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Meteo Chronicles v1.4 Changelog

New Features
-Added in an optional dream world where you can refight all bosses including missable ones to grind for rare drops and complete your bestiary if you missed anything. (like the encounters in Zerithia pre-Zenith and the hidden fight with Arte.)
-Added an updated soundtrack so all songs are now all HD quality. (previously the game used some 16-bit/32-bit songs, which have been replaced with high quality remixes for the most part in order to create auditory consistency with the RTP songs.

-Removed internal quest initiations for faster loading.
-Added in notifications whenever something changes in the world or a new quest opens up.

-Fixed spelling and grammar errors.
-Fixed game breaking bug where the screen would fade to black after the ending cutscene of chapter 6 and would not ever fade back in.
-Fixed game breaking bug involving self switches that cause you to become unable to interact with the blacksmith so you could activate the Ars Solaris cutscene.
-Fixed a bug in the final scion fight so that the countdown to their ultimate attack
would actually appear.
-All songs now loop properly in engine, not just the RTP ones.
-Fixed bug where the battle music would not go back to normal after the fight with (spoilers) in Stacy's dream sequence.
-Fixed bug where the battle music would not go back to normal after fighting ThiefMaster27 in the final dungeon.
-Fixed bug where the NPC near Ari could still be interacted with after he disappears.

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