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Warning: The default download does not come with the RTP. If you do not have the Rpg Maker 2003 RTP installed, please go to the downloads page and download the "With RTP" version instead.

Also, this game contains crass humour and content that may not be suitable for younger audiences.

With the drama of the past far behind, He and She are now enjoying a simple life. Everything seems fine, until one day an emergency broadcast causes panic across the universe, and an accident lands our heroes in an unknown planet. And this time, there is no home for them to return to - the universe has been taken over by a zombie plague. (Two Strangers Survive the Zombie Epidemic was too long for the engine. There is absolutely no correlation to any major real life events involving epidemics, don't be crazy, total coincidence.)

The third game in the Two Strangers series, once again around the same length (10 ~ 20 minutes), filled with absurd and dark humour, and parodying of movie tropes.

Unlike the last two, this game is not made for a game jam / event.

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  • RPG Maker 2003
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  • 05/10/2020 01:41 AM
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  • 05/10/2020
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