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Vertigo Temple

The date is March 9th, 2001. Our protagonist receives a text message from their estranged sister, thought to have died a year earlier, leading them into a txt-based plot linking cults, computers, message boards, conspiracies, the paranormal, and a certain ~Plan~ that unites them all.

Gameplay is performed through reading and sending messages via phone and PC, plus exploring beautiful hand-crafted environments in search of the occasional clue. Estimated time to complete is about an hour. Created for the Scream Jam (theme: Machine) in April 2020.

Do you trust in life after death?
Do you believe there is room for true love on this earth?
Do you understand our heavenly father's plan for us all?
The kingdom of the heavens is at hand!

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Hi bro can I play your game on my Yt channel bro
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