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Version 0.8 is here!

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that version 0.8 of Meteo Chronicles is now officially here! Luckily, this update didn't take nearly as long as the last one, so I was able to get it out in only a few short days! Here is what has changed from the previous version.

Meteo Chronicles Changelog

New Features
-You are now able to explore a section of Morda Vael.
-A new town, Paar.
-A new boss, the Mecha Jailer.
-A new party member, Jeht.
-New music, including a second overworld theme.

-Changed the prices of inns throughout the game.

-Fixed glitch where the Baron Ozma fight would repeat and cause a softlock.
-Fixed glitch that didn't allow Tayo to learn his hidden skills.
-Fenix Downs now instakill undead foes as intended.
-Bosses now give a more normalized amount of Bux per encounter.
-Yo are no longer able to encounter Morda Vael monsters early.

Thank you once again for playing Meteo Chronicles!