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J Academy is a simple high school, and one that leaves a lot to be desired. With no accomplishments to its name, and no passion to be found in its students and staff, it's a school seemingly destined for eternal mediocrity. Nothing interesting has ever happened within its walls, and no one interesting has ever walked through its halls.

That is, until the school suddenly finds itself invaded from all directions by monsters!

In the midst of this epidemic, heroes who have been quietly living their day-to-day lives within the school rise to the occasion to fight off the invading monsters, safeguard their fellow students and teachers, and bring an end to the
J Academy Super Crisis!

- Experience the full story line through multiple protagonists' perspectives!
- Battle enemies in turn-based RPG combat! Each character has unique mechanics to their play style!
- Visual novel style cutscenes with character art and sound effects with a fairly lighthearted tone throughout!
- The game should take you about 1 to 3 hours to complete!

SUPER CRISIS: Academy itch.io page

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