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Reindeer Story is an Adventure RPG! The Fate of Winter is in the balance in this Wintery Epic.

Join Lux the Reindeer, Robin the Cuckoo Elf and Wendigo the Yeti as they face off against the handpicked minions of Jack Frost!

Be a Deer and Subscribe! Or I'll Caribou-hoo-hoo!

Winter is fast approaching. Santa's Factory is ramping up production for the Holiday Season! Lux the Reindeer returning from Cringle Woods discovers a plot to attack Santa's Factory by Cube...an Ice Elemental and one of Jack Frost's minions!

Our Unfortunate Fawn is tricked! Jack Frost manages to make off with the Grand Presents...6 magical gift boxes containing billions of presents!

Wishing to prove himself a hero! Lux teams up with the bird-like Cuckoo Elf Robin and an arrogant young Yeti, Wendigo. Together they aim to deliver a Seasons Beating to Jack's Minions and to return the 6 Grand Presents!

Lux's adventure will take him to a variety of unique settings, Ride a snowmobile through the Snow Zone tundra! Enter the Knight Games tournament in Autumn Arena! Explore the micro-sized Toy Town...adventure awaits,

Each chapter delivers a story-filled scenario make friends with many friendly NPCs. Deliver a seasons beatings to Jack Frost's Elite Henchmen and gather the 6 Grand Presents needed to undo Jack's devious scheme.

In battle between the player and enemy is the Battle Zone! When the enemies attack you enter the battle zone! Move your character to avoid Attack! Master Zone Skills to strike the enemy during their own turn

With so much variety, mechanics and such Reindeer Story will aim to deliver the Ultimate Winter RPG!

Reindeer Story is currently a prototype. 45-60 minutes of gameplay and story. A taster of the full experience!

The full game will be a longer but still brisk experience. Aiming for 5-6 hours of play time with no filler! Just all action, story and fun!

The game takes inspirations from Final Fantasy 6, Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario, Deltarune...if you like those games, I hope you'll like this too!

If you've any suggestions, make like Robin and give me a shout! :)

Latest Blog

Reindeer Story - Like a Boss...battle !

​Hey it's Azzie!

I've met my next milestone! I've got the main boss battles for Reindeer Story done! Next will be to get the game into a playable beta for you to enjoy!

Early access Beta - Christmas 2022

The Beta will be the 6-chapter game and I'm aiming for the end of the year! You'll get to play the exciting main story start to finish!

To get the game ready I'm currently going through each chapter locations. Putting down NPCs, Treasure, etc. Working on general dialogue, smoothing out the scenes and adding more sound effects, music, etc. Fleshing out the skeleton!

In addition a demo of the prologue and 1st chapter will also be available. I'll also put out an updated version of the prototype sometime earlier!

At what cost?
I've put my upmost effort into RS, but I also want to make it affordable.

The full beta will be around $4.99 as early access on Steam/Itch.io/Gamejolt. The demo will be available on all sites free. Whether you choose to buy the beta, the demo, or the prototype feedback will be appreciated!

2023 and beyond

In 2023 I'll enhance the full game. Adding in the optional boss battles, extra endings, etc. and incorporating your feedback!

The final version will be around $7.99. But if you bought the early access you'll automatically get the full version with no extra cost!

so Yes! An exciting 2022 and 2023 is lined up for Reindeer Story. I'll be making more devlogs as the game gets closer to completion! So follow the game and me on social media to keep updated!


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  • Azzie
  • GameMaker Studio 2
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  • 07/04/2020 10:21 AM
  • 05/14/2022 12:46 PM
  • 10/31/2023
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This game looks really cute. Definitely like the style of the pixel art.
This game looks really cute. Definitely like the style of the pixel art.

Thanks, I was going for a kind of cartoony/animation style of pixel art.
I'd say you succeeded. Character Sprites are unique and well animated, and the environments look decent.
100 Downloads! Thanks to everyone who gave the game a shot! More development news to come soon!
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