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An RPG Maker game practically entirely in Swedish?! Despite the (nonsensical) title and this descriptive text; indeed! More than 11 years total in the making, this masterpiece of nonsense and jokes of questionable quality is finally released for a very limited audience to enjoy: Those with a firm grasp of the Swedish language, who have stumbled across this game, and also don't value their time!

Follow Fojna Lojken, a 302+ something year old on his bizarre adventure to unravel the mysteries of his world. Joined by (or is it the other way around?) the autocratic mayor of his city state, Påsen Tjockis, they set out to explore and right all the wrongs of society – while annoying as many people as possible, including each other!
Also, where did Påsen's overly stereotypical servant go?

What you won't find here:
  • Compelling story

  • Fulfilling gameplay

What you will find:
  • Open-world, sometimes intentionally frustrating gameplay

  • Decade-old references and the occasional commentary on Swedish social life

  • Dialogue that cycles between comprehensible, childishly nonsensical and outright gibberish

  • Strange in-jokes and homages to video games and other works both well-known and incredibly obscure

Alla talar svenska!

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Final Glass of Tomorrow Wind BEYOND!!! release!

Hello everyone Fukuda "HIRO" Hiromichi CEO of Ronin-Ami Corporation here. I am happy to announce the release of special Swedish localization of the hit-RPG「Final Glass of Tomorrow Wind BEYOND!!!」. Please to be getting it for free at download section. Regretfully for our many English fan only Swedish language edition was made long time ago. Because at that time was Swedish friend visiting Ronin-Ami Corporation and very interested in that title! Please to be understand and continue support for our company!! Please look forward to more re-release of classic game.
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  • 05/27/2020 01:13 PM
  • 06/22/2020 04:48 PM
  • 05/27/2020
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