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My Computer Broke...

Yesterday my Laptop, which I have had for three years, broke. The hinge became completely busted, breaking open the bottom of my laptop. The laptop still works, but is barelly holding on at the seans and the smallest thing could completely destroy it. Luckily, I got a 2T hardrive from my grandpa for Christmas (he's a tech nerd) so literally every single file on my PC is backed up. This includes all of my RPG Maker progress, so luckily I did not lose anything. However, since my computer is now broken, I will have to get it repaired which will probably take one or two weeks. This means that sadly, Meteo Chronicles must be delayed until late February at the earliest. I looked online for a solution, and the results aren't pretty. Google says that while it's possible the fix the hinge, in the end it's pointless because it will just break again in only a few months so you have to buy a new computer. To make things worse, repairs cost $150, so even if the repairs did indeed work it would cost me all of my remaining Christmas money if my parents make me pay for it. Another option is since I already have at least $150, if I can get around $700 more I can buy a new Laptop, and hopefully a more sturdy one. My dad found a place where I can do ate blood plasma, which can not only save lives, but also get me tons of cash. It just so happens that you can earn $700 for giving your blood, (around the amount I need) and the best part is the medicine I take for anxiety does not affect my blood so I can donate without any problems. With the money so get from donating blood plasma I can buy a new computer, and possibly split the money with my grandma (who's filthy rich) to get a new computer for me. So yeah, as of now, I have no way to work on my current project (Meteo Chronicles) until I either get my computer fixed or buy a new one, so Meteo Chronicles must be delayed as a result. I hope you all understand.