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Disturbing scenes
Sexual Content
Harsh Language
Non-Revealing Nudity (no nipples or genitals)
NSFW Humor

On the world of Golarion, the Drow are mere rumor, legend, and most have never heard of them. In the homebrew setting of the nation of Errial, Yazrina Myth is one of a rare few Drow to have made her way to the surface. Beginning her life on the surface as an assassin, Yazrina was aimless, always believing her goal was the next kill, continuing to serve her demon lord though he'd abandoned her long before. She was feared, hated, and reviled, but not for her skills, but because she was different, because she was unknown, and because those few who did know what she was knew her people's reputation for slavery, conquest, murder, and demon worship.

Regardless, there was still always someone willing to see her as a person. They weren't common, but there was always at least one person. She ignored this, considering it weakness, until one day, someone's weak compassion saved her from a fate far worse than death. Trapped in the village of Mission Dusk, a town trapped between the Material Plane and the Dimension of Dreams, she was saved from living hell. It was a living hell that made her reevaluate her values. It made her see the lives of others in a new way, and the time came when she could not continue her murderous career and look herself in the mirror.

80 years have passed since her imprisonment in that hell town. She lives as a courtesan and a thief in the city of Port Castor. Having long forgotten her demon lord, she serves the goddess Calistria, the goddess of lust and revenge. She has children from many of her clients, all grown. The city has gotten used to her, but has never stopped hating her for being a Drow, even though almost nobody knows her past except her fellow courtesans. There are people in Port Castor that love her, but as a Drow, she will find no quarter. If she is caught thieving, there will be no second chances, no blind eyes turned as they have be for a human, dwarf, or wood elf; her hand will be amputated.

At the dawn of a day after a night of thieving, Alexander Derlith, the supreme leader of the current regime of Errial and namesake of the Derlith political party comes to her, and he knows her history as an assassin. There are other assassins in town, so why he has chosen her, she can only guess. She refuses, at first, dismissing his threats. "I'm not a problem solver," she tells him. But the things he knows...her history as an assassin, her forbidden romance...Yazrina has to decide how to keep the people she loves safe.

Derlith has yet to burn her, but crossing Yazrina is extremely dangerous. She tries to be a good person, but she knows the past never simply stays buried. She is a disciple of Calistria, the Lady of Vengeance, as most courtesans are. Calistria stings her enemies like a wasp, and with her rapier, Hornet in hand, Yazrina's sting is vicious indeed.

This game has the darkest subject matter in one of my stories yet. It is absolutely not for children.

Uses graphics from White Screw, Enterbrain, and Charas Project.

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hi is there any link to another website i would like to try this
Interesting, really! Rmk2003?? White screw graphics? I'd be curious to try it, also because of that premise and plot!
The TM is for Totally Magical.
hi is there any link to another website i would like to try this

I have to finish it first.
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