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An open-world RPG set in the world of the Earthsea Cycle, created by Ursula K LeGuin.

Several years have passed since the wall in the dryland had been torn down, restoring the realm of the afterlife from a dreary wasteland to a now verdant paradise. King Lebannen has now been happily married to Seserakh, the princess from the Karg Lands to the east, and peace and happiness seems to be reigning throughout the archipelago. Sadly, this time of happiness seems to have been short-lived.

About 6 months ago, people have been taking their lives at an alarming rate. There hasn’t been death of this scale since the wars, and this was more than two hundred years ago. The graveyards of villages have expanded at a rapid rate, and the cities of Havnor Great Port, Hort Town, Berila, and Hur-at-Hur having no room for cemeteries have quickly built catacombs in their cities, just to cope with this influx of burials. The Masters at the House of Roke have been discussing this matter frequently, trying to figure out who or what could be behind all this. It isn’t until during a quiet night in the Imminent Grove, that Azver, the master patterner, experiences a strange dream from an old, but familiar friend. She and her family think they know who’s behind all this…


A massive open world. Explore all of the archipelago of Earthsea. The journey will take you from one side of Earthsea to the other.

Spells level up. Cast your spells repeatedly, and watch them grow stronger.

Crafting features heavily. Make your own weapons, armour, potions, and enchantments, which can then be attached to your weapons and armour.

Choose your class that you wish to play as. Choose from a Knight, Mage, Healer, Thief, Monk or an Adventurer, each have their own perks.

As well as that, choose a power.
  • Do you want a boost to your magic?

  • A greater boost to your magic, but with a catch?

  • Increased attack power?

  • Increased luck?

  • Or greater potency from healing items?

Last Words / Acknowledgement

I’ve tried to keep this true and accurate to how Ursula K. LeGuin had written the books in the Earthsea Cycle. The only things which I’m aware that I’ve changed is having more diversity within Earthsea when it comes to skin tone, not keeping all dark skinned to the west, and all light to the east. I’ve also made the spells to being in line with RPG games, not keeping them to how they are in the books.


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Hi there. Just a note about the Hiatus status which I've put the game under. The main quest is now fully completed, but I don't plan on doing any more on this for the foreseeable future. I've now got my mind on another project, and I'd like to begin working on that.

Still. Let me know if you have any ideas for dialogue when it comes to the random conversations in towns. I'm open to suggestions as long as they seem canon to the Earthsea series.
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