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Phileas's Mirror


"Loic is a very normal young urbanite: a job, a girlfriend, a loan for his apartment, friends, ...
His life seems all mapped out.
However, he sometimes wonders if he is satisfied of all this.

It is in this circumstances that a strange character, Phileas, will come into his life and make him discover new perspectives on his daily routine."

I don't want to share more about the story.
I'll let you have the pleasure of discovery while playing.
.Information about the game

Platform: RPG Maker 2003
Genre: Narrative/Adventure/Puzzle
Lifespan: Between 1 and 3 hours (I don't know for sure yet)
Release date: 2020 (?)

"Phileas's Mirror" is a rather short narrative game, with a voluntarily simple gameplay (exploration/mini-games/puzzle).

My goal is to tell a story which will be (I hope) nice to follow, through environments with many differents visual and sound atmospheres.


I would say approximately that I've done about 60-70% of what I'd like to do for the full version.

The game is currently developed in French.
But I really would like to translate it in English when it's done.

I will try to give updates on my progress from time to time.

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"nothing can beat the power of gay"?
Every time i see an rpg maker 2003 game in 2020 my cold black heart gets a little warmer. Needless to say I am extremely hyped.
This look so great. No matter the skill, other more modern Rpgmaker games cannot match the beauty of these maps and charsets. Said this, it also takes a skilled dev to create some detailed and good looking maps (Rm2k3 games with boring maps do exist, clearly) like these. I like the style and level of details, especially the crowded pub.

Besides the good looking visual style, I am curious to play a short narrative game so I am really curious about this.
Every time i see an rpg maker 2003 game in 2020 my cold black heart gets a little warmer.

Yea !
RPG Maker 2003 is not dead ! :)

Thanks for your messages.
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