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Playable demo now available!

A playable demo for CodeX Athena is now available.


Feel free to leave comments and suggestions!



CodeX Athena is under active development, and we plan to release a demo in the summer and hopefully a full release by the end of the year.

If you threw Metroid, Megaman, and some Pokemon into a blender, that's kinda what this game is. The concept of building your own robots to battle has always excited us. Usually robot building games are either puzzle sims, RTS, or 3D shooters like Battletech. Coming from a RM background, RPGs has been our favorite thing for like forever. So we thought why not make a metroidvania with RPG elements, where you can level up and customize your team of robots to adventure in a fantastic world.

We are very grateful to have some amazing artists working with us on the project. Some of them are also in the RM community like Cecihoney, Melancholy-sama, Hirei, and Matseb.

Thanks for having an interest in this game. We will keep everyone updated!
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