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The Secret Code

Megaman X3 Genderbend with Megaman Zero in the middle (Megaman Null)

Can you solve it?


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Since I'm not that familiar with Megaman, I probably won't be able to solve the code. Hopefully, I won't miss anything of importance.
You don't need any knowledge of megaman to solve the puzzle. It's a Rebus Puzzle, but instead of symbols it's merely words. Here are a few hints.

1: The passage mentions the term "megaman null" at the end. In code, what does null mean? This is the key to solving the puzzle.

2: After the first megaman, there is the characters "x3." This could either mean something multiplied by three or three of the number three. I let you figure that one out.

3: The word genderbend is mentioned. What is the internet slang for genderbend? Hmm?

4: The final password is a 6-digit number and is used in the tesseract realm in-game to unlock a secret OP class. Good luck.
Thanks for the pointers, but I think I won't be able to figure it out with just that. If "In code, what does null mean?" is the key to solving the puzzle, then I'm already at a loss, because I can't think of anything else than null = 0. Genderbend is probably related to internet rule 63, but that still leaves to many possibilities. I'm sure this riddle will make sense when knowing the solution, but it's incredibly hard if the person supposed to solve the code can't grasp the code creator's train of thought. Just like a Detective Conan case, where the reader can't figure out the murder trick until shown, despite all the clues being there in plain view.

Has any player solved the code on his/her own by now? When I'm nearing the end of the game and still can't figure out the solution, I'll probably try to trade a bug report for the code. :D
Null can also mean non-existent, just to let you know. Just take out all the Megamans from the code and decode the words inside and you should have the code. And just to let you know, you are correct that 63 is somewhere in the code.
Thank you very much, that was the solution handed on a silver platter. :)

im sorry but is there any more tips you can give or more help i got about as far as the other guy with figuring out the 63 and a couple of ideas of what null means but im still confused and i definitely dont know what (ccc(a-a)fc)means i have no idea what this puzzle could mean and i think im near the end of the game but i want to have the class before the final boss is there any tips or could you pm me the answer please?

Edit- i figured it out i feel like a idiot
Yeah, it's actually quite easy. I pretty much gave you the answer lol.
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