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Be a Deer in Reindeer Story!

A turn based RPG with Action Adventure elements. Top down action platforming outside battle!

During battle: Between the player and enemy is the Battle Zone! When the enemies attack control your character in the battle zone to avoid damage! Master Zone Skills to strike the enemy during their own turn!

Out of Battle: Navigate the world, use the characters unique abilities to solve puzzles and dodge hazards. Explore the world and watch the absurd adventures of Lux and friends unfold!

"End Jack's War Against Christmas!"

Winter is fast approaching. In Tinsel Town present production in Santa's Factory is ramping up! A naïve reindeer, Lux, has been invited to play in Cringlewood Creek, by "The Other Reindeer" who plan on making fun of him for showing up.

Upset, Lux returns to Tinsel Town hopeful his friend Robin can cheer him up. The day only gets worse! The insidious Jack Frost sneaks into the factory, steals the presents, and divides them between his underlings!

Wishing to prove himself, Lux teams up with Robin and a young Yeti, Wendigo. Together they'll deliver a seasonal beating to Jack and his minions!


  • Turn based battle system - use strategy, status effects, etc. to overcome enemies

  • Action battle elements - during the enemies turn move your character to avoid harm

  • Action Commands - press a button before an attack wind up for bonus damage

  • Customisability - Equip your characters, customise their skillset!

  • Out of Battle - navigate the world, use the characters unique skills to solve puzzles and dodge hazards.

  • Comic storytelling - Bizarre and silly scenarios abound!


Reindeer Story is currently a prototype. I've been plugging away and will soon have a playable demo...maybe it will be a Christmas Present!

This game's inspirations are on its sleeve. Bits from Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario, Deltarune...if you like those games, well I hope you'll like this too!

I'll be looking for play testers, artists, musicians etc. to fulfil the full vision.

If you've any suggestions give a shout.

Be a Deer and Subscribe! Or I'll Caribou-hoo-hoo!

Latest Blog

Let the Battles Begin!

Look out!

It’s a battle, a RPG battle! Loads of characters, numbers and bars on screen, right?

So lets break it down! Battles go from player phase to enemy phase.

On your turn your skill types appear above the characters head. We have selected Lux’s nose. All characters will access items(bag icon), but they’ll have a unique set of skill types.

Click again and new icon appear, one for each attack for our skill type. In this fight Lux has 1 measly nose attack at the moment.

The display updates to tell you have much energy it costs to cast, and how much POW it has. Blast has 2 POWs and it doesn’t cost any energy to cast. Feel free to blast any foe you want.

Accept again and pick your target! Lets vanquish this prickly foe!

Ready! Aim!

Fire! (ps. Press the action button now for bonus damage)

Nothing left but Confetti!

(Pressing the Action button during the attack windup will boost damage slightly! Boosted damage is yellow!)

Be careful what attacks you select, don't get reckless or it'll be you taking damage!

Now we’ve learnt how to deal out damage the foes, the next blog will show how we deal with the enemies attacks!

  • Production
  • Azzie
  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • Adventure RPG
  • 07/04/2020 10:21 AM
  • 10/26/2020 10:11 PM
  • 10/31/2022
  • 2020
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