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This game is part of the Repent Loci series.


A bunch of high school students are stranded at school, waiting for the end of a school day plagued with absent teachers.

One of the students, a lonely girl with an eerie behavior, is called a witch and inspires worry to all but one male student, the player, who seems to disagree and routinely volunteers to interact with the witch.

Far from subsiding, though, the situation gets eerier as strange markings appear on the blackboards, and the witch starts causing floods on purpose; never stopping, but always apologizing for it.

The situation reaches its peak when the male student wakes up at dawn, still at school, and surrounded with way worse than chalk oddities and vain apologies.


The game is divided into 2 chapters:

The first chapter is set during the daytime, and focuses on storytelling. It mixes wandering around and VN-like dialogue, as the situation builds up.

The male protagonist, and player character;

and the witch.

The second chapter is set during dawn, and focuses on gameplay. It features sliding puzzles, rooms to access and monsters trying to kill you, along with the key to understanding (partially) the situation.

You get followed by one strange silhouette

at first.


○ This is a horror game. Although quite tame, it might induce stress.
○ It contains implicit depictions of school bullying.
○ Might require better CPU than VX Ace's recommendation.
○ As part of the Repent Loci series, the game isn't standalone, and makes better sense in a broader context. It can still be played by itself, though.


This was intended as both a contribution to Repent Loci, and a team project for the sake of interaction. Here's the team:
○ Delsin (script handling, cleanup)
○ Psy (music and sound)
○ Pudding (puzzle design, mapping)
○ Hiroshi (script writing and handling, gameplay development)
○ Zorga (writing, graphics, complaining)

Script list:
Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Core Engine, Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Message System, Yanfly Engine Ace - System Options, Event Self Variable 'unknown?', Fix Picture to Map modern algebra, Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Menu Engine, Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Status Menu

Latest Blog

Are mops overrated?

It was brought to our attention (thanks Coel) that the mop didn't work in the dawn chapter.
It was a dumb oversight, I fixed it and reuploaded. It's good now.



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I can't download this game.:(

I keep getting some weird warning about paint instead.

Please fix this.

Guardian of the Description Thread
Downloads hosted on RMN will be missing for the time being. Please refer to this topic for more information.
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