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A Slew Of Updates... And What's Next!

  • Sated
  • 08/13/2015 07:31 PM
There's been a lot going on with Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl over the last couple of months, so this is a bit of a cluster-fuck of updates sourced from a bunch of different posts I've made recently. Hopefully it will all make sense once I'm done!

Battle Animations

One of the big things that I've wanted to redo for the longest of times are the battle animations. The animations that were included in the demo were only ever intended to be place-holders, so they've become understandably limited in scope as development has progressed. This is largely because a lot more weapons have been added to the game since the demo was released; there are currently 25 different weapons in the game and each has 1-3 skills associated with it, so the need for new animations to represent all these skills properly was pretty high on my to-do list!

In any case, I'm happy to announce that I have now finished re-doing all the animations for Sore Losers: Riot Grrrl. I think I'll refrain from adding any more weapons purely because I don't want to have to make any more of these any time soon; I'm not that good of a spriter and so making even simple animations like this takes me way longer than it's probably worth. Anyway, here a few examples for you to look at!

*I should point out that I'm rebalancing enemy/skill stats and haven't gotten around to the enemy side yet; that's why enemies appear to do no damage and die so quickly. That won't happen normally!

Item Placement and the "Search Minigame"

Another thing I've been changing is the item placement around the levels. This is partly because I reorganised the database and so some old variables need pointing to new variables; partly because I didn't do it in a very structured or balanced way the first time around; partly because I have a lot more weapons now (see above) and so I'm replacing some of the item placements with weapons; and finally because I'm redesigning the "search minigame" and so doing the item placements at the same time makes a lot of sense.

The redesign I just mentioned is something that I recently posted a screenshot to show off, but I'll go into more detail here. I've basically been cleaning up the "search minigame" so that there's no longer a worded tutorial (there's now an on-screen command prompt) and so that the rest of the screen fades-to-black whilst you're playing the minigame. The latter is actually way more effort than it sounds because the minigame's "search bar" is a charset, which means that using the "tint screen" command would black-out the "search bar" as well as the background graphics! The idea behind these changes is to make the minigames flow better (the same logic is going to be applied to all the other minigames - and several of the minigames are going to be changed to new minigames because reasons!) and to make it so that the important parts of the minigames don't clash with the background graphics. For some of the small "search bars" it looks pretty simplistic, but it makes a lot of the more complex "search bars" far easier to tackle!

Here it is in motion. For clarity, there are two search attempts shown here. The first one misses and the second one hits. The .gif then loops back to the first attempt... and before anyone asks, of course I missed the first attempt on purpose!

I think it looks a lot cleaner!

What Next?

Well, one thing I intend to do next is the thing that I just mentioned. I will be updating all the minigames so that they have on-screen command prompts like the one shown above, as opposed to having written tutorials that take up too much of the player's time. I will also be replacing some of the minigames with new minigames, with the "hotwiring" minigame being one that is definitely in the firing line given how few people seem to actually enjoy it.

Another thing that I'm currently doing is drawing out additional sections for level three of the game. Having gone through the level a few times whilst updating the "search minigame" and moving around items (see above), I felt it was missing something. This is especially true when it's compared to the second level.

That tray of paper/folders in the background are also mostly game development notes...


Since someone was kind enough to feature this on the home page, I figure I might as well add the update I just posted in the screenshot thread. Y'know, because I'm kind like that. Or something:


I'm continuing with cleaning up how minigames look in SL: Riot Grrrl and I've just finished cleaning up all the "battering ram" minigame. I've also added quite a few more of them to the project because there were far too many open doors about!

However, this isn't just a cleaner set of graphics: It's also a minigame reassignment! People who've played the demo will realise that this was originally the minigame used for "hacking", but I've moved it over to be the "battering ram" minigame because a) I've had a better idea for how to do the "hacking" minigame and b) the previous "battering ram" minigame was far too similar in its mechanics to the "searching" minigame.