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Marching toward Release! (In November)

You better watch out, you better not cry because Reindeer Story is coming to town!

I’m happy to announce Reindeer Story is leaping and bounding forward a whole month to a new release date of 1st November 2024!

It’s been a tough road since May 2020 when I started development. Over the last 4 years I’ve put a lot of passion into designing the unique gameplay, characters and story! The goal line is just over the horizon now!

If you’re looking for a fun, action-filled RPG to play it would behoove you to wishlist it! (I’d really appreciate it thank you!)


The full game will be $7.99

A regular playthrough of the main story will be approximately 10-13 hours. There’s a lot of extra content to experience and I’m using 2024 to making sure the game is packed with extras and secrets to discover!

Happy Reindeers!

Progress Report

Back in the (Reindeer) Saddle!

Merry Reindeer!

It's getting darker earlier and the shops are stocking Christmas stuff... OK they were 2 months ago. But you get my point We're entering the holiday season! So things are getting exciting, and it's really the time of year to be talking Reindeer Story.

Incidentally I'm back in the metaphorical Reindeer saddle to charge into development. I'd been chipping at a slower pace due to my Mam, but my Mam is feeling a lot better which makes feel a lot better too! I also bought my first house!

So I feel quite energised! Like I can focus more again and finish up the game without any worries in my mind, beyond usual work stuff.

Reindeer Story is still looking to be finished by 1st December 2024. Probably earlier, but you know it's hard enough to get a game noticed as it is, a Winter-themed game would have a Snowman's chances in Hell in the Summer :)

Progress is going swimmingly, and I have a lot more breathing room from delaying the game.

Main Story - 100%
Gameplay- 90%
Minigames - 80%
Graphics - 90%
Balancing =-70%
Sidequests & Secrets - 60%
Music - 50%

We're at the point where I just need to finish bits up, the game is playable start to end! But I just need half the music from the composer (though I've just bought my first house so I have to build up my savings a bit to commission some mor music). A few graphical visuals for scenes, balance the difficulty modes.

From now also I'll aim to be making more social media posts, videos , etc. on the game more frequently! I'm not a big social media person, but I aim to get out of my comfort zone, saddle up and deliver the game and also compelling content :)

Thanks for reading.



An Unfortunate Fawn. A Tragic Delay


Over the course of 2023 been chipping away at Reindeer Story and getting closer and closer to my aimed release of December 2023. If you asked me three weeks ago I’d have said I would absolutely finished it with time to spare!

Though from the title you can guess this isn’t good news. Reindeer Story as a project is very near and deer to me but this is about something even dearer. An important lesson I’ve learned the last couple weeks is that no matter how set in stone you can feel something is, it can instantly be knocked aside by life events.

As such I’m making the difficult decision to officially delay Reindeer Story to December 2024.

I’ve been through a roller coaster of emotions the last two weeks. The 26th of May was the last day I worked on Reindeer Story. On the 27th of May my Mother had fallen unconscious unexpectedly and had been admitted to hospital while I was away at my Dad’s for his birthday.

I was distraught! I really, truly didn’t know what to do… which way was up, would Mam wake up and what she would be like when she did…

The good news! She got the medical intervention she needed (thank goodness for the NHS). She is awake and the mend at hospital which I am very grateful for. However she still needs support as she gets better. I live away from home, after work each day I’ve been driving out of town to the hospital to give her company. I will be doing this until the hospital considers Mam well enough to be discharged and return home.

As we all know the challenge already is already steep for developing a game solo, even more so alongside a full-time job, and especially when you’re not in the best state of mind. I’d be lying to say I was feeling 100%. Life events can affect the whole family and I was and am still effected!

If I still just targeted December 2023 either game’s quality will suffer or I will just cause myself unnecessary frustration at a time when I need to be there for my Mother.

Long story short: I feel it’s best delay Reindeer Story until December 2024. I’m not stopping development or on a hiatus. But will be working on Reindeer Story… slower for now and plan to ramp back up after my Mother is discharged.

I plan to use the extra time to run a small kickstarter to raise some money for additional assistance, I was considering distributing a beta of the game to trusted friends for feedback. I will do this still, but I could make a kickstarter tier for anyone who would like to both support the game and be play a version of the game before its release date.

I also plan to seek out some more help for the last parts of the game, so I’m not putting everything barring the commissioned music and promotional art on myself.

Thanks for reading,



demo v1.07 - A big update!


Still working very hard on Reindeer Story, and now released an update to the prototype/demo to add all the cool refinements for the main game.

Reindeer Story's demo is on Steam! A wishilist would be appreciated, it's still on track to release in December 14th this year!


Difficulty Modes, Options, Controller Remapping!

This list contains most major changes, but there may be many unreported adjustments and improvements made in this version! Enjoy!

Regarding the updated controllers in addition to the already supported Xbox 360 controller the Xbox Series X controller and the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller have been tested! I changed it to support all controllers supported by Gamemaker Studio 2 so I imagine there's many more!

If the game works with any other Gamepad it'd be helpful if you could tell me so I can confirm the support :)

Graphical Changes
- Updated graphics for Player Characters, NPCs and enemies
- Many icons, including moves and icons have been updated

Main Menu Changes
- Changed the Layout of the Menu screen
- Menu Screen now displays the current playtime
- Menu Screen now displays the Location Name
- Added an option to Quit Game or Return to the Title screen

- Added an Options menu that allows a large number of functions
General Options
-Text Speed Option (WIP),
-SFX, Ambience and Music Volume controls

Difficulty Options
- Easy, Hard and Seasons Beatings Mode to ease or increase difficulty (Default: Normal)
- EXP Option - An option to turn EXP gain ON/OFF for challenge (Default: ON)
- Timed Hit Assist - Automatically make timed hit in Battle (Default: OFF)

Control Options
It's now possible to remap controls for Gamepad and Keyboard and mouse! be aware in previous versions multiple
keys were originally bound to the same actions. Now there is only one default Keyboard Control scheme that you can

The default controls for Gamepad have been adjusted to fit the Xbox360 control scheme as a default,
Also expanded the controller support to every type Gamemaker Studio can support. This has been tested with the
Xbox 360 controller, Nintendo Switch Pro Controller and the Xbox Series X controller. But it's very likely to work
with many more controllers!

Language Options - (WIP)
- A Language option has been added, currently English is the only option however the game's text files have been designed with other languages
in mind. If you are interested in translating Reindeer Story into a different non-english language do get in touch!

Overworld Changes
- The UI in the overworld is now translucent and becomes opaque to indicate when a button is being pressed!

New Items
- Snowcones: restores HP and Energy
- Candle : Deals Red Elemental Damage to the enemies

Battle Changes
- A yellow circle now appears under the characters that indicates the player's hitbox.
- Enemies now account for the players Charisma stat when choosing which player to attack in abttle.

Balance Changes
- Characters starting stats have been adjusted.
- Many skills have had their power and energy costs adjusted. The amount of additional energy cost when placing skills in more powerful slots has generally been reduced.
- Many items and tokens used to boost HP have had their HP bonus reduced, such as Healthy Heart. These were once in-line with Energy Boosting but
in practice HP is more valuable.
- Robin's Z-Mana Skill has been changed to place down a present in the Battle Zone which can be collected on later turns by any character.

Difficulty Modes
In this version Difficulty modes have been introduced, these impact the enemies stats and some other details. Enemy Attack Levels impact the speed of projectiles and the length of time you need to avoid them
making them generally harder to dodge. The harder difficulties present a more intense challenge without drawing out battles, tougher foes but faster Z-Meter charge! Easy mode reduces the enemies damage
for a more casual play style, combine with the timed hit assist.

- Reduce enemy HP by 10%
- Reduce the damage foes deal by 25% (rounded down)
- Reduce the level of foes attack by 1.

- Default Difficulty

- All foes HP multiplied by 10% (rounded up)
- Increase the level of foes attack by 2, increasing the length and speed.
- Foes attacks deal 1.25x damage (rounded down) + 1
- Players Z-Meter charges 25% faster

Seasons' Beatings -
- All foes HP increased by 2
- All foes HP increased by a further 20% (rounded down)
- All foes DEF increased by 1
- All foes DEF multiplied by 1.25 (rounded down)
- Increase the level of foes attack by 4, increasing the length and speed.
- Foes attacks deal 1.5x damage (rounded down) + 2
- Players Z-Meter charges 50% faster

Any feedback regarding the difficuty modes would be greatly appreciated!

Misc Changes
- Reduced the volume of some of the music tracks.
- Significantly reduced the length of fade outs between rooms.
- Substantially cut down time taken to Load a Game.
- Added more support for controllers
- More Sound Effects and visual effects have been added to moves in battle
- Robin has been given a 2nd Z-Skill that fires poison projectiles.

Bug Fixes
- Removed a bug that could result in Lux stuck behind the Large Rock in Cringle Woods.
- Fixed a bug where a Cherub could be re-rescued each time you re-entered a room.

Phew! A pretty long change list huh? You should see the full game, not too long to go now!

Thanks for reading this far and thanks for your support!



Reindeer Story Demo version 1.06!

Hi It's Azzie

This release includes enhanced battle UI and some fixes for some reported bugs in the previous version.

  • Check out Wendigo's expression!
  • The Defense stat below the Foes Name!
  • The Red for the Blast move!

Battle Changes
Enhanced Battle UI
- Enemies Name and Health Box colour reflect their element. (Red/Green/Blue/Neutral)
- Added icons to display the defense stat of a targetted enemy under their name.
- Players Attacks will appear in a box that reflect their element (Red/Green/Blue/Neutral)
- Player characters portraits for characters which react to damage, low hp, healing, KO, status effects, etc.

- When presented with a choice, the text has been updated from tokens to actual text.
- Fade Outs now cover the whole screen including black bars if playing at different resolutions.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed a display bug on the Controls screen when window is maximised.
- Fixed flags for the Snowmobile buying event in Snowzone If you turn down the Snowmobile the 1st time you can now repeat
- Removed debug text from the option to buy a Snowmobile.

Hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for reading,



Reindeer Story version 1.05 Awaits!

Good Evening, Morning or Afternoon!

After a long year of work on the full version of Reindeer Story I've updated the prototype!

I've worked hard to make a new version of the prototype with the enhancements of the full game. I've even added a new area with the snowmobile mechanics.

* Added more battle animations for characters
* The Equip Screen has been split into the Equip and Abilities screen
* The Nose Beam now stuns enemies
* Added a new Spin Jump move, refer to the Included Manual for instructions
* Added more control options (See manual)
* Added a rating system for battles.
* Text now appears in battle for various cases to indicate super effective attacks, timed hits, misses and failed attacks.
* An indicator now appears for Timed Hits.

Balance Changes
* Cookies now restore negative status effects.
* Lux's Heal has been replaced with a new skill Expose
* Beam skills are longer and can now also damage foes behind your target.
* Robin's Life Anthem no longer causes regen.
* Items now have a limit which will be displayed on the item screen.
* Humbug's Dark Hole now deals 50% of the players HP.

Bug Fixes
* Fixed general dialogue for signs and removed instances of repeated dialogue.
* Fixed bug where attacking a spiked enemy causes burn on the whole party

I've also included a more in-depth manual explaining the games mechanics!

Hope you all have fun playing!


Progress Report

Reindeer Story - Like a Boss...battle !

​Hey it's Azzie!

I've met my next milestone! I've got the main boss battles for Reindeer Story done! Next will be to get the game into a playable beta for you to enjoy!

Early access Beta - Christmas 2022

The Beta will be the 6-chapter game and I'm aiming for the end of the year! You'll get to play the exciting main story start to finish!

To get the game ready I'm currently going through each chapter locations. Putting down NPCs, Treasure, etc. Working on general dialogue, smoothing out the scenes and adding more sound effects, music, etc. Fleshing out the skeleton!

In addition a demo of the prologue and 1st chapter will also be available. I'll also put out an updated version of the prototype sometime earlier!

At what cost?
I've put my upmost effort into RS, but I also want to make it affordable.

The full beta will be around $4.99 as early access on Steam/Itch.io/Gamejolt. The demo will be available on all sites free. Whether you choose to buy the beta, the demo, or the prototype feedback will be appreciated!

2023 and beyond

In 2023 I'll enhance the full game. Adding in the optional boss battles, extra endings, etc. and incorporating your feedback!

The final version will be around $7.99. But if you bought the early access you'll automatically get the full version with no extra cost!

so Yes! An exciting 2022 and 2023 is lined up for Reindeer Story. I'll be making more devlogs as the game gets closer to completion! So follow the game and me on social media to keep updated!



Progress Report

New Year! New Goals!

Happy New Year!

Phew 2021 was a tough year...But we've finally made it to 2022! Hurray!

I've been a little quiet on Reindeer Story, mostly due to how tough work has been been and lack of energy as a result. But I've still been plugging away behind the scenes!

Proud to say I've got all the key maps, mechanics and scenes of the game done! So the project is officially at 50% Completion! I've also got a new graphic made for the game's banner/cover art!

2022 and beyond!

What's next for 2022? If 2021 was about building the skeleton of the game 2022 is about fleshing it out!

Now that I've got a structure to work with I can properly create the content and fill in the gaps I left. I've avoided putting general NPCs, treasure, etc. in the maps so that I wouldn't write general dialogue that's out of synch with the story.

Battles - developing Enemies and Bosses to reflect increasing challenge!
Dialogue - General Dialogue
Graphics - replace any placeholders.
Treasure/Collectables - distributing Platforms - Getting the demo onto Stream
Music - Commissioning the games music
Optional Content - Maps and scenes, alternate endings(?),etc.
Demo - Creating a demo for 2022 which will replace the prototype.

By the end of 2022 I'd aim to have a version of the game that is playable finish to end with no placeholders. I'll also want to have a new demo that features the Prologue and 1st Chapter!

2023 will be a year of refining where I'll to ensure maximum quality for release in Winter 2023! I'm thinking of selling the full game for £6 which works out to about $8.

Thanks for reading! Happy New Year!


- Azzie

Progress Report

Over the Hump! (Milestone 4 Complete!)

Hey It’s Azzie, working hard!

The 1st pass of chapter 3 is done! I've also went back and did a little bit of polish. I got the Chapter 2 End Boss encounter drafted. I've also split the equipment screen into a Equip and Skills screen for ease of use. I've also designed a lot of new sprites for characters and monsters to battles!

I've made head way into chapter 4's maps, mechanics graphics and script! I'm officially over the half way mark of the game's story! and quarter in terms of a complete game!

2021 - Development (25% complete)
Prologue(Tinsel Town, Mount Fairsteppe) –Finished (Town Houses, General Dialogue)
Chapter 1(Snowzone) – Finished (Some sprites)
Chapter 2(Autumn Forest, Knight Games)- Finished (Todo: Mini Bosses, Encounters, Some sprites, Town Houses)
Chapter 3(Toy Town) - Finished 1st pass (To Do: 1 Boss, 1 Miniboss, some encounters, Town Houses)

Up Next
Chapter 4(Pleasure Palace & Magical Mists) - target 1st November
• Maps & Mechanics (50%)
• Encounters(0%)
• Graphics(50%)
• Writing(80%)

The next chapter is Chapter 4. It's the biggest and most important one in the game! It spans a lot of locations, will have a lot of optional bosses.

Check out the Chapter 4 locales!
Sweet Street

Cool Cross Roads

Magical Mists

Pleasure Palace


If that wasn't enough I plan to add some sub areas to the locations in chapter 4 in my second pass! It's that important! It's basically the most pivotal part of the game! It's pretty exciting to work on and I want to make it the best it can be!

2022 and beyond!

The end of the year approacheth! 2022 is going to be a year where I'll refine each chapter! I'll also be getting in touch with musicians to commission music, artists to do art, I might even commission some more skilled pixel artists than myself to polish up some of the bigger sprites for me.

Then I'll review it, put out a demo to replace the prototype and perhaps give the full game to some trusted people to test. I want Reindeer Story to be a game people really enjoy so to ensure it meets a high quality standard I may delay it into Winter 2023 rather than Winter 2022.

I recently played through Toby Fox's Deltarune Chapter 2 and it was pretty excellent. I've done quite a bit in Reindeer Story to make sure it set itself apart from the game that inspired it, but I also want to make sure I make a game that rivals it in terms of fun (not popularity since that would be impossible lol!).

Thanks for Reading!

- Azzie

Progress Report

Better Late than never! (Milestone 3)

Hey It’s Azzie

Two months since my last update, and I’ve gotten my first pass of Chapter 2 done. Took a bit longer than expected as I thought I’d be done by the 1st of July(so much for that, whoops!).

As always there’s a bunch of placeholder battles/graphics that I’ll fill in during my 2nd pass in 2022 but essentially the key scenes, maps, platforming challenges,etc. are done!

2021 - Development

Complete(First Pass)
Prologue(Tinsel Town, Mount Fairsteppe) –Finished (Todo: Some sprites, Town Houses)
Chapter 1(Snowzone) – Finished (To Do: Some sprites, encounters)
Chapter 2(Autumn Forest, Knight Games)- Finished (Todo: Bosses, Encounters, Some sprites, Town Houses)

To Do:
Chapter 3(Toy Town) - target 1st September
Chapter 4(Pleasure Palace)- target 1st October
Chapter 5(Magical Mists) - target 1st November
Chapter 6(Final) - target 1st December

Chapter 3(Toy Town) - target 1st September
• Maps (50%)
• Encounters(20%)
• Graphics(30%)
• Writing(70%)

The next chapter is Chapter 3 Toy Town, Loosely based on the Nutcracker. I’ve already made a start with the scene writing, maps and the major some of the character designs. (The two toy knights are inspired by the Onion Knights in FF3)

It’s also another story driven chapter! It will cover a conflict of Toys lead by the Jo the Nutcracker, the Mice lead by Mouserinks her son the Mouse King!

To keep it from taking quite as long as Chapter 2 I’ve tried to keep the number of scenes a bit lower in my writing draft. From what was about 30 in Chapter 2 to about 18 in Chapter 3. Some of the scenes will be even more action packed soo…might take me more than a month again!

Thanks for reading!

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