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The Heroes of Yore were valiant warriors who fought evil for many years. One day, an evil surfaced onto the world of Gaea that was so great, the Heroes of Yore could not defeat it. Knowing this during their battle with the fiend, they sacrificed themselves and stored the last of their power in Crystals so that their children, children's children and so on, would attain their power - if only a fraction of it.

The story begins with descendants of these Heroes of Yore on their travels in search for their long lost heritage. Coincidentally, a new threat emerges that could see Gaea completely destroyed forever...

Tales of Legends is a generic, classic styled JRPG similar to those with class systems ie early Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy games, sporting a very generic story, semi-large world map, many weapons and equipment, unique accessories, collectable medallions for trading, randomized (and non randomized) chests and Crystals, Key Items that allow the player to change class.

A project using RTP that I hope to be my first completed one since starting RPG Maker over a decade ago. The demo so far has 3-4 hours (me rushing) but the full game aims to have ~6-8 hours not including optional content.

So far, 5 dungeons have been completed.


-Freelancer - No special traits but can equip everything
-Warrior - Wide variety of equippable weapons/armor and combat abilities
-Mage - Cast magic spells
-Cleric - Cast heal/support spells
-Thief - Steal items/HP and boost parties Agility/Evasion
-Monk - High physical damage class with self buff abilities
-Knight - Classic tank class that covers for allies
-Dark Knight - Abilities that consume HP to deal big damage
-Shinobi - Specializes in status inflicting abilities and high Agility
-Summoner - Deal big, high cost elemental damage to all enemies
-Spellblade - Uses physical elemental damage abilities
2 new classic classes added, Troubadour and Berserker. Buff allies stats with Melodies as Troubadour. Go berserk as a Berserker.

As the player progresses, they will be able to purchase accessories that allow party members to use a second class' abilities, to let the player mix and match abilities.

Latest Blog

Major Gameplay Update to Classes

Changing classes will no longer save level. To counter balance this, the player can now find level up items, "Level Boost", in chests or as rewards for side quests.

My reasoning for this change is to give a sense of growth when starting a new class as well as rewarding those who stick to a class whilst making the transition to a new class a bit more bearable with the level up item (it also gives grind-aholics some grinding to do if they so wish).

Another (not so original) idea that may/may not be implemented are passive abilities that are class specific upon level up. Warriors will gain 10% HP/5% ATK permanent buff at certain level thresholds, Mages, 5% M.ATK etc etc. This will be to coincide with the removal of level save when class changing.

Meanwhile, some other minor tweaks have been made....

-Dungeon map aesthetics have been altered to be more consistent with other indoor areas (house inners showing the outer walls)
-Warrior skill "Lionheart" changed to "Braveheart" and now buffs ATK by 50% whilst decreasing DEF by 50% for 2 turns.
-Warrior skill "Provoke" has been added (details still to be determined)
-Monk ability "Retaliate" has been added (increases target rate and counter rate to max whilst decreasing ATK by 50% for one turn)
-Monk base ATK reduced slightly (too stronk)
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  • 05/11/2020 09:26 AM
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  • 12/25/2020
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Played it for an hour (up through the second boss). It's a bit dull, honestly. I was auto-battling through most of it and the beginning felt grindy trying to get everyone some equipment plus basic consumables. After getting the first four crystals my party actually felt weaker due to no abilities and lower ATK stat on the casters. I really feel like you should start out with at least one ability.

There's no glaring flaws with the mapping (probably as good as it gets with RTP). Not having the battle theme play in the second dungeon felt a little weird.

But yeah, the game could really use some more pizazz. There's just nothing all that interesting in it right now.
But yeah, the game could really use some more pizazz. There's just nothing all that interesting in it right now.

I'm working on it, I'm working on it ;)

Warrior is definitely stronger than Freelancer. Thief can at least out-speed things to weaken stuff for the Warriors but it's a frail class like the casters. They also have a high base evasion than all other classes; classic thief is classic ;) They're also a tiny bit stronger than Freelancer. And the casters.... I can't remember if I buffed their attack before or after putting out the demo but they can actually do damage now (obviously not to the extent of Warrior/Thief but attacking with them is now an option lol).

I'm still undecided if classes should start with an ability or not. I originally wanted to but the first town abilities are very cheap (opens up after getting first lot of crystals). It's something I'm still mulling over in the back of my mind....

Anyways, thanks for playing!
Final demo until game is complete. Significant changes have been made to the core gameplay.

-Class appearance change
-Classes start with 1 ability
-Lowered encounter rate in all dungeons
-Passive abilities on level up (that carry over to other classes)
-Medallion tent (15 medallions in game as of this demo)
-Minor balance changes to enemies (mainly AGI nerfs and EXP buffs)
-A basic "Ilex Forest" puzzle which leads to the demos final boss.
-A new, somewhat important NPC in a house in Ecrin.

There's also an NPC that can level your parties classes to level 5 after getting first 4 crystals. This is one time only and is missable!
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