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A game-breaking bug has been found

Hello everyone. It has come to my attention that a game-breaking bug has been found involving the encryption of my game. Apparently, when MV automatically encrypts my files, the encrypted files cannot be read by the engine for some reason. This is very bad, making pretty much my entire game unplayable. However, there is a easy fix for this, but sadly it can not be added until the next major update due to me being in the middle of a major balancing overhaul. Until then, please stick to playing the earlier 0.4.1 version. The default download chosen has been changed to reflect this. Thank you for your patience.


Progress Report

Version 0.5 is here!

Hello everyone! At long last, version 0.5 of Meteo Chronicles is now here. This is by far the biggest update yet with plenty of major changes and a massive amount of new content. Here is what the update adds.

Meteo Chronicles 0.5 Changelog

New Features
-New story content for Chapter 4-2.
-Two new dungeons, The Beanstalk and the Magitek
-A new town, Aetheria.
-A new party member, Stacy.
-A new class, Ranger.
-5 new bosses.
-A new minigame.
-14 new enemies.
-6 new items.
-A three new mystery rooms.
-Summons! Find and battle creatures known as Aeons
all across Zutara to be able to gain their help
in battle. Use Stacy's power as a summoner to
bring forth these great beasts to deal devastating
-Added in 5 of the 13 summons, Bunnit, Caladon,
Rattatask, Minotaur, Slephnir, and Bakkayo.
-Added in 6 new sidequests.
-The chase sequence in the crystal caves is now
complete, all thanks to dyzidk on the RPG Maker

-Halved item drop chance for all enemies
-Heavily re-balanced enemy stats.
-Heavily re-balanced enemy SP gains.
-Heavily re-balanced enemy drop rates.
-Altered many enemies levels to allow more
freedom in which sub-chapter you do first.
-Weakened all spells, which were too overpowered and
far stronger than physical attacks of a similar tier.
-Changed the "Raise" spell to restore 10% HP rather
than 25% HP.

-You now actually obtain the asterisk key item for
the Thief and Monk job classes.
-The name and description of the "Fighter Asterisk"
has been changed to the "Warrior Asterisk" in order
to be accurate to the actual class.
-Many spelling and grammar errors have been fixed.
-Krom's shop inventory and dialogue after you've
already talked to him once have been fixed.
-Koros's Dad's shop inventory and dialogue after you've
already talked to him once have been fixed.
-The Shady Merchant's shop inventory and dialogue in
Banna after you've already talked to him once have
been fixed.
-Dialogue structure has been re-adjusted so sentences
no longer cut off.
-Fixed the game so that you get the correct items in
dungeons and said items are used properly in events
involving them.
-Fixed a glitch that caused a raft in Banna to activate
early if a separate one is activated in Ari Caverns.
-Fixed errors and lore inconsistencies in the dialogue.
-Corrected two NPC's dialogue in the Banna Temple.
-Fixed various dialogue in the Amadeus cutscene.
-Fixed the goblin merchant from being completely
-Corrected the Zerithia Wishing Well so that you
actually lose Bx while using it.
-Removed a playtesting feature in Banna Woods that
would automatically cause Koros to learn the Spear Art
"Tempest Rush."
-Corrected glitch in the Crystal Caves that caused you
to not be able to progress in the mystery room even
if you got the questions right.
-Corrected glitch in Zerithia that caused the "You
didn't get scammed" dialogue to play while interacting
with the Inn after recruiting Zenith even when not using
the inn.
-EXP Orbs and the Shard of Xar now only apply to the
actor selected instead of all actors.
-Fixed the "Blind" spell to "Blindna," it's proper
-Fixed the "En-Light" spell to now be "En-Holy."
-Fixed the "Raise" and "Arise" spells to target a dead ally rather
than all allies.
-Fixed the description for the "Cleanse" spell.
-Fixed the description for the "Slow" spell.
-The arts Catastrophe, Armageddon, Forblaze, Aureola,
Apocalypse, and Deathblow have been changed to only
use HP instead of both HP and AP.

Progress Report

Version 0.4 is here!

Hello everyone! I am pleased to announce that the highly awaited Meteo Chronicles BETA 0.4 update is now here! This is by far the biggest update yet, and is absolutely massive! Here is the changelog. Enjoy!

New Features
-Story content for Chapters 4 and 4-1.
-All weapons are now coded.
-All armors are now coded.
-All skills outside of Blue Magick are now coded.
-25 new enemies.
-A new boss.
-The entire western area of the world map
(Ferngulf) is now avalible to explore.
-2 new towns, Hunter's Rest and Zerithia.
-A new dungeon, The Crystal Caves.
-A new party member, Zenith.
-A new class, Monk.
-Added in new drops for older enemies.
-Added in the Beginner's Hall to get people familiar
with the game.
-Ultima Chests: Reach Lv.65 to open them and obtain
legendary weapons and armor.
-A wishing well in Zerithia. Donate large ammounts
of Bx for amazing rewards.
-A goblin trader in Zerithia. Trade Bronze, Silver,
Gold, and Platinum Statues to him for amazing

-Changed the damage font.
-Changed enemy drop rates.
-Dramaticlly changed EXP balancing and enemy stats.
-Completely altered NPCs in the first town. The old
NPCs have been re-written and have been moved to
the beginner's hall.
-Changed title screen.
-Heavily rebalanced class stats and BSTs.
-Altered Max AP to be 999 instead of 9999. AP use
for skills is ajusted to reflect this.
-Heavily rebalanced enemy weaknesses.
-Made the HP/AP bars bigger.
-Changed the game so that you no longer recover
all AP upon leveling up.

-Fixed certain skills from displaying the wrong
-Fixed descriptions of various skills had had
incorrect grammar.
-Fixed other various spelling and grammar errors.
-Dust Devil can no longer use Sandsteam to OHKO the
-Fixed bug where you would obtain the Outrealm Key
early in the game instead of the Magick Bag.
-Fixed bug where enemies would not drop anything
upon defeat.
-Fixed bug where some Dia spells had the wrong
-Fixed bug where Vasti II had the wrong icon.
-Fixed bug where Vine Whip would have a 100% chance
to inflict sleep.


We reached 50 Downloads!

Okay guys we did it, we reached 50 downloads. 50 downloads and still counting. Keep it going!

Progress Report

Beta version 0.3.1 is here!

Meteo Chronicles has finally reached version 0.3! Here are all the cool things that were added!

Meteo Chronicles Beta 0.3 Changelog

New Additions
-New story content: Chapter 3.
-A new dungeon, Banna Woods.
-A new party member, Tycho.
-A new job class, the Thief job.
-2 new boss fights.
-6 new normal enemies.
-A secret boss. (very hard, pretty much impossible)
-15+ New items
-5 New Weapons

-Enemies now drop much more loot than before.
-Bows and long-ranged weapons now use "All-Attack"
rather than the default attack.
-All Staves now use "Magick-Attack" rather than the
default attack.
-All elemental weapons now boost the power of
attacks of the coresponding element.
-Dragon Arts now a lot less OP.

-Fixed bug that didn't allow Koros to learn his
dragon arts.
-Fixed bug that had some skills have odd elemental
-Made Tycho unable to learn Dragon Arts. (he could
pre 0.3, which was unintentional)
-Fixed error in some of the Dragon Skill's text.
-Rebalanced spell power in order to make magick
more useful.
-Fixed some minor spelling and grammar errors.

(Note: If you were wondering where base version 0.3 is, well I found a small glitch in version 0.3 so I quickly made 0.3.1. Enjoy!)

Progress Report

Beta version 0.2 is here!

The newest update for Meteo Chronicles is here. Here is what it adds.
-Fixed some spelling and formatting issues.
-New story content for Chapter 2. (very short)
-New dragon arts. Unleash the power of dragons to deal massive damage to one foe that drains all AP and bases it's damage off how much AP was expended. Much like the Dragon Skills from Breath of Fire 2.
-2 new areas. (Banna and Banna Temple)
-Added in the Shady Merchant. (obtain missable items here, at an increased price of course.)
-Added in 19 new weapons.
-Added in 18 new armor pieces.'

I hope you enjoy Meteo Chronicles!


Open Beta is now here!

Hello everyone! I am proud to announce that the open beta for Meteo Chronicles has now begun! Right now, version is now available. New versions will come out everyone once-in-a-while and hopefully the game will be fully finished by the end of the summer of 2020. Stay tuned for more updates! Bye everyone!

Progress Report

BETA 0.1 Releasing Very Soon + Goals

Hello everyone. I am proud to announce that open beta for Meteo Chronicles, the first game in the Chronicles of Chronicles series, is about to release in only a couple of days. (If I continue to work on the game a bit every day) My goal for this game is that I am able to complete it by the end of summer (and quarantine) so I can get to work on the sequel Zero Gears Chronicles and finish it by the end of March 2021. Then I will work on the third and final game of the Meteo Saga being Ebony Chronicles, which I hope to complete by the end of 2021. After that I have a couple other projects planned, including:

-Genesis Chronicles: A short RPG/Visual Novel that will tell the origin of the Chronicles of Chronicles universe and the events of the First War.

-Unreal Chronicles: A TRPG set soon after Genesis Chronicles and tells the events of the Second War. Unreal Chronicles is a fire emblem clone and features 2 time-skips and three generations.

-Firebrand Chronicles: My magnum opis and an epic 40+ hour action RPG metroidvania featuring a cast of 12 unique playable characters and 28 different endings. It hasn't started development yet, but I have pretty much an entire vision of it in my head. I will need a large team for this. (Mappers, Designers, Coders, Artists, Composers, ect)

-Super Sonichu Tactics: War of Dimensions: Another fire emblem clone that both parodies and embraces the insane universe of Christine Weston Chandler and her delusions of godhood. What happens when someone with a personal reality so twisted gets their hands of a reality altering weapon? Chaos, that's what. Featuring a massive crossover between many universes, from Super Mario to Batman to Hyperdimension Neptunia,you must brave this crazy new world to stop the evil overlord "Perfect CPU Goddess ChrisChan-Sonichu Blue Heart" or simpily "ChrisChan" for short and her army of crappy Sonic/Pokemon OCs.

-The Boltman Series: A series of 9 heavily interconnected short RPGs that tell an epic tale that stretches across time, space, and dimensions. Inspired by my childhood dreams, nightmares, delusions, and my wild, completely insane imagination.

-Sakura Chronicles 1 and 2: A set of two metroidvania games heavily inspired by Megaman ZX but with dragons! Rawr! Plays like a 2D combination of Metroid Fusion, (but without the S-AX) Megaman ZX, and Luigi's Mansion 1 and 3.

-3:33 - Countdown to Destruction: A 2D action platformer where while you start out fully powered, (think of the endgame of a Megaman X game at 100% item completion) you only have exactly 3 hours and 33 minutes to complete the game, with a constant timer ticking down at all times, even in menus and cutscenes! With many endings and multiple different game modes, will you be able to save the world? You only have 3:33...

-Yume Nikki - Azure/Vermilion Re:Union: A Yume Nikki fan game that also serves as supplemental lore for the Chronicles of Chronicles series. Explore MY past dreams (yes, I, KrimsonKatt's dreams) to discover the truth about my existence and who I am. I tells the story of me coming to terms with my existence and who I want to be as a person, and thus serves as a great way for me to personally cope with my own feelings by releasing them in a public game. Don't worry, no personal details will be shared with this game, just my past thoughts, dreams, and desires, and where that lead me. (Or where it could have led me) There are three endings and many different dreams to explore in a massive, interconnected world, all based on my real, actual dreams. Very deep game. Do not play if you are easily triggered.

-Remnant Chronicles: Early in the planning stages, but has to do something with time travel and an ancient goddess. Has a similar premise to the first 3 Assassin's Creed games.

-Final Chronicles: Really edgy and anime games that serve as the finale of the Chronicles of Chronicles series. Hack-and-Slash mission-based Action RPGs. Really flashy, bloody, emotional, dramatic, and VERY much NSFW. Easily 18+. You don't want to know why. (It deals with the end of human existence, so of course it's really violent and adult lol)

-Super Smash RPG - An RPG featuring the entire cast of Super Smash Bros Ultimate plus a few of many favorite characters who didn't get in going on a quest to defeat a new evil who threatens to destroy all of existence. Also allows you to play though the events of Brawl's "Subspace Emissary" upon completion as a sort of "Second Quest".

So, those are all my plans for future games.

Edit: Fixed formatting error in the title and Chris-Chan's preferred pronouns.
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