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The game tells the story of an 11-year-old girl named Siberia, a joyful girl who lives in northern Russia in a town called Penkisk with her family and who loves animals that live in polar climates, especially penguins. Her father owns a penguin reserve, where Siberia goes to play and care for them every day.
Her father, Pensival, had a partner named Vladio, a famous Russian biologist who wrote a thesis on animals that live in polar climates and worked in the reserve, but disappeared five years ago along with his son Dioniv, who was the best Siberian friend. Marshya, his wife still lives in the village and is a school teacher from Siberia.
One day, a strong storm hits the town of Penkisk leaving it completely covered in snow and uninhabitable for a period of time. During that storm, the father of Siberia discovers that the penguins of the reserve have disappeared and finds a leaf in the snow, which has coordinates written on it and is signed by his old co-worker. When looking for the coordinates on the internet, she realizes that they lead to a cave to the north of the town. He decides to go alone to that place, disappearing from the town.
One day after the storm, as the police escort Siberia and his mother, Slevnnya, to the shelter; Siberia worried about her father runs to the reserve and cries out crying if he is there. After hearing no response, Siberia hears a noise not far from the reserve and a baby penguin appears on the banks of the forest surrounding the reserve. After Slevnnya and the police found her, she decides to adopt the penguin as her pet, whom she named Pinsy, and take him to the shelter.
Several days after the storm and the disappearance of Siberia's father, the police report to Siberia, Slevnnya, and Marshya that they have found something that could give clues as to where Pensival might be. They go to the reservation and the police show them that the same leaf that Pensival had found during the storm. At that time all three will be surprised, not only by finally finding a clue of where Pensival could be, but also because it is signed by the biologist who disappeared five years ago.
Seeing this, Siberia and Slevnnya together with Pinsy decide to go to the place indicated by the coordinates and look for the disappeared while Marshya stays in the hostel waiting for the return of her husband and son. However, when entering the cave, you will find many challenges and riddles related to animals from polar climates, in addition to a strange installation deep inside that will leave you surprised with what they find there.

This is my first original game. Currently still in development and plans to release a demo and full game in the remainder of this year. Lastly, I thank the following people:
-Genghiskan Tovar: He was the one who gave rise to the main idea of the game. At first I was going to help him develop the game, but due to some problems it was impossible for him to continue with this, passing the development of the game to me.
-Kurume Nap: He was the person who drew the sprites and faces of the six main characters, in addition to the title screen and the game logo, among other elements that will be included during development.
-LX Tain: Composer of the game's music.

Important note: For now, the game will be available only in the Spanish language. If someone wants to offer to translate it into English it would be a great help.

Game patreon: https://www.patreon.com/chadoumaru
OST: https://soundcloud.com/lx-tain/sets/siberia-themes-sfx-by-lx-tain

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At last I have uploaded the gameplay trailer of the game. As you will see at the end of this, the release of the demo was delayed to an undefined date between November and December of this year. This trailer shows the first chapter of the game and tells a part of the history it has. I would like you to see the trailer. If you have any questions or contributions, you can leave them in the comments of this publication or in the video.
Link: https://youtu.be/efZ9F2XM6bc
Hello everyone. I come to warn you several things about the game:
1- Recently the development of its third chapter began.
2- The development of the game demo is already finished.
3- The launch date of the game is the 25th of this month.
Those are all the notices, have a nice day.
Hello everyone, I have come to inform you that the Siberia demo is now available on the Internet.
I'll leave the mega and mediafire links here.
Mega: https://mega.nz/file/o9shmYga#6R5TQ6YOaKaWI0slhBr6LKQRbi1_5e4pv6TBYG5kS2g
Mediafire: https://www.mediafire.com/file/6vf5345gh50mhzz/Siberia_Cold_Adventure.rar/file
Finally tell you that I am going to take a 22-day break from development, and that during those days I will be collecting contributions, comments and bug reports from you for the full version. I hope you enjoy it.
Mmmmmm penguins...
Hi all. I come to announce that I recently released a patch from the first demo of my game Siberia: Cold Adventure. This new patch contains some changes in the first chapter, and a transport event is added to reach the location where chapter 3 of the game takes place, which was already added from the first demo. I leave them up there in case you want to download it.
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