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Be a Deer in Reindeer Story!

A turn based RPG with Action Adventure elements. Top down action platforming outside battle!

During battle: Between the player and enemy is the Battle Zone! When the enemies attack control your character in the battle zone to avoid damage! Master Zone Skills to strike the enemy during their own turn!

Out of Battle: Navigate the world, use the characters unique abilities to solve puzzles and dodge hazards. Explore the world and watch the absurd adventures of Lux and friends unfold!

"End Jack's War Against Christmas!"

Winter is fast approaching. In Tinsel Town present production in Santa's Factory is ramping up! A naïve reindeer, Lux, has been invited to play in Cringlewood Creek, by "The Other Reindeer" who plan on making fun of him for showing up.

Upset, Lux returns to Tinsel Town hopeful his friend Robin can cheer him up. The day only gets worse! The insidious Jack Frost sneaks into the factory, steals the presents, and divides them between his underlings!

Wishing to prove himself, Lux teams up with Robin and a young Yeti, Wendigo. Together they'll deliver a seasonal beating to Jack and his minions!


  • Turn based battle system - use strategy, status effects, etc. to overcome enemies

  • Action battle elements - during the enemies turn move your character to avoid harm

  • Action Commands - press a button before an attack wind up for bonus damage

  • Customisability - Equip your characters, customise their skillset!

  • Out of Battle - navigate the world, use the characters unique skills to solve puzzles and dodge hazards.

  • Comic storytelling - Bizarre and silly scenarios abound!


Reindeer Story is currently a prototype. This prototype will have approximately 45-60 minutes of gameplay and story content and will give you a taster of the full experience!

This game's inspirations are on its sleeves. Bits from Mario & Luigi, Paper Mario, Deltarune...if you like those games, I hope you'll like this too!

Future Releases
Currently Reindeer Story is about 25% Complete. I've plans for a nice polished demo of the full game in Winter 2022. The Full game itself on PC and Nintendo Switch Winter 2023.

If you've any suggestions give a shout.

Be a Deer and Subscribe! Or I'll Caribou-hoo-hoo!

Latest Blog

Over the Hump! (Milestone 4 Complete!)

Hey It’s Azzie, working hard!

The 1st pass of chapter 3 is done! I've also went back and did a little bit of polish. I got the Chapter 2 End Boss encounter drafted. I've also split the equipment screen into a Equip and Skills screen for ease of use. I've also designed a lot of new sprites for characters and monsters to battles!

I've made head way into chapter 4's maps, mechanics graphics and script! I'm officially over the half way mark of the game's story! and quarter in terms of a complete game!

2021 - Development (25% complete)
Prologue(Tinsel Town, Mount Fairsteppe) –Finished (Town Houses, General Dialogue)
Chapter 1(Snowzone) – Finished (Some sprites)
Chapter 2(Autumn Forest, Knight Games)- Finished (Todo: Mini Bosses, Encounters, Some sprites, Town Houses)
Chapter 3(Toy Town) - Finished 1st pass (To Do: 1 Boss, 1 Miniboss, some encounters, Town Houses)

Up Next
Chapter 4(Pleasure Palace & Magical Mists) - target 1st November
• Maps & Mechanics (50%)
• Encounters(0%)
• Graphics(50%)
• Writing(80%)

The next chapter is Chapter 4. It's the biggest and most important one in the game! It spans a lot of locations, will have a lot of optional bosses.

Check out the Chapter 4 locales!
Sweet Street

Cool Cross Roads

Magical Mists

Pleasure Palace


If that wasn't enough I plan to add some sub areas to the locations in chapter 4 in my second pass! It's that important! It's basically the most pivotal part of the game! It's pretty exciting to work on and I want to make it the best it can be!

2022 and beyond!

The end of the year approacheth! 2022 is going to be a year where I'll refine each chapter! I'll also be getting in touch with musicians to commission music, artists to do art, I might even commission some more skilled pixel artists than myself to polish up some of the bigger sprites for me.

Then I'll review it, put out a demo to replace the prototype and perhaps give the full game to some trusted people to test. I want Reindeer Story to be a game people really enjoy so to ensure it meets a high quality standard I may delay it into Winter 2023 rather than Winter 2022.

I recently played through Toby Fox's Deltarune Chapter 2 and it was pretty excellent. I've done quite a bit in Reindeer Story to make sure it set itself apart from the game that inspired it, but I also want to make sure I make a game that rivals it in terms of fun (not popularity since that would be impossible lol!).

Thanks for Reading!

- Azzie
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  • 10/31/2023
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This game looks really cute. Definitely like the style of the pixel art.
This game looks really cute. Definitely like the style of the pixel art.

Thanks, I was going for a kind of cartoony/animation style of pixel art.
I'd say you succeeded. Character Sprites are unique and well animated, and the environments look decent.
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