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0.7.1 is here!

Hello everyone! It's been a while, and as you may have noticed, v0.7 of Meteo Chronicles was completely broken and unplayable. Well, this update fixes everything and adds a couple new things on top of that! Sorry this took so long to come out. I had to do a ton of balance changes, which took an eternity to pull off. Due to this, I was not able to finish the game by the end of November like I hoped, but since it seems like we aren't doing a Secret Santa event this year, I'm free to go a little longer until my game absolutely HAS to be released. I don't even have that much finished. Only three more chapters for the main story (two dungeons and two towns) left, and after that I can start to get to work on the extra content like the bonus dungeons, bonus towns, sidequests, and alternate ending. (Yes, there is an alternate ending.) Here is everything that has changed. Cue the changelog!

Meteo Chronicles 0.7.1 Changelog

New Features
-Undead enemies now have unique effects in battle. For example, now they will
take damage from healing items and spells, fenix downs and fenix dusts will
inflict instant death on them (unless immune to instant death) and spells
like Smite, Purge, and Seraphim will now have their intended effects on
undead enemies actually work.
-Some attacks are now more powerful against certain enemies.

-All enemies have been heavily rebalanced.
-You now have significantly more AP to work with.
-A new battle UI has been implemented.
-You can now only have 4 party members in battle at at a time instead of the
previous 5. This was done to reduce clutter and to better balance the
-The resolution has been changed to a more standard one instead of a weird,
random one which caused black lines to appear on the sides of the screen.
-The chapter names have been changed, and now come with new graphics.
-All skills have had their damage and AP cost changed dramatically.
-Skill levels have been removed. You simply now equip skills directly
to your characters instead of having to worry about skill levels.
-Removed the "Syphon" and "Manna" spells from the spell list as it made the
game too easy since it could give you infinite AP. The Blitz Lodestar and the
thievery arts "Steal AP" and "Steal HP/AP" are now the only ways to re-gain
AP outside of Ethers and Elixirs and of course, inns.
-The skill "Grand Cross" now has a new animation.
-Rebalanced how likely it is for skills to inflict states.
-Lowered the power of healing spells, as they healed too much HP.
-The "beginner's hall" has been removed, as it was unnecessary and very hard
to event.
-Renamed "Sacred Magick" back to "Light Magick." (The original name change
was done due to a showerthought where I thought it would be "funny" and
"clever" to make light magick sacred magick as if you take the first letters
of "Anima Magick, Sacred Magick, Dark Magick," you get "ASD" which is another
word for autism, which I have. Really dumb, I know. The name has now been
changed back to it's original state.)
-The "Tidal Wave" spell has been renamed to "Tsunami."
-The "Shocked", "Soaked," "Dazed", and "Hexed" status effects are now just
called "Shock", "Soak", "Daze", and "Hex" respectively.
-Changed the dark magick spells "Death" and "Scourge" to have higher rates of
inflicting instant death.
-Changed the "breath" attacks to now be completely different. Instead of
using all AP to launch a powerful attack, they are now just powerful attacks
that just cost a lot of AP to use which now have a chance to inflict
paralysis and one other status based off the element.
-Valflame now targets all enemies.
-The relics "Sharpening Stone," "Cobalt Shield," "Magick Lens," and "Warding
Charm" no longer give you permanent stat boosts. Instead, the simply apply
a buff in the beginning of battle as originally intended.
-Lowered the STR buff you got from the "battle" light armor set dramatically..
-Renamed "summon arts" to "summon magick."
-Lowered the amount of HP drain you get by equipping the "blood" heavy armor
and shield set.
-Lowered the amount of HP lost from using the "demon" and "dark" heavy armor
-Lowered the amount of Bux you get at the beginning of the game to a more
reasonable amount.

-A game-breaking glitch has been fixed that causes the game to become
unplayable due to plugins that no longer exist in the code trying to be
loaded when the game itself first loads.
-Fixed glitch allowing you to be able to enter the Morda Vael areas without
defeating Baron Ozma first due to a mapping error.
-Fixed a glitch which caused the Pumice Rock and Pumice Sheep enemies to not
ever drop the Pumice Rock item, which was needed to progress.
-Fixed glitch where you would not obtain the Thunder Dragongem if you already
had the ice dragongem and if you didn't have the ice dragongem you could
obtain infinite thunder dragongems. This issue has been fixed.
-The Warrior, Thief, and Ranger classes can no longer learn skills they cannot
actually use.
-The priest class no longer misses out on multiple Lv.1 Light Magick spells.
-Fixed glitch where if you cast Reraise during the scripted fight against
Baron Ozma as Archsage Amadeus, the battle would continue even after Baron
Ozma uses all of his super attacks against you as you would just revive,
allowing you to actually fight him and possibly win, which soft-locks the
-The warp spell now teleports you outside of dungeons instead of doing
-Fixed the "Dull" spells to their newer names, "Fear."
-Fixed certain skills referring to MAT as "MAG" instead of "INT" and MDF as
"RES" instead of "WIS."
-Renamed the "Berserk" axe art to "Berserker Rage" to not cause confusion with
the Dark Magick Spell of the same name.
-Fixed Basan's desperation attack "Burning Cry" to no longer require 100 AP
to use.
-The skills "Air Braver", "Strike Raid", "Blizzard Raid", and "Suplex" now
have proper animations.
-All attack descriptions have been made more clear and consistent.
-The axe art Vampyr no longer has the chance to inflict poison on the target.
-The axe art "Ars Solum" now only hits one foe instead of all foes as
-The thievery arts "Steal HP" and "Steal AP" now actually steal the stated HP
or AP instead of just doing damage.
-The blind status now actually works, as you are now able to actually miss
attacks which was disabled by some stupid plugin.
-Fixed the icons for the "Miasma" and "Mire" spells.
-The boss "Basan" now dies like a boss rather than a regular enemy.
-Fixed the blue magick "Murder Crusher" to now be the proper element, "smash
elemental" instead of "slash elemental."
-Shadow Fang now does smash and dark damage instead of smash and fire damage.
This was a mistake and has been fixed.
-Fixed the skills Gigaflame, Gigavolt, and Gigagale to be more consistent
damage wise with other skills.
-Fixed glitch that allowed Koros to learn "Claw of Punishment" by interacting
with a certain tile which is a move only reserved for a late-game optional
-Changed the descriptions for the "hero" and "berserker" heavy armor sets to
better match their actual uses.
-Fixed the "Aegis Shield" to guard you from the proper elements instead of
weird and random ones.

Thanks again for choosing to play Meteo Chronicles. Adios!