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Illy needs to eat a mushroom, dream of being a racoon and then flip the world upside down to win is a card game made for Theme Roulette 3.

You play as Illy and can travel between three locations (eventually unlocking a fourth location) on a board. At the start of your turns you must move to a different location. Upon moving to a location your actions will depend upon the action symbols at a location.

Gain energy.
Illy is fully healed when you end your turn here.
You can play one card from your hand.
You can activate one of your allies' abilities.
You can discard one card from your hand.
Illy or one of his allies can attack.

If a symbol is present at your location more than once you can perform that action as many times as there are symbols.

Item cards are played from your hand using a play action. They cost energy to use and take immediate effect.
Ally cards are played from your hand using a play action. They cost energy to use and are placed onto the board in any unlocked location. Allies can battle enemies at their location using fight actions. They can also be activated using activate symbols which makes them perform a specific action.
Quest cards can not be played from the hand. They are automatically used when their requirement is fulfilled. They then reward you with energy and sometimes another reward.
Weapon cards are only available after defeating certain enemies. When played you gain one fight action. They provide you with a bonus action symbol anytime you start a turn with them in your hand.
Enemy cards are drawn from the fate deck when you end your turn. They are placed in the location indicated unless an enemy is already present. If an enemy is already present then the drawn card is returned to the fate deck. Enemy cards replace your action symbols along the top row at their location.
Event cards are drawn from the fate deck when you end your turn. They take immediate effect and then are returned to the fate deck.

A game should last you up to 10 minutes, though your luck may (will) vary. To win the game all you need to do is:
□ Eat a mushroom
□ Dream of being a racoon
□ Flip the world upside down

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