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Avoir Cafard

A common, dull man that works in a church as a personal counselor for people who are suffering from the hardships of life, at least for a day. He searches for ways to forget his painful past by trying to help these people. He's always carrying some sort of book with him, with which he makes annotations about what happened during the day and the people he met.


A washed-up writer that has problems with her love life as well with her career.


A pianist that struggles with his sense of self and his creativity.


A 20-something-years-old salaryman that works in a mediocre 8-5 job and lives with his parents that despise his life choices.


An 8-year-old girl who is bullied constantly in school and suffers from an absent father.

Father Anselmo

The orthodox priest who takes care of the church and Avoir's only friend. He's the one who offered him a chance of working as a counselor and is responsible for arranging the encounters.


She constantly appears in many of Avoir's dreams and hallucinations.