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Hiraeth is a Quest RPG that tells about people living underground after a mysterious event causes a catastrophe. They try to sustain their society, even if there are but a few chosen ones in their Dragon Haven. Even then, there are misunderstandings, prejudices and tensions on the way to reconciliation and unification. Will they prove to fail the Haven?

The player gains control over Corie Cross, one of the survivors. Corie is a young man fortunate to have his sister by his side. As Corie, the player explores the Dragon Haven, meets its inhabitants and tries to assist his new friends to ease these hard times.
He also meets his friends and reconciles with his enemies who made their way into the Haven as well... though, there may still be an tense presence or stubborn people that cannot be reconciled with.

- Immersive atmosphere of relative despair.
- A large cast of Dragon Haven residents to interact with.
- Collection of 30 dolls to find.
- Original soundtrack by Transhpend.

Latest Blog

Hiraeth Progress Report #6

Hi, everyone! It took quite some time due to my uni duties and the game requiring translation into another language, but the work is still going and now I'm happy to present Hiraeth 0.2.0, building on and upgrading the first day you spend in the Dragon Haven.

Dolls to collect, people to assist, locations to investigate!

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  • 04/18/2020 04:13 PM
  • 07/05/2021 11:25 AM
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