boss and ending. 1.2 will add in a secret golden/joke route exclusive to New Game+ along with 4 new bosses including a new secret final boss. It will also add the Scholar job, also exclusive to New Game+ which allows you to learn enemy skills. Finally, 1.3 will add in the outrealm isles, and with it a new set of areas to explore. Previously only a single map only used to house the scion Jormungondr, it now contains many attractions like the terrifying Reverse Tower, a mineshaft with random loot that resets every real-life day, a island full of creatures one may find familiar, and more! Now, for the changelog!

Meteo Chronicles v0.10.0.1 Changelog

New Features
-Story content for the final chapter.
-The final boss and ending.
-A bad ending
-Three new minibosses, Dracula, Deinos Sarous, and ThiefMaster27.
-A new scion, Wukong.
-The final dungeon, the Tower of Babel.
-A quest system has been added, but there aren't any quests yet.
-Achivements have been added, but there aren't any achivements yet.

-The text has been changed to a more stylish font.
-The spells Brave, Brave II, Protect, Protect II, Faith, Faith II, Shell, Shell II, Haste, Haste II, Weak, Weak II, Break, Break II, Fear, Fear II, Curse, Curse II, Slow, and Slow II have been
changed no now act as buff and debuffs instead of inflicting a state. This allows them to be stacked, which wasn't possible before.

-Certain bosses now have a proper boss death animation rather than a generic normal enemy one.
-The game no longer softlocks when re-entering Paar after escaping it for the first time.
-Characters can once again learn their unique arts.
-Fixed a glitch in Ari Caverns that caused you to face the wrong direction when using the raft right by the boss door.
-Fixed mapping so that walls do not appear on the back of areas in indoor areas.
-Fixed glitch where the Mecha Jailer would transform into ThiefMaster24, Garnet, or Aria when using their special form moves instead of transforming into R-Mode, G-Mode, or B-Mode.
-Fixed glitch where Lady Battlewinner would spam Koros' "fire dragon" attack instead of dark bane when using the blue magick ebony rage.
-Various mapping errors have been fixed.
-Fixed glitch in Castle Naughtmare that didn't allow you to progress.
-Fixed glitch in Castle Naughtmare that had the puzzle not warp you to the entrance of the room if you failed.
-Fixed the sprites of some on-map encounters.
-Fixed a glitch in the Accused Well where trying to get a treasure would result in you falling down to the bottom floor even if you took the correct path.

Thank you for playing Meteo Chronicles!


My Computer Broke...

Yesterday my Laptop, which I have had for three years, broke. The hinge became completely busted, breaking open the bottom of my laptop. The laptop still works, but is barelly holding on at the seans and the smallest thing could completely destroy it. Luckily, I got a 2T hardrive from my grandpa for Christmas (he's a tech nerd) so literally every single file on my PC is backed up. This includes all of my RPG Maker progress, so luckily I did not lose anything. However, since my computer is now broken, I will have to get it repaired which will probably take one or two weeks. This means that sadly, Meteo Chronicles must be delayed until late February at the earliest. I looked online for a solution, and the results aren't pretty. Google says that while it's possible the fix the hinge, in the end it's pointless because it will just break again in only a few months so you have to buy a new computer. To make things worse, repairs cost $150, so even if the repairs did indeed work it would cost me all of my remaining Christmas money if my parents make me pay for it. Another option is since I already have at least $150, if I can get around $700 more I can buy a new Laptop, and hopefully a more sturdy one. My dad found a place where I can do ate blood plasma, which can not only save lives, but also get me tons of cash. It just so happens that you can earn $700 for giving your blood, (around the amount I need) and the best part is the medicine I take for anxiety does not affect my blood so I can donate without any problems. With the money so get from donating blood plasma I can buy a new computer, and possibly split the money with my grandma (who's filthy rich) to get a new computer for me. So yeah, as of now, I have no way to work on my current project (Meteo Chronicles) until I either get my computer fixed or buy a new one, so Meteo Chronicles must be delayed as a result. I hope you all understand.

Progress Report

0.9.2 is now here!

Hello everyone! I finally have the next version of Meteo Chronicles out for release. This version fixes a whole slew of bugs, as well as adding quite a few new features like a bestiary, item log, and sound test. 0.9.2 is releasing instead of 0.10 because I found so many bugs in 0.9.1 and had to address them ASAP, meaning holding back on 0.10 for a bit to fix those bugs. Along with that, 0.10 has sort of been split into this update, 0.9.2, and 0.10 as I was already 1/3rd done with 0.10 when I found those glitches so this update contains some new content as well. I hope you continue to enjoy playing Meteo Chronicles! The full game is expected to launch at the end of January 2021, so stay tuned for that! Here is the current changelog.

Meteo Chronicles v0.9.2 Changelog

New Features
-A new dungeon: The Accursed Well
-A new boss: BuriedAlive
-A new scion: Shinryu.
-A new town: Mapple.
-A "journal" which features a list of all items, weapons, armor, enemies, and states you have
encountered so far.
-A "sound test" which allows you to freely listen to any song you have already heard in the
-A quest log has been added. However, it is currently empty.
-"Achievements" have been added. However, they are not currently available.
-A changelog has been added to the title screen.

-Multiple enemy sprites have been changed, from having the oni bosses look
better to removing pixilation from certain sprites.
-The battler, character sprite, and faceset of the "criminal" minboss has been altered.
-The blue magick "quadraslash" is no longer holy elemental.
-Enemy GP rates and shop prices have been re-balanced.
-Changed the armor available in nearly every armor shop.
-Removed magick dust from the Ari shop as it could cause sequence breaking for
the Ozma Keep dungeon.
-The overworld sprites for enemies have been changed to a more clean appearance.
-The game now displays the version number, copyright, and website link on the title screen.
-The average level needed for the monsters in the Desert of Doom to use their strongest attacks
has been raised.
-Changed the name of the "Zio" series of spells to "Rudra."
-Changed the name of the "Flux" series of spells to "Umbra."
-Tilesets have been edited with a filter to make the game look more unique.
-Changed the name of the "Non-Elemental" and "Holy" elements to "Almighty" and "Light"

-Certain skills now display the correct message upon use.
-Fixed glitch that crashed the game upon failing the Banna Woods mystery room.
-Fixed the battler for the werewolf enemy.
-Spelling and grammatical errors have been fixed.
-Fixed the magick shop in the beastman village to now sell ruby, sapphire, and topaz robes as
-Fixed glitch that caused the "sorcerer" class to learn incorrect and random skills.
-Fixed glitch where the "viscous slime" enemy would use a wind spell instead of a water spell when lowered to 50% HP or less.
-Fixed glitch where Baron Ozma would not use the "Selene III" spell.
-Gave Shinryu an actual moveset.
-ThiefMaster26 now has battle dialogue.
-Fixed the bunnit fight from forcing you into an infinite loop.
-Fixed glitch where an NPC in Ozma Keep would declare Baron Ozma dead even if you haven't
defeated him yet.
-Fixed glitch that made it impossible to progress in Ozma Keep because you could not obtain
the "smooth whetstone" item.
-Fixed glitch where a cutscene would play every time you interacted with the terminal in
Castle Naughtmare. Now the cutscene only plays once.
-Fixed glitch that had you obtain the lightbringer sword instead of the Aes Solaris in a story
-Fixed glitch where Ozma's messenger bird would not appear in a cutscene and would crash the
-Fixed various glitches that caused Stacy's dream sequence to trigger a softlock.
-Fixed glitch that made it impossible to enter the accursed well dungeon.
-Fixed glitch where the goblin trader would give you weird and random items.
-Fixed glitch where it would show past versions of certain items as options when trading with
the goblin trader.
-The skill "purify" is once again pure elemental, meaning it can now no longer 1-shot all
enemies and bosses.
-Fixed the elements of multiple skills to be their correct ones.
-Fixed the Venoshock skill to actually work.
-Fixed the blitz art "Martyr" to actually heal you.

Progress Report

Version 0.9 is here!

We're almost there! I've nearly completed Meteo Chronicles, by far my most ambitious project so far. I've come a long way, and you only have to wait until version 0.10 to release for you to be able to experience the full story. But wait, there's more! Meteo Chronicles doesn't just end with the final boss, it has a whole load of optional content to complete, which I will be adding upon in future updates until all optional content is complete (outside of the 2 expansions) and I can full-heartily say that Meteo Chronicles is fully complete. As for 0.9, here is all the features it adds. I could have gotten this update out a lot sooner, but I was working on a detailed ability system which took up most of my time. Sorry for the wait.

Meteo Chronicles v0.9.0.1 Changelog

New Features
-Story content for Chapter 8.
-A new dungeon, Castle Naughtmare.
-The final party member.
-4 new minibosses, Mecha Genbu, Mecha Shinryu, Mecha Suzaku, and Mecha
-1 new boss, Lady Battlewinner.
-6 new enemies.

-Dragon Arts have been rebalanced.
-Elemental amplification from weapons has been lowered.
-Venin weapons no longer grant element amplification.
-The negative HP regen caused by certain weapons has been reduced.
-Poison effects now only effect you while in battle, not when on the field.
-Lifesteal for weapons has been reduced.
-Renamed the blue magick arts "Kobold Flame," "Kobold Frost," and "Kobold
Thunder" to "Gobo Flame," "Gobo Frost," and "Gobo Thunder" so they would
make more sense when other enemies use them.
-Renamed area terminology for areas with multiple floors to F/BF(number) to
-The skill stat has been re-named to the luck stat.
-Elemental staves change your basic attack to an elemental spell, even if
don't have the spell equipped or are even able to use said spell.

-All "ancient" weapons now give elemental amplification, not just the
ancient sword.
-The term "aeon" has been corrected to the term "scion" in some item
-Corrected the description of the weapon "Aymr" which used outdated terms.
-Fixed the pricing of some weapons.
-Fixed the description of the "Swimsuit" armor.
-Fixed the "Dark Rage" art, which was currently completely broken.
-Fixed various "dark arts" to do the correct element of damage.
=You now get actual armor and weapons for the fight against the Mecha Jailer,
which was previously glitched.
-Fixed in bug in Ozma Keep where the chef would not change to generic
dialogue after all conversations have been exhausted.
-Fixed bug where characters would still mention Baron Ozma even after he was
-Fixed spelling a grammar errors.
-Fixed glitch that caused all encounters to play the boss music instead of
the normal battle music after fighting ThiefMaster26.

Once again, thank you for playing meteo chronicles, and I'll see you in the next update. Peace!

Progress Report

Version 0.8 is here!

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that version 0.8 of Meteo Chronicles is now officially here! Luckily, this update didn't take nearly as long as the last one, so I was able to get it out in only a few short days! Here is what has changed from the previous version.

Meteo Chronicles Changelog

New Features
-You are now able to explore a section of Morda Vael.
-A new town, Paar.
-A new boss, the Mecha Jailer.
-A new party member, Jeht.
-New music, including a second overworld theme.

-Changed the prices of inns throughout the game.

-Fixed glitch where the Baron Ozma fight would repeat and cause a softlock.
-Fixed glitch that didn't allow Tayo to learn his hidden skills.
-Fenix Downs now instakill undead foes as intended.
-Bosses now give a more normalized amount of Bux per encounter.
-Yo are no longer able to encounter Morda Vael monsters early.

Thank you once again for playing Meteo Chronicles!

Progress Report

0.7.1 is here!

Hello everyone! It's been a while, and as you may have noticed, v0.7 of Meteo Chronicles was completely broken and unplayable. Well, this update fixes everything and adds a couple new things on top of that! Sorry this took so long to come out. I had to do a ton of balance changes, which took an eternity to pull off. Due to this, I was not able to finish the game by the end of November like I hoped, but since it seems like we aren't doing a Secret Santa event this year, I'm free to go a little longer until my game absolutely HAS to be released. I don't even have that much finished. Only three more chapters for the main story (two dungeons and two towns) left, and after that I can start to get to work on the extra content like the bonus dungeons, bonus towns, sidequests, and alternate ending. (Yes, there is an alternate ending.) Here is everything that has changed. Cue the changelog!

Meteo Chronicles 0.7.1 Changelog

New Features
-Undead enemies now have unique effects in battle. For example, now they will
take damage from healing items and spells, fenix downs and fenix dusts will
inflict instant death on them (unless immune to instant death) and spells
like Smite, Purge, and Seraphim will now have their intended effects on
undead enemies actually work.
-Some attacks are now more powerful against certain enemies.

-All enemies have been heavily rebalanced.
-You now have significantly more AP to work with.
-A new battle UI has been implemented.
-You can now only have 4 party members in battle at at a time instead of the
previous 5. This was done to reduce clutter and to better balance the
-The resolution has been changed to a more standard one instead of a weird,
random one which caused black lines to appear on the sides of the screen.
-The chapter names have been changed, and now come with new graphics.
-All skills have had their damage and AP cost changed dramatically.
-Skill levels have been removed. You simply now equip skills directly
to your characters instead of having to worry about skill levels.
-Removed the "Syphon" and "Manna" spells from the spell list as it made the
game too easy since it could give you infinite AP. The Blitz Lodestar and the
thievery arts "Steal AP" and "Steal HP/AP" are now the only ways to re-gain
AP outside of Ethers and Elixirs and of course, inns.
-The skill "Grand Cross" now has a new animation.
-Rebalanced how likely it is for skills to inflict states.
-Lowered the power of healing spells, as they healed too much HP.
-The "beginner's hall" has been removed, as it was unnecessary and very hard
to event.
-Renamed "Sacred Magick" back to "Light Magick." (The original name change
was done due to a showerthought where I thought it would be "funny" and
"clever" to make light magick sacred magick as if you take the first letters
of "Anima Magick, Sacred Magick, Dark Magick," you get "ASD" which is another
word for autism, which I have. Really dumb, I know. The name has now been
changed back to it's original state.)
-The "Tidal Wave" spell has been renamed to "Tsunami."
-The "Shocked", "Soaked," "Dazed", and "Hexed" status effects are now just
called "Shock", "Soak", "Daze", and "Hex" respectively.
-Changed the dark magick spells "Death" and "Scourge" to have higher rates of
inflicting instant death.
-Changed the "breath" attacks to now be completely different. Instead of
using all AP to launch a powerful attack, they are now just powerful attacks
that just cost a lot of AP to use which now have a chance to inflict
paralysis and one other status based off the element.
-Valflame now targets all enemies.
-The relics "Sharpening Stone," "Cobalt Shield," "Magick Lens," and "Warding
Charm" no longer give you permanent stat boosts. Instead, the simply apply
a buff in the beginning of battle as originally intended.
-Lowered the STR buff you got from the "battle" light armor set dramatically..
-Renamed "summon arts" to "summon magick."
-Lowered the amount of HP drain you get by equipping the "blood" heavy armor
and shield set.
-Lowered the amount of HP lost from using the "demon" and "dark" heavy armor
-Lowered the amount of Bux you get at the beginning of the game to a more
reasonable amount.

-A game-breaking glitch has been fixed that causes the game to become
unplayable due to plugins that no longer exist in the code trying to be
loaded when the game itself first loads.
-Fixed glitch allowing you to be able to enter the Morda Vael areas without
defeating Baron Ozma first due to a mapping error.
-Fixed a glitch which caused the Pumice Rock and Pumice Sheep enemies to not
ever drop the Pumice Rock item, which was needed to progress.
-Fixed glitch where you would not obtain the Thunder Dragongem if you already
had the ice dragongem and if you didn't have the ice dragongem you could
obtain infinite thunder dragongems. This issue has been fixed.
-The Warrior, Thief, and Ranger classes can no longer learn skills they cannot
actually use.
-The priest class no longer misses out on multiple Lv.1 Light Magick spells.
-Fixed glitch where if you cast Reraise during the scripted fight against
Baron Ozma as Archsage Amadeus, the battle would continue even after Baron
Ozma uses all of his super attacks against you as you would just revive,
allowing you to actually fight him and possibly win, which soft-locks the
-The warp spell now teleports you outside of dungeons instead of doing
-Fixed the "Dull" spells to their newer names, "Fear."
-Fixed certain skills referring to MAT as "MAG" instead of "INT" and MDF as
"RES" instead of "WIS."
-Renamed the "Berserk" axe art to "Berserker Rage" to not cause confusion with
the Dark Magick Spell of the same name.
-Fixed Basan's desperation attack "Burning Cry" to no longer require 100 AP
to use.
-The skills "Air Braver", "Strike Raid", "Blizzard Raid", and "Suplex" now
have proper animations.
-All attack descriptions have been made more clear and consistent.
-The axe art Vampyr no longer has the chance to inflict poison on the target.
-The axe art "Ars Solum" now only hits one foe instead of all foes as
-The thievery arts "Steal HP" and "Steal AP" now actually steal the stated HP
or AP instead of just doing damage.
-The blind status now actually works, as you are now able to actually miss
attacks which was disabled by some stupid plugin.
-Fixed the icons for the "Miasma" and "Mire" spells.
-The boss "Basan" now dies like a boss rather than a regular enemy.
-Fixed the blue magick "Murder Crusher" to now be the proper element, "smash
elemental" instead of "slash elemental."
-Shadow Fang now does smash and dark damage instead of smash and fire damage.
This was a mistake and has been fixed.
-Fixed the skills Gigaflame, Gigavolt, and Gigagale to be more consistent
damage wise with other skills.
-Fixed glitch that allowed Koros to learn "Claw of Punishment" by interacting
with a certain tile which is a move only reserved for a late-game optional
-Changed the descriptions for the "hero" and "berserker" heavy armor sets to
better match their actual uses.
-Fixed the "Aegis Shield" to guard you from the proper elements instead of
weird and random ones.

Thanks again for choosing to play Meteo Chronicles. Adios!
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