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It's update time (Battle Towers)

Yesterday, I made an Update to Port Traventor.

Namely, I've added 4 Battle Towers, where you fight tournament battles against increasingly stronger waves of enemies. Each tower has a total of 5 battles that must be completed in a row in order to win the special price. In any case, you can get a whole bunch of tools in each tower. However, even though this is considered optional content, those towers neatly enhance gameplay.

I also made a few more changes. Magic skills now have a smart new effect (darkened screen while casting spells) and some enemies in the late game have been adjusted in difficulty as well.

You're still into Port Traventor? Well, you'll like this Update! Have fun. :)


Port Traventor (very small) Update

I launched a small update today. Sam's faceset has been replaced and Sam finally looks like Sam is supposed to look (maybe this guardy dude will even get his own game in the near future).

Also, lemme know how you guys like the vehicle update (caravan) and if it makes Port Traventor more player friendly.

Hope you continue to have fun rebuilding Traventor and slaughtering orcs.


Port Traventor Minor Update


The main issue of Port Traventor was that the old king always roams the country alone, defeating enemies and having his soldiers explain how everything works. Some players didn't find that authentic.

But how about he just sends his son to this dying country. Now this youngster can prove that he is worthy of the crown. :)

I hope that this makes the storytelling more realistic for most of you. Here have some screens:



Port Traventor V 1.1 out now!

It's done!

V 1.1 of Port Traventor is now available for download and I've made a whole bunch of changes since V 1.0. It took me a while, but now I'm quite happy with what I'm coming up with.

Have a lot of fun with the game and feel free to leave some comments and feedback.



Port Traventor is currently offline

Port Traventor is currently not available for download due to unexpected bugs. I'll provide a more polished and bugfixed version as soon as I'm back from my holiday trip. Stay tuned.

Progress Report

Port Traventor is out now!

I'm proud to be able to release the completed version of Port Traventor today. I hope y'all like it.
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