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We're back, baby!

After a long hiatus, I'm back from the dead and working full speed ahead.

I have some good plans in place to help maintain a healthier and more manageable pace of work.

The download isn't available right now because I'm putting in some pretty big battle related changes in addition to some rewrites and tutorial changes.

Version 1.5 of the demo should be available soon, but that may be a month or two. I am getting some new promo art done, I've redesigned the page and am working on an updated trailer.

I'm really proud of how far this project has come and am excited to share it with you all again.


Demo pulled

​Paradise Delta is a work in progress. While the feedback has been largely positive, the negatives have been fairly consistent with the reviews received so far. I do not want your first experience to be some of these issues. Please allow me the opportunity to address and present a newer version. For now, the demo will not be available for download. Please contact me for any feedback or questions.


Demo Update 1.3

1.3 features several major scene rewrites

Completely reworked prologue

Combat and stat re-balancing

New armor type added - Pants!

Reworked main menu

Expanded Soundtrack

Reworked tutorials

Improved map detail

Five new pieces of Flair

Additional achievements added

Added new Mall area (WIP, cones represent unimplemented shops)

Expanded crafting

Additional crafting material; Wax and Wildflowers


Demo Update 1.2

Wow, what's new in 1.2?

New scenes, longer scenes, changed scenes.

New menu system.

Revised Intro and Tutorials.

Collect EXP by exploring.

More ways and places to heal-
Added an Inn in Enen. That's a very fun sentence.
Added Applebaum Hotel to Mobo.

Achievements system added with accompanying NPC and backstory.

Increase chance to run from baddies. Aint nobody got time for that!

Added Newsstands with news that updates as the game progresses.

Added new details like trash and graffiti. City smells sold separately.

More Treasure and Delta.
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