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Progress Report

New Version Up!

Version 0.4b up!


*New General UI.
*Visual presentation overhaul.
*Female main character option.
*New font.
*New combat system and interface.
*New characters and portraits.
*Achievements implemented.
*Bestiary (Encyclopedia) implemented.
*Revamped SCHEMATA system.
*Revamped skills.
*Revamped Familiar system.


*Typos and mistakes.
*Incorrect triggers.
*Softlocks in some locations.
*Unusable and unequipable items.
*Slowdowns; most notably: Beginning of Chapter II's exploration area; Belial fight.
*Save game plugin corrections.

Still not fixed:

*Some Achievements may not trigger correctly or not trigger at all.

Progress Report

New Version Up!

Version 0.3.1 up!

  • New damage-healing interface

  • New effects

  • Bosses atributes adjustments

  • Typos and mistakes

  • Incorrect triggers

  • Incorrect battlebacks and battleback transitions

  • Softlocks in some locations

  • Unusable and unequipable items

  • Others

Still not fixed:
  • Slowdown in some areas

  • Slowdown in Belial fight

  • "Trickster" familiar Ritual inclusion (Don't let it die!)

  • Save plugin common events display

  • Saved game to start Chapter II

I think it's much better now ^^ I'll fix more stuff when I release Chapter III.


MORE Bugs Fixed! (updated 3/5/20)

  • There was a bug preventing you from advancing right after the first chapter begun! -.-

  • Fixed a bug with the "Mutis/Stress" anination, where it will just didn't find the animation sheet.

  • Fixed an incorrect trigger after interacting with the generator on Chapter II.

It's all fixed now. Download links updated.
Sorry fot the ones that dowloaded it earlier ^^U

For the ones that have already downloaded the game, kindly replace the "DATA" folder inside "www" for this one:

Thanks again for playing! c:

Progress Report

Demo Versions Available!

Both English and Spanish versions are now up!

Prologue ✓
Chapter I ✓
Chapter II ✓
Chapter III (Currently in planning stages!)
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