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Meteo Chronicles has finally been released!

On November 1st, 2019, I began this long, long journey to complete the game you now know as Meteo Chronicles. After many setbacks and many, MANY delays, I am pleased to announce that the full, complete version of Meteo Chronicles is finally here! Thank you for all of your support. I couldn't have done it without any of you. more than a year and a half has passed since then, and I have worked extremely hard every day on my greatest project so far. I've certainly come a long way since Zero Gear Fighters, haven't I?

Now, you may be asking, what's next? Well, you might already know this, but Meteo Chronicles is but one part in a massive series I'm creating called "Chronicles of Chronicles." Two sequels are planned, Zero Gear Chronicles, a reboot of Zero Gear Fighters, and Ebony Chronicles, a reboot of Dragon Ascension. I also plan to create significant DLC for Meteo Chronicles, adding in new dungeons, bosses, and even entirely new ending routes. Each DLC will be $1 each and will only be available on Itch.io, so check me out there if you want to get some bonus content for Meteo Chronicles for an extremely cheap price. All DLC is planned to release before the end of 2021, though knowing me they might get delayed a decent amount so don't count of them releasing before the end of the year.

Before I start work on Zero Gear Chronicles, another massive project, I would like to go back a few years and make a remaster of the previous game before Meteo Chronicles, Crypt Challenge DX. I originally wanted to make a 2.0 overhaul update, but with a new engine coming out along with a whole slue of cool plugins exclusive to it, I have decided to make a from-the-ground-up remaster instead a simple update. Another major reason for this choice was the the remake Crypt Challenge DX was heavily rushed to get it out before Halloween, (I made it in less than 2 weeks) and the original Crypt Challenge was even more rushed. I literally made it in 3 hours, so both version seriously need to be brushed up, especially since Crypt Challenge DX is canon, but has some major lore inconsistencies that would need a whole new version to fix.

This new game will be called "Meteo Chronicles Epilogue: Crypt Challenge EX" and will be made in RPG Maker MZ using the Bravely Default battle system. (what I originally envisioned for DX) After that I will work on Zero Gear Chronicles, and then Ebony Chronicles after that.

After that's done, I have a couple choices on what to work on next. I currently have planned a visual novel/strategy/RPG hybrid game and it's sequel which is a full-on SRPG made in SRPG Engine, an action RPG platformer metroidvania which is planned to be my "magnum opis," a episodic comic-book style RPG, another SRPG loosely based on the webcomic Sonichu, two sci-fi metroidvanias, a shape-shifter metroidvania, a MegaMan fangame, a MegaMan X clone with a constant time limit, a Terraria RPG fangame, an RPG Adaptation of the Sonic series, (namely Adventure 1 to 06) a boss-rush RPG, and a 3D post-apocalyptic fantasy crossover action RPG.

Here is a changelog for 1.0 I hope you enjoy Meteo Chronicles to it's fullest!

Meteo Chronicles v1.0 Changelog

New Features
-3 new dungeons have been added: Skull Cavern, Frozen Crypt, and Shou's
-Two new towns have been added: Uran and East Graape.
-8 new bosses have been added: Rayakois, Nightseeker, Gomorrah, Shou,
Sensayu, Acnalodia, Humbaba, and Shadow Koros.
-Over 20 new enemies have been added.
-Over 15 new weapons have been added.
-You are now able to unseal sealed weapons in Uran using Heaven Seals with
the Dragon Sage.
-Nearly 10 new sidequests have been added.
-Subclasses have finally been added, along with unique names for
dual-classes. (main class and subclass combos)

-Changed the beds in the prison area of the Crystal Caves to be less
-Nerfed all dragon arts.
-Buffed Kaiser Dragon.
-Rebalanced all skills as they were far too OP.
-Changed the "Void" element to the "Chaos" element.
-Changed the stats "INT", "WIS", and "LUK" to "MAG", "RES", and "SKL"
-Changed certain arts damage amounts.
-Many skills have been changed from magickal attack to physical attack and
vice versa.
-All physical arts are also the element "normal attack" so that elemental
properties in weapons shine through on non-elemental attacks.
-Changed Ultima Chests to require a Lv.80 character, not a Lv.60 one.
-Added a new ultima chest holding a Heaven Seal in Gustav's Workshop.
-File size has been greatly reduced.

-The names of some scions have been fixed to be more accurate.
-A glitch in Ari Caverns where if you were positioned in a certain way while
the boss key chest was unlocked it would softlock the game has been fixed.
-Fixed grammar and spelling.
-Fixed the spell hypernova to be almighty instead of being poison elemental.
-Fixed glitch where the summon art Burning Star was only physical elemental
instead of being both physical and light elemental.
-Fixed the music in Trello's death scene.
-Gave the Zombull the undead status, which he did not have before but was
supposed to have.
-Fixed a glitch where when the scion Wukong used his desperation attack
"burning star" it would crash the game.
-Fixed glitch where the mecha jailer boss would not trigger it's death
cutscene if one of the guards was killed before the other.
-Fixed glitch where the Deinos Sauros' death cutscene would not play.
-Fixed glitch where ThiefMaster27's death cutscene would not play, which
would cause the game to crash if the Old Man was not defeated first.
-Fixed glitch where the "explosion" blue magick art would only target enemies
and was fire elemental instead of being almighty.
-The Archery skill "Dancing Arrow" is no longer certain hit.
-Fixed strange error with the enemy skill/blue magick "Goblin Punch" which
causes anyone who used it to take damage.
-Fixed glitch that caused you to obtain bush trimmers from the Ultima Chest
in Koros' house instead of a heaven seal.
-Fixed sequence-breaking glitch with Anna's shop in Ari selling "Ignite
Powder" which can be used to largely skip the majority of the first dungeon.
-Fixed a glitch that cause dialogue which was supposed to play after Chapter
5-3 is completed to instead play at the end of Chapter 5-2.