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Funny Behind the Scenes

Going to reveal a secret character for season 2 and a bit of his skills.

I want the game to have a bit for everyone. And as much fun combat mechanics I can come up with. Which tend to blow up in my face. One was making Death the Kid from Soul Eater. I Originally was just going to make Kilik Rung because his awesome and you see very little of his type in anime. There are amazing black people in the world, but anime shows very little. Mainly because it's japan and japan doesn't have a very diverse population (I think?). From all the ones I could think of and find his the coolest one in my book. But Doing him I HAD to make Kid as well!

Been having challenges with coding. Mainly thanks to wanting everything I could possible fit in the game. I mean, ep 1 had 16 characters and ep 2 has double that ready. Possible even more in concept and as enemy form. Doing Kid was funny. When he dies wile holding his guns. He gets a chance to come back to life. His two guns are actually two girls which spawn as he leaves. It's really cute seeing them pop in. If you manage to survive with them, he gets to revive. And it's not like they are weak. They can be very strong together. They are just more fragile then kid. Granted Kid is both the second or third most fragile so far and also one of the hardest to get rid of. There are big consequences to this too. Any ways. If you fail to survive with the girls. Kid comes back in scene still dead but revivable by other means. But if he died again, two dead bobies would show up!
Yes! Two Dead Bodies to the rescue! ahahaha