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Version 0.7 is here!

Hello everyone. I am pleased to announce that version 0.7 of Meteo Chronicles is now available! Here is everything that has been changed.

Meteo Chronicles v0.7 Changelog

New Features
-Story content for Chapter 5.
-A new skill type for Tayo.
-2 new boss fights, ThiefMaster26 and Baron Ozma himself.
-A new dungeon, Ozma Keep.
-A password system accessible in Ozma Keep. (most passwords are unfinished)
-Dream sequences for each party member. Only one can be seen per playthough, so choose wisely.
(Or you can just save scum.)
-10 new enemies
-Two new summons have been added, Anubis and Jomungondr.
-The outrealm has now been added. Experience strange and unique worlds separate from the main

-The levels you learn each skill has been changed. Skills have now been spread out between all
levels from 1 to 99 in equal amounts, meaning that you don't unlock more OP skills as fast and
you are still gaining skills throughout the game. (you are expected to be at the level cap by the
end of the game.)
-All skill's damage formulas have been dramatically altered to be more similar to the VX Ace
"auto formula" system, meaning that all skills now have base damage so they no longer do 0
damage no matter what if your DEF/WIS is higher then the enemy's STR/INT.
-The names of the MAG (Magick) and RES (Resistance) stats have been changed to now be called the
INT (Intelligence) and WIS (Wisdom) stats.
-The "dull" status has been changed to the "fear" status.
-The background graphic for the tesseract realm has been changed.
-The stats of bosses and some enemies have been rebalanced.


Thank you for playing Meteo Chronicles!