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Exiled to the desert your people are defeated and broken. The great war left them with nothing but their lives and for many, even this was a punishment. Water is running low and you, Raziel, must go out into the desert before us and find any way we can survive. But be warned, this desert is an ancient place. The tales and histories of this place go back further than even I know. You may find more than just sand out there...

Dry Lands is a story driven, immersive RPG. If you wish to get lost into a deep rich world full of history and lore Dry Lands is for you. Melancholy and nostalgia ooze from this game. Combat is simple yet entertaining but it is the story within the story that makes Dry Land what it is. Be sure to explore well, interact often and don't be afraid to head off the beaten track if you wish.

Dry Lands - Prologue is the shorter introduction to the series I have planned. Dry Lands Prologue sets the scene and as such is all about the story. It will take maybe an hour to play through this first volume. This is my first real attempt at making a game for others after much time doing it simply for myself. Upon testing everything seems to be running smoothly so I hope this is a success and a world you can enjoy escaping to.

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