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This is the first RPG I've made, around early 2014. The game was created after a challenge my friends made - in 1 week, learn from the scratch how to use RPG Maker and make a game. Obviously, no masterpieces were made, and to top it off, I was the only person who managed to finish the game. I'm pretty proud of the results, considering the limited time I had and the 0 experience I've had prior to this game, but don't expect much balance, nor a deep storyline or logic behind what happens. The game requires some grinding, especially if you're playing it for the first time, so if you don't enjoy it, I wouldn't recommend playing this game (you can try my second RPG though, most of the issues on this one were fixed). I don't need feedback from this one, I'm pretty aware of most of its flaws... but feel free to bash it, hate it, complain about the extreme difficulty or just say "hi"!

The game tells the story of a man called Maximiliam. His mission is to defeat the Dark Lord, yada yada, you know the drill. Leave the small town, kill some fairies, kill bigger fairies, kill some harpies, animals and reapers. Solve some puzzles and defeat the Dark Lord. You win! (Or... do you?) Don't mind the terrible humor, and if you don't get any of it, it's probably an inside joke (this game was never meant to be public anyway).

Thank you, and as always, have fun!!

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