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Small Patch

Hello World,
Thank you for playing this game, hope you are liking it. A small patch for small fixes was pointed out in the last update.


Version 1.0.4
Fixed the hellhound battle event.
Fixed the element efficiency stats of few enemies.
Adjusted the stats of the enemies.


New Patch

Hello World,
Thank you for playing my game. Finally, the game-breaking bug previously mentioned in the previous blogs has been fixed (At Last!!!)

Added Additional Intro to the game.
Added Credits to the game.
Added New BGM to the game.
Fixed mine cart animation.
Exported File Encryption Removed.
FINALLY!!! Fixed the soft lock occurring after the secret boss fight (game-breaking bug).
Fixed a Gold not receiving properly.
Fixed a glitchy door.


Urgent Patch

Hello World,
Thank you for playing my game. A game breaking bug was recently discovered. An urgent fix. Changelog:

Version 1.0.1:
Changed the final boss stats.
Changes the secret boss stats.
Fixed a text error in a dialogue (Name not correctly displayed).
Fixed the guard turn animation.
Fixed the camera scroll on Mine Map (Mine2F).

PS: Special Thanks to "princess_ariel" for discovering the bugs.

Version 1.0.2:
Fixed the game breaking bug occurring after the secret boss fight.
Changed the battle result of the rescue miner's battle.
Changed the battle result of the final boss.

PS: Special Thanks to "not_cocapoda" for discovering the bug.


Small Patch

Hello World,

A small patch for the game, minor bugs fix. Changelog:

1) Fixed a text error.

2) Reconfigured a final boss stats.

3) Reconfigured an enemy stats.

Please play & give your feedback on the project. Enjoy.

Special Thanks To "HEROBRINE1717" for pointing out the bugs.


Full Release

Hello World,

Finally completed the project, all the planned features & events have been added. This the full release of the game. No more DEMO. Please download & play the game. Don't forget to leave your comments. Enjoy.


Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine

Hello World,
An update on the project, have finally decided the name of the project & how to complete the abandoned project. ProjectUNO has become "Micro Quest: Blackstone Mine", a micro RPG quest. This is first in a line of Micro Quest series, currently working on the second game in the series. After completing the second game will come back to this one to convert the demo into a complete game with dialogues, town, shops, residents, monsters, skills, weapons, armours, potions & storyline.
Currently the demo includes the 3-level dungeon with Boss fight. Please play the demo & give your feedback, would love to hear your opinions.
Well thats a wrap. More info on the project will be released on a later date. So stay tuned.


ProjectUno DEMO, Project on hold.

Hello World,
I have spent a lot of time on this project since it was just a micro quest RPG. Therefore putting this project on hold & releasing a DEMO of the project.

The game originally consisted of 3 dungeons with three levels each, reminiscent of an old JRPG's. A story set in the fictional world inspired by the fables of South Asia fused with western fantasy was first in the planned trilogy. So the entire trilogy has been put on hold due to timed constraint, focusing on other projects. In the coming months will be releasing few demos from the project, converting the project files into a playable demo(s).

Will return to work on the project in the future. Would appreciate any advise/improvements/features you suggest.


ProjectUno: A Comeback Project.

Hello World,
This is my first RPGMaker project. As an RPG fan want to make games based on the local stories/fables read as a child. Been inspired by RPG greats like Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star, Elder Scrolls IV, Fallout 3, Mass Effect Trilogy, Diablo III, Obsidian RPGs, Other Bioware RPGs started working on my first game project. Thus the ProjectUno has started.

This isn't actually my first game project, my true first game project was A "Diablo" clone on GameMaker Studio. After several months of work realised that the project is too ambitious & cannot be completed alone. Started looking for help online, found a like-minded JRPG fan who helped me sped up the project and developed few game systems, animations, FMVs. An unfortunate event happened, a critical system failure (HDD died) losing all of the progress with no backup. After failing to make a game like Diablo on GameMaker Studio & losing all of the small games made on my old laptop due to HDD failure, got disheartened & left the game development scene.

After playing Basilisk Games "Eschalon Book One" searched for more indie RPGs & found a great title "Avernum: Escape From The Pit" with it a great developer "Spiderweb Software". Spiderweb Software titles are so interesting despite having basic art & sound, especially "Geneforge Saga". Jeff Voegel GDC talk, Spiderweb Software titles & Eschalon got me so inspired that I started learning about RPG systems, programming & digital arts. Thats when I met a fellow JRPG fan who was also an hobbyist rpg maker, showed me some of his work which he made using RPGMaker software. He gave me a short demonstration of the software, which gripped my full attention & got me inspired again.

Hopefully this time won't be disheartend or give up, will make more games no matter the difficulties. So this is just the beginning of an adventure into the wilds.
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