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STORIES OF NEW EDEN is a collection of 5 short episodes set in the universe of New Eden, each portraying different characters and situations. They require previous knowledge of the story and lore of New Eden, though they are downloaded separately, as different, smaller games/expansions.


Release date: April 19th, 2020

Play through a regular day of New Eden's biggest movie star - Chasy Cain. See how his movies are filmed, what he does after filming and what kind of a person New Eden's biggest celebrity is!

Explore new, never seen before areas of the ship, meet new, memorable characters and find out why everybody is crazy about Chasy Cain and his movies!


Release date: May 17th, 2020

Step into the shoes of Maggie Bollg, an everyday woman and citizen of New Eden, whose shift at RobotCom ends once again and she has the rest of the day to herself.

Join Maggie in her search for her husband - Turren and take a small trip around the ship, while stopping at a few familiar locations!

- EPISODE III: ??? -

Release date: TBA

- EPISODE IV: ??? -

Release date: TBA

- EPISODE V: ??? -

Release date: TBA

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