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A Game about Pushing Balloons

My playtime: 00:14:57 (last save, before the final boss)

Wind Walker is a puzzle game where you have to move some balloons to the goal while avoiding obstacles.

I'm not sure where the characters are located in the first building, but the place looks weird. You can see a skeleton right after you enter the building, the potty in the bathroom is facing towards a wall, there is a table with a statue in the middle of a room, and there are a cupboard and a table in a cramped space. The other building looks fine though.

Although the story revolves around love, I find that the emotional part of the story isn't shown perfectly as I don't feel anything about it. I like the cheerful vibe that the story gives though, especially the ending. The problem is resolved quickly and the BGM is perfectly selected for this occasion.

Lastly, I noticed some sentences that sound weird and needs to be fixed.

The game
The game shifted between the main story and the puzzle. You can move a balloon in the direction you're facing by pressing C and you can stop it from moving by pressing V. You need to move it to a specified location while avoiding some obstacles. More obstacles will be introduced after you complete some levels.

I don't find the puzzles to be hard although there are times where I have to redo the puzzle because I can't finish it on time. However, I find that the door opening part to be weird since the balloon tends to move right past a closed door. Opening a door is also a bit weird since it will always be closed right after you move away from it.

There is a boss battle at the end of the story. The game has 2 difficulty selection for the boss battle although I can't seem to beat the game in the harder difficulty. Strangely, the game mentioned that this difficulty hasn't been tested so I'm not sure why there is a difficulty option in the first place.

The boss battle is a bit unique than the usual puzzle. You need to move some balloons to the goal to reduce the boss' HP although you must avoid some obstacles and stop whenever the boss is about to cast a spell. You also can recover your HP by going to a specific spot whenever the time is right although I find it to be hard to do since obstacles tend to go to that place and there is no notification whenever the recovery is up.

- A lot of puzzles
- The boss fight has 2 difficulty options

- Sometimes the balloon can get past a closed door and it's hard to keep the door open to let it through
- No notification whenever the recovery is active on the boss battle

It's an enjoyable short puzzle game where you move some balloons to the goal.

- "But with our combined magic, the seal should be virtually impenatrable." should be "But with our combined magic, the seal should be virtually impenetrable."
- "There is no longer any need for our organization in it's current state." should be "There is no longer any need for our organization in its current state."
- "And so, the curse was broken and Windwalkers and Firecrackers were free to love whomever the chose." should be "And so, the curse was broken and Windwalkers and Firecrackers are free to love whoever they choose."

- I think it'll be better if you move saving before you solve a puzzle.


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Thank you for reviewing another one of my games! I made this for an event, so was short on time. I actually had no idea for a story when it started, and just formed the story as I went along. I wish I could go back and revise some of the dialogue because I think It is actually a decent story.

I couldn't get the doors to work the way I wanted, but didn't want to remove them, because the game is already pretty short.

For the recovery during the boss fight, you have to talk to your sister when she steps up to the counter. On difficult setting this sometimes co-insides with the fireball though, so it's not that useful. My computer is old and slow, so there was often some lag during the boss fight. I wasn't able to properly test it before the event ended, but gave some higher stats and more enemies for what I thought would be reasonable but challenging. Trying again afterwards on my brother's computer, I think it is decent, especially after you figure out the fireballs' paths.

Anyways, glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately I don't have the game file anymore so can't go back and polish it up.
The story might need an improvement at some of the cutscenes but i admit it is still a good one for a short game. Good job on that!

Yeah, i know that but it is hard to notice especially when you have to focus on the balloon and if i remember correctly, the sister will go back to prepare after some time has passed even if you didnt take the potion. Perhaps an exclamation mark can help to make it more noticeable.

Thanks for making the game too! It's okay, i understand. You can always make an improvement on your next game in case you decide to come back to game-making.
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