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A moonless night only happens once every four years. That night is here once again as you plan to keep true to a promise made eight years ago. This task never gets any easier, or so you thought. As you are granted the gift of ignorance, you prepare to embark on this regrettable mission. You dread the task, but you know the trial will be worth it in the end.
"The Errand" is an RPG horror game with battle and puzzle elements. It's a short horror experience with custom artwork and music compositions all made by one person.
Download it now on Ich.io: THE ERRAND on Ich.io
Direct download on this site coming soon. :)
Save your progress at these tree stumps.


Arrow keys to move

Space bar to confirm

"X" key to cancel or access the menu

(using your mouse is not recommended)
I had a lot of fun making the art for this game. Check out this speed art video of one of the monsters. :)

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Here's a list of a few errors I found. With some spoiler-free reactions mixed in:

- Opened the game up for the first time and the sound options for the BGM and BGS were muted for some reason? Glad I checked the options first.

- Also, the 2 save files (that you most likely used for playtesting) were left in with the download data and I could see them in the "Continue" section of the menu screen.

- Found a glitch, in the cabin of the Wench, there's a long vine thing on the wall to the right that you can walk right up and onto the edges of the map lol.

- In the Cathedral, I can't seem to walk through the cracks on the ground, yet I can phase through the benches on the left like a ghost.

- The artwork is nice, the sketchy battle sprite art for the enemies are pretty cool. I also like the sound you chose for the text.

- The "mortar" part of "mortar and pestle" was misspelled twice.

- Overall, interesting concept. :) wished there was a bit more usage of background music in certain places though, as it felt a little too quiet. But I get you were going for a certain tone, so do what you will with that.

Hello. Can I translate your game into Russian?
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