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IIINEVITABLE is a 3 act retro meditation on free will, loss, and failure. Players can expect to laugh, cry, and everything in between-- all in the span of 30 minutes. Artistic styles and gameplay differ in each act, with our goal being to explore the aforementioned concepts from several unique perspectives and tones. Enjoy our entry to the 48-hour 2020 GMTK jam: "out of control"!


Potential story spoilers ahead:
Act one is a short visual novel where players choose how to respond in an awkward reunion of friends. From this point, gameplay shifts to point & click adventure style. Act two puts players in the shoes of an astronaut tasked with saving the world from alien invasion. Finally, act 3 details a man's tribulations letting go of a deceased son. Some things are just inevitable.

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Full download for IIINEVITABLE now available!

Check my vidya game! Download now available!


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Check my vidya game! Download now available! Also, comment letting me know what you think!
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