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Meteo Chronicles 1.3 Changelog

-The battle with Amadeus VS Baron Ozma no longer occurs, as it caused many issues in eventing.
-You can now no longer switch out characters in battle.
-The guards in the Magitek Gardens now react to changes in the environment.
-The names of certain areas have been changed.
-The battle system has been slightly altered.
-You can now have all 5 party members on the field at once.
-The battle UI has changed.
-Scan and Scan Strike now reveal enemy weaknesses actively rather than opening a text box
telling you what the weaknesses are.

-The game no longer crashes during the scene right before the final dungeon.
-Fixed location names so that they no longer come up as "unknown."
-Fixed heal to be multi-target instead of single target.
-Fixed Valflame to be multi-target instead of single target.
-Changed the name of the "Monk Asterisk" to the "Brawler Asterisk" to better match the class in
-When asking Flora about the monster locations, the monsters listed are fixed to be the correct
names. "Manticore" has been changed to "Chimera" and "Sky Diver" has been changed to "Sky
-In the cutscene where ThiefMaster26 steals the Ars Solaris, his name has been corrected to
be "ThiefMaster26" instead of "ThiefMaster25."
-In the Ferngulf Senate cutscene, Mallory's graphics have been fixed, as they were completely
different character and face sprites during the first and second parts.
-Senator Logi's dialogue where he says "Hmph. Suit yourself" has been fixed to feature his
proper face instead of Senator Malory's.
-After completing Ari Caverns, during the cutscene in Koros' house Koros' mom used to roam the
house as usual, despite also being in Koros' room during this cutscene. This cause there were
two of them, which has been fixed.
-After the events of Ari Caverns when attempting to return to Ari Village there were two
Officer Karls. This has been fixed.
-The collision of certain objects in Ozma Keep and Castle Naughtmare have been fixed.
-Some spelling and grammar errors fixed.
-Evidence #1, #2 and #3, Secret Evidence and Proof of the Duplicate can no longer be used as
normal items.
-Teleport can no longer be used anywhere. It is now limited in certain sections.
-The inventory of the shady merchant in Banna has been fixed.
-You can no longer wish for "Great Prosperity" or "Forbidden Magick" at the Zerithia wishing
well multiple times.
-The greeting Imp at the entrance of Zerithia now changes dialogue after Zenith is recruited.
-Certain mimics in the Magitek Gardens no longer spawn as werewolves.
-The golden trap chest in the Magitek Gardens can no longer be triggered twice if you talk to
Gary first.
-An NPC in West Graape no longer incorrectly mentions West Graape, instead correctly namely
East Graape instead.
-The cutscene is once again centered during the cutscene where you obtain the Ars Solaris from
-The cutscene where you obtain the Ars Solaris can no longer be repeated infindentially.
-Defeating all three Oni now grants the Nightmare Bat as intended.
-In Ozma Keep during the Dinner Roulette minigame you can now interact with the cake.
-During Koros' nightmare in Ozma Keep there is no longer an extra Koros sleeping on the bed.
-In Ozma Keep after completing the nightmare the character that was chosen's sleeping sprite
now properly goes away even after completion.
-Fixed Sensayu's face sprite during the battle with him during Stacy's nightmare.
-"You've chosen neither side" dialogue in Ozma Keep (Garden of Azure and Vermillion) no longer
appears after choosing one of the switches if the player takes too much time to click through
all the dialogue.
-The prisoner in cell 1 in Ozma Keep (Prison) now properly disapears after their defeat and the
stone tablet's text does now change.
-In Ozma Keep, (Prison) Cell 4 is mistakenly labeled as cell 3. This has been corrected. ?
-In Ozma Keep (Prison) the prisoner in Cell 4's sprite no longer turns invisible if the player
defeats the prisoner 1 first.
-After giving the old man his cane and receiving the White Necklace when talking to the old
man again he no longer thinks his cane is still missing.
-In Ozma Keep while only 6 Small Keys are required to reach the boss, 7 Small Keys could
actually be earned in this dungeon. All 7 Small Keys are now required to reach the boss.
-In Ozma Keep the "This is our final battle" scene could be triggered three times in total,
one for each of the three triggers. This has been corrected.
-The accessory shop in Paar no longer contains two Dubious Incenses.
-In the azure tower and in the ivory tower on Castle Naughtmare the barriers on floor 2 of
Both towers no longer teleport you to the end of the floor.
-The accessory shop in Uran no longer contains two Grand Ribbons.
-After completing the Shadow Koros sidequest, the castle's back room became inaccessible. This
has been fixed.
-In Mapple the closing sprite and dialogue of the female relic vendor was the same as one of
the male weapon/armor vendors. This has been fixed.

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