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Horyo is having a normal day in his office until the manager decide to improvise "a loyalty test" for all the employees in the office. Everyone is worried and try to blame Horyo for it. Will he prove them wrong or will Saikou have other plans for him? Meanwhile, his daughter is late for the entrance ceremony. An important day for all students of her age. She will discover her new classmates and will fall in love with a boring student Taro Yamada in third year. Dreaming to have him for her only. She will be confronted to other contenders.
This is a fan game of Yandere Simulator that I have worked two years ago.
Now I'm working on another game that have similar content but more ambitious, Chibi Yandere Complete Edition. You can found the main links to find my new game here: Gamejolt
Join our Discord if you want to help us!
I need some help in the translation and the text, if you speak English, try to contact me in the Discord or in private message.
Thank you for reading and I hope you'll enjoy the little first game I made.

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