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Progress Report


Small update.

As of today, I've released a small update that fixed most of the bugs that were present in 0.8.5.



In honor of Daisuke Amaya (Pixel)'s 44th birthday, I've now uploaded a new updated build for all of you to play.

Have fun. :>


A new (early, yet unfinished) build of Alex Anomaly has finally been released.

After months of developing the new (and better) build, I decided to finally release it to the public.

I didn't want all of you to keep waiting for so long.. So, I had no choice but to let all of you try it out now.

I hope you'll love this grimdark experience of Alex Anomaly.


Happy 16th anniversary to CAVE STORY!!

Today is December 20th, which is Cave Story's 16th anniversary!

Happy birthday to the grandfather of indie games!

Hopefully, I could release the new demo build very soon.


This edgy fangame has now got a new name change.

Yeah, Edgelord Story is now called "Alex Anomaly".

It's still gonna be an edgy Cave Story fangame, BUT keep in mind, I am gonna try to make the game a bit better and more.. darker (in like a sad or depressing way).

Progress Report

Regarding the huge update. (PART 2)

Remember that time when I said that there's gonna be a major update for this edgy little game?
I haven't given up on it, even if it's taking quite long.. I'm adding a lot of things to try to make this game better.
Here are some previews to this.

Things look a lot better to me, it kinda gives me more Cave Story vibes.
Credits to Mr. Trivel for making that fancy "HP MP TP Colors & Names" plugin.

Progress Report

Regarding the huge update.

I have a channel on VidLii that shows previews of the upcoming major update for this edgy little game.
If you don't know what VidLii is, it's a kinda strange yet interesting website that looks very similar to the classic YouTube website.
There are a ton of videos that show some tests that may or may not work for this upcoming update.


The game is now up for download.

I hope you enjoy.

P.S. I've noticed that there are still some flaws in this game. And I'm gonna make sure that this game will getting a huge update.
I've been accepting some constructive criticism from my good friend in order to make this game a bit better.
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