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A young man named Fels Carter with a low paid job as a janitor finds himself selected amongst others to enter the world of Gaera. After you're released from the Prism Dome. A big large shelter that supposedly holds the remaining people of humanity. As he finds out what kind of things he may find, will change his life forever.

7 characters to join you on your adventure of discovery. Alongside your childhood friend Jane, the daughter of the Dome leader Nova of the Prism Dome, and the top security guard named Malik Hills.

Spa scenes, detailing conversations between characters to show some character development. Partial nudity, obviously implied in water, nothing ever shows upwards. Head and shoulders is all you need. :p

World map is kind of straight long narrow until you get to certain areas much later in the game, and it'll be much explorable without diverting to one direction. No random world map encounters. Only in locations like dungeons or Domes, etc.

Three party system only. But can change to others in party menu.

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