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A girl and her dog!

This time I will review Doggy Dinner Time, a "cute" game by Eggplant made with... hey wait where did I have already heard this name?
Oh sure, Eggplant was the developer of another funny game I reviewed last year, Too Impatient. Click here to see what happened last time that I played a game made by this developer. But come back, since we're starting a review! Already done? Ok, very well!
This is another comedic game but totally unrelated to the previous adventure, so despite some similarities, forget the kid and Wayne the demon.

No more battles or puzzles! Just easy tasks and pleasant pastime, and moral choices like this one!

The protagonists here are a̶ ̶b̶o̶y̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶d̶o̶g̶ a girl and her dog. The girl is Olivia, and Doggy is the dog, obviously. But, if the characters are different and the story unrelated, which are the similarities with "Too Impatient"?

- First there are the custom graphics. The portraits, chipsets and charsets use more or less the same style (maybe a bit more cute, I also do not know if Denkolatte was involved) of "Too Impatient", complete with generic shapes for secondary characters (dogs too!). Anyway there are some more portraits for less important characters, but it doesn't change much the style of the scenarios.
- Second, it's another short adventure game that takes 15-20 minutes to complete, but has two ending, the standard one and the best, golden one that the player has to earn! Not too difficult, like in Too Impatient, still it requires a little effort.
- Third, there is dark humor and some unexpected grotesque situations. But I won't say more about this!

The game is also all about simple tasks like playing with the dog, go to the park, teaching commands or giving it a toy. No battles or puzzles, just a little, cute adventure. Yeah, trust me! In any case the game is set in a little funny world, there are many little details and funny things and interactions (for example with the furniture or the guy behing the store) that are totally optional and have no relevance with the story, but I liked them. The setting is also realistic, I mean the places that we explore in the various maps have a reasonable size and are well furnished, and the fact that graphics are custom is clearly a plus! And the details are the key to learn how to get the best ending...

For the rest it's all good, also the music is well used to emphasize the suspicious moments snd also feels appropriate. It combines nicely with the good pacing of the story that becomes more and more intriguing as you progress. But hey I cannot say more, it's a story driven games and you have to experience it!

Oh. Uhmmm... how can I answer to this? Well, that's better leave and read the...

Final Verdict
Ok so this was Doggy Dinner Time, a game that is both very cute and very... very... well I'll let you discover that by yourself! If you liked "Too Impatient" (and I liked a LOT that silly game) and its dark humor you can have found with this one (otherwise it means that you can be easily offended).
The graphics are really cute and use pastel colors so... a lovely looking game (not to mention that maps are well done, the developer is clearly a perfectionist for what I see)! Well worth fifteen minutes of your time for sure, trust me.