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After a great cataclysm, a great Source of energy was discovered. Three factions were created: Psyche, which trains warriors to use the hidden powers of the mind; Chasm, with its powerful witches clanging to the dark arts of the past and their powerful magic and Sapienta, which has neglected the use of any enhancement or power given by the Source. A fourth, neutral hidden faction hides in the woods: The Natura, which live in peace with the spirits of the Earth, now called upon by this new energy.
Peace was short lived, as Psyche and Chasm seem to cross swords for supremacy and the possession of very special beings...

About the Game
Play 2 game campaigns, divided in around 13 chapters. Each odd numbered chapter will see you playing as "Protagonist" involved in the present day fight against the powerful witches of Chasm... Unless peace could be restored somehow, the modern world will surely suffer the consequences.
Each even numbered chapter will see you playing as Vincent Rayburn, a damaged man tainted by the power of darkness from a realm almost beyond human comprehension. This story takes places almost 20 years prior to "Protagonist"'s time.

Final Fantasy
Silent Hill
Resident Evil
Parasite Eve
Nightmare Creatures

A very old (and odd) School project I filmed in 2012, which serves as prequel to this story. It's incredibly cheesy for today (and even back day) standards, though.

"Old-school" RPG combat.
"Blue mage"-like main character.
Summon and Pet-system integrated combat.
Dark and dark fantasy story.

Mild and crude humour.
General swearing.
Mild violence.

This story is not yet finished, and this is merely a BETA.
I'm not sure I'll be able to complete this game by my own. But who knows...maybe some of you might be interested enough to come on board.
See if you like it ;)

Thanks for reading!

Latest Blog

New Version Up!

Version 0.4b up!


*New General UI.
*Visual presentation overhaul.
*Female main character option.
*New font.
*New combat system and interface.
*New characters and portraits.
*Achievements implemented.
*Bestiary (Encyclopedia) implemented.
*Revamped SCHEMATA system.
*Revamped skills.
*Revamped Familiar system.


*Typos and mistakes.
*Incorrect triggers.
*Softlocks in some locations.
*Unusable and unequipable items.
*Slowdowns; most notably: Beginning of Chapter II's exploration area; Belial fight.
*Save game plugin corrections.

Still not fixed:

*Some Achievements may not trigger correctly or not trigger at all.
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  • 04/16/2020 04:08 PM
  • 03/08/2022 12:25 AM
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This game is interesting! I am gonna download and play it asap!
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Looks and sounds interesting! Will try this as soon as I have some free time.
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