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Port Traventor is in danger! Plagued by orcs, barbarians, and dwarves that sabotage it's economy, the country needs a true king to rise to the occasion! Would it be that you are such a king?

Your tasks would include:

Defending the Capital from the invading hordes
• Go into battle against orcs, dwarves, barbarians, undead, mermaids and renegade elves.
• Show the enemy your superiority and reach the highest battle rank S.
• Train Villagers to be Archers, Knights or Warriors.
• Build a Watchtower and get ready for the big war.
• Utilize various skills in varied turn-based combat.

Acquire, or find, various items and treasures that unlock new lands to explore
• Search the world for teachers who can teach you various passive skills that will increase your loot in battle.
• Collect gold and purchase various items or weapons such as helmets, shields or armor from merchants to improve your stats and receive useful bonuses.

Rebuild the economy and bolster the reputation of the kingdom
• Create many different buildings such as sawmills, quarries, ore mines and refineries to bolster your resource production.
• Train Villagers as workers and let them mine resources such as Lumber, Stone, Ore and Iron.
• Equip your workers with Sickles, Axes, Pickaxes and Hammers.

This game supports two languages (German and English).
Total Playtime: ~5 hours.

Latest Blog

It's update time (Battle Towers)

Yesterday, I made an Update to Port Traventor.

Namely, I've added 4 Battle Towers, where you fight tournament battles against increasingly stronger waves of enemies. Each tower has a total of 5 battles that must be completed in a row in order to win the special price. In any case, you can get a whole bunch of tools in each tower. However, even though this is considered optional content, those towers neatly enhance gameplay.

I also made a few more changes. Magic skills now have a smart new effect (darkened screen while casting spells) and some enemies in the late game have been adjusted in difficulty as well.

You're still into Port Traventor? Well, you'll like this Update! Have fun. :)


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Good game,although the resource grind can get too repetitive at some point
Thanks for playing. Yes, sometimes some grinding is necessary in the game. :)
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