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Hi Everyone!

is the project I've been working on for about 10 years, Off course, At the begining you waste a lot of time learning. I had abandoned the project for distraction at least 5 years, focusing on other games I made and learning new things that will now help me finish and complete the project.

In fact, even after having abandoned my first project, I continue to impress myself with how well I did some things, and what I can improve upon is little.
I thank you in advance for any comments or criticisms, all are welcome.

F A N T A S I T E R R A (Fantasy Land) is not what you imagine because...Who decides that Fantasia is beautiful? A fantasy is the sincere longing of the heart for a certain desired or dreamed-of situation.
And the fantasy of a villain?
And what if somewhere there is, or was, a land without Heroes, without nobility or compassion, where the main objective is to survive.
What if one of these days you wake up without knowing who you are or what is happening, in a world of darkness and human defection.
"All that is needed for men of evil to triumph is that men
"and I'm sure you'll do well to allow it."


- Detailed mapping. - 50 %
- Variable Life Point regeneration (depending on the scenario.)
Null, bad, medium, good and excellent. - 100 %
- Minigames or Puzzles
* Paper, rock sissorz
* Blackjack.
* Target practice
* Slot machines - 45 %
- Hidden scenarios. - 10 %
- Over 190 types of weapons -
- More than 40 types of monsters
- 5 Boss... More incoming!
- Dungeons, caverns, forests, jungles, mines, sewers even underwater!
- Professions and specialties like:
* Alchemy, Mining, Jewelry.
- Sinthetize Armor that don't loot the monster.
- Get unique items by Boss.
- NO GAME OVER. When the player dies it is
automatically transported to the Geoposition that you have
remembered in strategic places..
- Additional features.

*Weather and Daynight system..
*Etherean objects like degradable shovel or knife of saster
*Speed points (affects movement).
*Points of wisdom (affects characteristics).
*Special, hidden, learning and evolutionary skills
*Cultivation of plants for alchemy

Battle System

- 3 Tpes of view for variety of graphics battle
- 4 Diferent types turns for dinamic battles
- Beautiful Battlebacks and interface.
- A very custom interface and commands. This include so many factors that make u combat quickly in
diferent areas that you need to cross faster. This include monster info, battle results, battle speed
show or hide animations and many others.
- Intuitive interface.
- KOLISEUM This is battles more strategic than Monster standar battle. Even
more complicated (or interesting, I'd say). Many prices and ranking that I will post. (I hope)
- Monster challenge
This is like a dung where you fight with diferents level
monster - 10%
- Especiality
It is like class or raze.

"Gentlemen stand out as a balanced specialty as soon as"
"a Strength, endurance, agility and intelligence. A gentleman is",
"very useful when there's an attack by a random monster,"
"as they face anything."
"'Tronchatoro' - Barbaro."
"Little brains and enormous strength detail the barbarians. They are a machine."
"of punching, kicking, biting and pinching. Its extreme brute force."
"is reflected with every scream an opponent gives when receiving."
"a gentle caress from a Barbarossa."
"Unfortunately they are not very agile and are vulnerable at a distance."
"'Sorcerer' - Wizard."
"Sadly, magic lends itself to both good and evil."
"and obviously the use of black magic has fatal consequences."
"Many on both sides, however, both choices are respected."
"A sorcerer is noted for his spells of attack and defense."
"He also provokes many useful states to keep an opponent at bay."
"'Bandages' - Druid."
"Here we have the healers of magic."
"Druids are not well known for their powerful attacks, but"
"they're very famous for being the race everyone needs on a journey,"
"What I mean is, apart from curing your life, they're capable."
"to raise your levels of strength, agility, endurance and intelligence."
"'The Ace' - Joker."
"Taken from an extremely reinforced fable, this breed."
"he created his own fame with attacks that began as mockery."
"However, they had an ace up their sleeve."
"A Barbarian, he was easily beaten by a clown with one."
"strange strategy, he played a very clever joke on her."
"Since then the Joker are considered a warrior race."
"Also known as 'The Aces' of battle, unpredictable."
"This race is based on defense and physical techniques."
"'The Master' - Avatar."
"Their name says it all, they master the elements to perfection."
"Race. They are known as the 'Diestros', in battle very powerful."
"This race is known for its attacks by elements such as the"
"Flames, water, electricity, among others, very good with the states."
"'Cannon fodder' - Heavy tank."
"This was the first race, gentlemen trained to endure."
"long sessions of torture in government interrogations."
"There are rumors that they have been used for Guarca experiments."
"They were once described as 'Cannon Flesh', by some High ranking."
"Defending race, also called 'Redskin', very useful in protection."
"You won't have to worry about anything but smiling attacks and healing."
"'Los Pillos' - Eagle Eye."
"Where he puts his eye, he puts anything. Using weapons from a distance."
"this race prefers to analyze the details of battle without."
"come into physical contact. They like to take shelter behind the",
"great backs of a 'Redskin' or become the best friend."
"of a Druid. This race has been given thousands of charges."
"of aggravated theft and concerted crime."
"It seems to be in their nature, they shoot and hide the gun."
"Strong at a distance, ignoring the defense. Surprise attacks."
"'Deserters' - Nomad."
"If you ever meet a Defector, you'll know that if you saw one."
"once, you'll probably never see him again."
"these guys are too restless to sleep."
"Twice in one bed. Of these infamous guys, you don't know."
"a lot, but if his mysterious way of attacking is known,"
"is very powerful."
"'Bounty hunters' - Ninjas."
"A protagonist of the novel of life once said,
"If a ninja ever doesn't get paid, Sera."
"a bloodthirsty ninja, and that's right, ninjas are killers."
"in pay, and for pay they will kill their boss."
"They take advantage of special training for their purposes."
"whether they're good or bad. Don't get the name wrong,"
"Ninjas are like the bounty hunters of the world."
"Their physical attacks are known to be so deadly and"
"silent. But their weakness lies in their defence."

Some videos on Youtube.

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