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Be a Deer in Reindeer Story!

A turn based RPG with Action Adventure elements. Top down action platforming outside battle!

During battle: Between the player and enemy is the Battle Zone! When the enemies attack control your character in the battle zone to avoid damage! Master Zone Skills to strike the enemy during their own turn!

Out of Battle: Navigate the world, use the characters unique abilities to solve puzzles and dodge hazards. Explore the world and watch the absurd adventures of Lux and friends unfold!

"End Jack's War Against Christmas!"

Winter is fast approaching. In Tinsel Town present production in Santa's Factory is ramping up! A naïve reindeer, Lux, has been invited to play in Cringlewood Creek, by "The Other Reindeer" who plan on making fun of him for showing up.

Upset, Lux returns to Tinsel Town hopeful his friend Robin can cheer him up. The day only gets worse! The insidious Jack Frost sneaks into the factory, steals the presents, and divides them between his underlings!

Wishing to prove himself, Lux teams up with Robin and a young Yeti, Wendigo. Together they'll deliver a seasonal beating to Jack and his minions!


  • Turn based battle system - use strategy, status effects, etc. to overcome enemies

  • Action battle elements - during the enemies turn move your character to avoid harm

  • Action Commands - press a button before an attack wind up for bonus damage

  • Customisability - Equip your characters, customise their skillset!

  • Out of Battle - navigate the world, use the characters unique skills to solve puzzles and dodge hazards.

  • Comic storytelling - Bizarre and silly scenarios abound!


Reindeer Story is currently a prototype. I'm planning on releasing this prototype for the 14th of December 2020. This prototype will have approximately 45-60 minutes of gameplay and story content and will cover a somewhat self-contained mini-story introducing all three main characters.

This will be a sample of what the full game could offer.

This game's inspirations are on its sleeves. Bits from Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario, Deltarune...if you like those games, I hope you'll like this too!

Depending on how the prototype is received, I'll start planning the full game and start looking for play testers, artists, musicians etc.

If you've any suggestions give a shout.

Be a Deer and Subscribe! Or I'll Caribou-hoo-hoo!

Latest Blog

Battle Revamps and more!

Hey Hey!

I've released version 1.02 of Reindeer Story's Prototype. Hurrah! There's a lot of changes this time thanks to user feedback!

Battle Mechanic Changes
I was told the battle system was overwhelming! so I've consolidated skills down into two types, Melee, and Special. Skills are selected by moving the glow between the options.


Bosses kind of stayed at similar difficulty throughout a fight. So to make it more exciting some Bosses will grow more powerful under circumstances(Number of turns, HP depleted,Other foes defeated) to make the Boss battles feel more intense as they progress.

Along with this I think it's now more important for you to know how much progress you're making. A Heart Shaped marker will indicate an enemy's remaining HP!


I know people don't like drawn out tutorials. So these are just control hints that don't interrupt gameplay. These will appear only during the start of the game:


Also during the 1st three battles. You likely have figured out how to move about... But It's probably best to highlight that you can attack during the enemies turn!


(You might notice the Battle Zone,the rectangular grid you move in during the enemies attack is a bit smaller. It's now made of 16x16 squares in terms of enemy attack)

There's other more general changes, for usability like prompts on the start screen. Balance changes, and dialogue adjustments. But give the game a shot and see!

  • Production
  • Azzie
  • GameMaker Studio 2
  • Adventure RPG
  • 07/04/2020 10:21 AM
  • 01/14/2021 09:56 PM
  • 10/31/2022
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This game looks really cute. Definitely like the style of the pixel art.
This game looks really cute. Definitely like the style of the pixel art.

Thanks, I was going for a kind of cartoony/animation style of pixel art.
I'd say you succeeded. Character Sprites are unique and well animated, and the environments look decent.
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