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The land of Space Funeral has been infected by a strange apocalyptic disease known as "The sickness", as Crescent, the last remaining vampire, you look for a way to escape the massacre and possibly start a new life by reaching "The Boundaries of the universe", your mission will not be easy for the tyrannical new ruler of the land will try to take you down, will you be able to escape the forces of (***), or will you give up hope and DIE?

The game is a fan continuation of the series focusing in a future where Phillip, the main protagonist of Space Funeral, is dead, and how the land has been taken by a new artist even worse than Moon. It uses the original game's assets edited along with new ones and a different soundtrack for darker take on the game series.

The game plays similar to other space funeral fan projects with some changes regarding the "Mystery" command being more limited, enemies being more difficult, and a greater focus on exploration and puzzles compared to the original.

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is there the green zombie in the first area? if so please name him the grompch.
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