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0.9.2 is now here!

Hello everyone! I finally have the next version of Meteo Chronicles out for release. This version fixes a whole slew of bugs, as well as adding quite a few new features like a bestiary, item log, and sound test. 0.9.2 is releasing instead of 0.10 because I found so many bugs in 0.9.1 and had to address them ASAP, meaning holding back on 0.10 for a bit to fix those bugs. Along with that, 0.10 has sort of been split into this update, 0.9.2, and 0.10 as I was already 1/3rd done with 0.10 when I found those glitches so this update contains some new content as well. I hope you continue to enjoy playing Meteo Chronicles! The full game is expected to launch at the end of January 2021, so stay tuned for that! Here is the current changelog.

Meteo Chronicles v0.9.2 Changelog

New Features
-A new dungeon: The Accursed Well
-A new boss: BuriedAlive
-A new scion: Shinryu.
-A new town: Mapple.
-A "journal" which features a list of all items, weapons, armor, enemies, and states you have
encountered so far.
-A "sound test" which allows you to freely listen to any song you have already heard in the
-A quest log has been added. However, it is currently empty.
-"Achievements" have been added. However, they are not currently available.
-A changelog has been added to the title screen.

-Multiple enemy sprites have been changed, from having the oni bosses look
better to removing pixilation from certain sprites.
-The battler, character sprite, and faceset of the "criminal" minboss has been altered.
-The blue magick "quadraslash" is no longer holy elemental.
-Enemy GP rates and shop prices have been re-balanced.
-Changed the armor available in nearly every armor shop.
-Removed magick dust from the Ari shop as it could cause sequence breaking for
the Ozma Keep dungeon.
-The overworld sprites for enemies have been changed to a more clean appearance.
-The game now displays the version number, copyright, and website link on the title screen.
-The average level needed for the monsters in the Desert of Doom to use their strongest attacks
has been raised.
-Changed the name of the "Zio" series of spells to "Rudra."
-Changed the name of the "Flux" series of spells to "Umbra."
-Tilesets have been edited with a filter to make the game look more unique.
-Changed the name of the "Non-Elemental" and "Holy" elements to "Almighty" and "Light"

-Certain skills now display the correct message upon use.
-Fixed glitch that crashed the game upon failing the Banna Woods mystery room.
-Fixed the battler for the werewolf enemy.
-Spelling and grammatical errors have been fixed.
-Fixed the magick shop in the beastman village to now sell ruby, sapphire, and topaz robes as
-Fixed glitch that caused the "sorcerer" class to learn incorrect and random skills.
-Fixed glitch where the "viscous slime" enemy would use a wind spell instead of a water spell when lowered to 50% HP or less.
-Fixed glitch where Baron Ozma would not use the "Selene III" spell.
-Gave Shinryu an actual moveset.
-ThiefMaster26 now has battle dialogue.
-Fixed the bunnit fight from forcing you into an infinite loop.
-Fixed glitch where an NPC in Ozma Keep would declare Baron Ozma dead even if you haven't
defeated him yet.
-Fixed glitch that made it impossible to progress in Ozma Keep because you could not obtain
the "smooth whetstone" item.
-Fixed glitch where a cutscene would play every time you interacted with the terminal in
Castle Naughtmare. Now the cutscene only plays once.
-Fixed glitch that had you obtain the lightbringer sword instead of the Aes Solaris in a story
-Fixed glitch where Ozma's messenger bird would not appear in a cutscene and would crash the
-Fixed various glitches that caused Stacy's dream sequence to trigger a softlock.
-Fixed glitch that made it impossible to enter the accursed well dungeon.
-Fixed glitch where the goblin trader would give you weird and random items.
-Fixed glitch where it would show past versions of certain items as options when trading with
the goblin trader.
-The skill "purify" is once again pure elemental, meaning it can now no longer 1-shot all
enemies and bosses.
-Fixed the elements of multiple skills to be their correct ones.
-Fixed the Venoshock skill to actually work.
-Fixed the blitz art "Martyr" to actually heal you.