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Welcome to Spellbound City, a mildly magical city with waaaayy too much traffic. It is also home to the best borger restaurant in the Region of Enchantments and Crossroads.

You are Rise Emit, a non-binary time god who is trying to figure out what to do with their life. You've taken a trip to Spellbound City in an attempt to find something to occupy your troubled mind.
However, your day gets completely wrecked when a cat manages to somehow switch places with you and run off using your body! Considering you just got it augmented recently and you do not want to be a cat for the rest of your life, you really need to get it back.

Meanwhile, you are also the thieving cat that took Rise's body. You are on a mission to finally obtain a borger. With this new form, there will be nothing to stand in your way... if you can figure out how to survive as a temporic-human hybrid.

This game is for the most part large amounts of text and the occasional choice or two. There might be some swearing, but it's somewhat infrequent.
RTP is included.

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Cute short story! Pretty cool and unique style, really!
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